Micah X. Johnson Photos: Pictures of Dallas Cop Killer

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Micah Xavier Johnson: Las Fotos que Tienes que Ver

Micah X. Johnson es el francotirador que mató a cinco policías en Dallas durante una protesta. Estas son las fotos…

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      • Another Black Lives Terrorist (BLT) reveling in the killing of police officers who protect blacks from killing each other @ 4X the rate whites kill each other. Unfortunately more black lives will be lost as police decide it is not worth risking their lives and careers to protect black from killing blacks. And many of those officers will be black as the police chief of Dallas is. These are the natural consequences of the hatred and prejudiced being inflicted on police officers.

        • Think how many Black lives White America sent over to Vietnam, you punk.. to save your ily white A$$ for the vietnamese.. them people never bother you. Then think how many Black people have dies in other wars protecting your slimy A$$.. Black people are not starting these wars… White People are.. Why should we fight to preserve your rights.. anymore.
          You don’t seem to be fighting to protect ours.. Just like Muhammed Ali said aint no Vietnamese man done nothing to hurt me.. We should start killing off our oppressor not our oppressors enemies.. Is that what you want?

          • Really..was everyone killed on 911 caucasian? Hmmm people in the military get diversity training in basic…only the asswipes who end up in prison for crazy stuff call women vets white ass bitches and apply for non service connected benefits to get money.. That was my experience from living at the VA…I am well aware of the racial disparities. Racial predudice is cause by upbringing and personal experiences we all must rise above.

          • Yeah. Let’s do it. You and yours with all of your support from an oppressive administration that is doing everything to keep racism alive. Are you willing to team up with the rest of us that are fed up with it? Together we can make America what it used to be. Unless all you want is to continue living within your communities that do nothing for you but take, especially from the black community. Unfortunately, a great majority of your community would rather do nothing but continue keeping the racial divide alive, all so that they can keep the free taxpayer dollars coming at them, all at the expense of blacks who would much rather not be in the position they find themselves. That will not change, however, as long as a majority of black community leaders continue using and profiting off of those they supposedly are trying to protect and so long as politicians continue using you and your communities in order to keep you voting for them. Apparently, you enjoy having the “man’s” boot on your neck. So be an individual, think for yourself and for the betterment of your community and stand up. Stop being a mindless follower and be a leader. By the way, Vietnam ended 40 years ago. Please stop bringing up irrelevant history. It has nothing to do with the current situation. Make good choices and don’t give in to the easy thought of walking in the streets and ranting. Go to work, college, exercise, anything but continuing the violence. Love your family, show them what real responsibility for your actions looks like. Good luck in your life and stop being so angry.

    • This guys facial expression in every pic screams “no pussy..ever” Misplaced rage from not getting laid. #loser

        • Aye all you saltines out there are most pussies we already know so yea I see why you would want to try to kill us one by one can’t get us any other way lol aye I slute you my brother went out a true hero lol aye yaw dum white cracker jacks running towards the bullet lol white boy looked at his watch said hey it’s time to die I’m next ran his ass right into the gavel and got sentence life underground

      • And what do you look like? Put us back where? Where are you from? You racist prick!

      • Nope, not gonna happen.
        However your grand children will all work for people of color and due to their lack of education they will suffer in this meritocracy.

      • You mean like the slavery 1.5 million white Europeans were put into by black Muslims from North Africa? The same black Muslims who currently enslave other blacks in west Africa and whose ancestors sold non Muslim blacks to the slave traders.

        • Uh blacks sold and up to 1983 black sold other blacks to the Arabs. Now the Arabs have a surf system that u can never repay, the Arabs lately since 1983 have more hindu Indians and Malaysia and Philippine slaves, they r street clean up or construction jobs, that do not pay enough to even go back ho.e. they r beaten. Go YouTube and see Saudi slavery, and you tube what they did to African blacks, it’s HORRIFiC. Yet I see blacks suckung the cock of arBs Mohammed everyday.
          The blacks just will not wake up and see it for what it is.
          If I was black I would never live in usa, not when u have your very own country to live in.

      • It’s clear that you are a big foolish idiot Mr, people like you should already be wiped out of this great country
        you should be praying for these black lives generation to forgives your ugly forefathers for black slavery Idiot

        • Guess what idiot not everyone in usa had slaves, in fact only 3% of people did! Many whites were in a slavery of so many years to the same people. They were raped, beaten, killed, but blacks will not accept that part of usa history.
          Well my family never had slaves ever! And I will not apologize for it!

      • It’s clear that you are a big foolish idiot Mr, people like you should already be wiped out of this great country
        you should be praying for these black lives generation to forgives your ugly forefathers for black slavery Idiot

      • You a bitch we terrorist but you white people been raping tourturing killing all people of color for years then you have the nerve to say something you punks the most racist cowards on earth

        • Unanimous really who? What white person? You do not know of a single white person that owns any blacks, or kills any blacks personally. You just want to hate for pleasure. Look around you, there are many many wonderful white people in usa! Many who would give the shirt off their backs to help blacks if they needed it.

