PHOTOS: ISIS Shows Pictures of 20 Slaughtered in Dhaka, Bangladesh


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Fuk daesh

God will punish them only an idiot would think they are getting away with this. In Gods real they are scared but in the devil’s domain they are deceived so they boldly do evil. Mohamed was an evil person and those who follow His teachings produce wickedness that God will eradicate.

Allah is the devil and he will be eventually dealt with when God is tired of these atrocities according to His perfect timing. We must endure but defend ourselves when this evil confronts us.

They pretend they are winning the war by media and propaganda. The truth is they are losing its only a matter of time. The world can pretend this doesn’t affect them but it affects everyone


Mohammed the pedophile mass murderer would be very pleased with these pictures. Exactly the sort of thing he himself did (on much larger scale). These animals are slightly better than their “prophet” Mohammed though: they even killed a 19 year old Hindu girl, whereas Mohammed would have raped her. He always raped the kafir women that his hoodlums captured. What a terrible monster Mohammed was. Scary that 1B people follow that monster, without inquiring about his real life.


You Don’t know about prophet Mohammad (phub). Don’t judge islam by these culprit who has gone astray. Allah said “If a man killed one, As he has killed the whole people of the earth. “Killing is totally prohibited. “And don’t say any rubbish word about Mohammad (S) I request you.


Millions of Muslims killed by cowards beheading people by bombing their heads with their fighter jets. Azawajal also said to attack them like they have attack you. You are a munafiq that picks and chooses verse to satisfy the hearts of the Kuffar. Your head should be on a stick.


“Millions of Muslims”? Do they not teach you match in bomb building school? Hey assshat, your fellow jihadi “vitreous warriors” have killed more Muslims than all the Kuffar fighter jets put together. Why don’t you come try to put MY head on a stick? YOUR the coward. Do the world a favor and blow yourself up. The collateral damage is worth having you erased from the earth.


All muslims in this world only knows behading killing brutal and they belongs to one religion not religion EITHER is Al-Qaeda or ISIS, SHAME ON U MUSLIMS….


How about saying the truth, rather than some religious insanity.

mohamed my heart

neither mohamed was pedophile nor a bad teacher to his followers. isis did that bt why are you abusing a man that you nver read anything about him. plz try to avoid punishing people who had not done wrong.


How about the many so called “peaceful” Muslims taking a stand against this Isis insanity. Strangely enough the whole Muslim world remains silent in the face of such barbaric atrocities. Why?


Because we are scared…we are scared that the world will attack us…everyone hates us…we are people u know.ISIS aren’t Muslims..please read a fuking Quran then talk bro…


Listen u idiotic western hypocritical lousy worthless worm.don’t say anything without knowing.first research, then yell or tell.


isis is a joint venture of America and Israel which has already been crystal clear.time is not far away when people ‘ s curse is going to bring gazab upon them. spread peace and humanity


Look,these people who are slaughtering non-believers,they are not actual Muslims.They’ll be punished by Allah because Islam says that, you can’t force people to follow Islam,let alone killing.And these culprits misunderstood the holly messages of Quran.Please brother,don’t judge Islam by following this culprits’ actions.Instead,try to understand and decipher the messages of Quran.Islam is a religion of peace and humanity.And as a Muslim,I can assure you that,these murderers will rot in hell.And one more thing brother,don’t say anything offensive about our beloved prophet without truly knowing about him.


I hate to be harsh, but Isis has destroyed the reputation of Islam in the face of the entire world. I truly believe a religion that wanted to spread and take over the globe has lost the globe. Even those subjected to the abuses of Islam are beginning to wise up.


If u don’t know about prophet (s). Thn try to know by book of hadis and quran. He is the greatest man and prophet in this world. May Allah guide u ri8 path. And u have already give ur correct identity by posting this..
Shame on u

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