      • No, Johnny, there are some great educated blacks I have met them and worked with them. Problem there are so few. What I learned this year about blacks is how cheap they r. Sad

      • says the racist. where is your KKK mask bc you might as well wear it? lol that will never happen again. lol besides, you were our slaves first back when we were Egyptians who were black Kings and queens and slaves were white. Do your research, idiot. i can say the same what you just ignorantly and hatefully said, but that is not in my heart

      • Black Lives Matter is not a hate grp nor terrosrists grp. Its a group about peace and this man was not affiliated at all with the org. he was just angry at the injustice that just happen too 2 blacks who were murdered by the police. Black Lives Matter is forblack people who unite to end state sanctioned violence both in Ferguson, but also across the United States of America… to end the insidious and widespread assault on black life.” It states “Black people make up a mere 13 percent of the U.S. population [but] make up more than a third of those killed in officer-involved shootings across the country

    • He is dead, Jaleesa. I hope the pigeons around downtown are finding chunks of him for months. Your dumb ass can’t even get his name right. And “RIP”? Whatever religion you subscribe to, your boy there isn’t doing to well at this moment.

        • Those 5 police officers were picked up by their fellow officers (both black and white) and rushed to local hospitals. Their remains will be honored by a police force, a city, a state and a nation. They will be spoken about with reverence and honored for volunteering to march alongside a protest for something that you agree with. This moron here was killed by a robot with a bomb. There are parts of him that are going to pass through rats.

          Your support of their deaths show just how bigoted and ignorant many people are. Kill a cop because another cop way around the country killed? It’s a dumb, uneducated, mindless, immoral, illogical, ill conceived, emotional, irrational and truly beastly way of thinking. Go to a march to tell people to stop being racist but defend the racist that thinks like you do……’s equivocal to how a child processes conflict.

  1. Propagation of senseless violence. Ya’ll are stupid for racial segregation and separation… #retards #suckadickhaters

  2. It’s a shame the innocent people where killed for wearing a uniform. Why are we not talking about the black on black hate crimes that are happening everyday. In Chicago over the 4th of July weekend there were 43 black people killed. Let’s just sweep that under the rug and not deal with that reality. The 2 murders of black men by cops this last weekend is terrible and both officers need to stand trail for murder but to kill innocent police officers is horrific.

    • Lance I feel real bad for the two that died at the trigger happy cops! But selling illegal copywrited material with out a sellers license is against the law. And Shen an officer asks you to step outbid car, DAMIT do it! Instead the brother jeopardize a child and do called fiancé, lives from getting killed. Do what she recorded him shot. He reached die. On his side of course after repeated orders his but was gonna get shot up! DO WHST THEY SAY YOULL LIVE LONGER!!!!

  3. Why publish a photo of this loser in a uniform of this great country- his service diesnt give him the right- he lost the right to be identified with this country when he became and active criminal.

  4. Hi its me again always trolling around to be the 1st comment on all topics.
    Only because I have nothing to do but to sit on the computer in my Grandma’s basement. You know the Black Grandma who takes care of all lazy Negroes. Time to grow up Negro men and stop living off the backs of your Grandparents.

  5. Its not okay to kill innocent people thats what the police do tho. Go back to treyvon martin and ect. I say put the guns down you live by the gun u die by the gun!!!! Police are human just like us shyt if u feel u can kill the innocent then u can get it too period

  6. Keep this real shooter Micah Xavier Johnson was trained to kill for America in other countries. Xavier came home to systematic racism and random murder of black men by police officer all over this country he chose to confront this evil. now that the lives of other nationality have been lost they too should understand All lives matter, we all bleed red

  7. A very poor soldier who was lucky he did not get a Bad conduct discharge. No veteran funeral but maybe a post humus dishonorably status. A real POS who is now at the top of the dung pile of history until some other POS dung covers him up. Good riddance and society is better off without turds like this. The real hereos he killed will forever be honored for their selfless sacrifice to protect all including some of the turds who posted previously.

  8. Black and Blue will never be true. What is happening today is the roosters coming home to roost. You kill ours and in retaliation yours get killed. It’s not right on either end. This is truly a sign of the times. The bible says before the end of time, there will be wars and rumor of wars. Man will seek peace, but will not find it. I wish none of this would have occurred, but it’s happening every day in any city, any state in America. The Republicans don’t want to go against the NRA. The Democrats don’t have the power to go against them alone, so the end results are what you see today. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Prayer can help, but people have to want to make a change. There are cowards hiding behind guns legally and illegally. No justice, No peace!! God help us all!!!

    • What hogwash, he could of easily bought that gun at an army surplus sell. He was just a carpenter in the service maybe he was angry about that, maybe he wanted to be on front lines and shoot some Muslim, but they could tell by psych evolve he hD a screw lose. Or maybe they just needed another carpenter, and not a shooter. I think he brainwashed his own mind , thinking he was a soldier, well he wasn’t he wS just a low paid carpenter, and it got him mad, he thinking he was a carpenter cause he wS black. So he come back, joined hate group panther, and they pumped his low ego to target practice, and the man kept him down cause he black. So the panther brainwash the hate toward whites. He was a time bomb, and he found his reason to go off. If it wasn’t cops, it would of been something else

  9. Violence to Violence is not the answer. Pray, use your brains and voting power to get the bad people out. We need the police, otherwise it would be total chaos everywhere. I am truly sad today at all of the events that have occurred this week. My heart aches for every mother, wife, sister, brother, child and everyone else who have lost their loved one as a result. I pray our Heavenly Father shed some light on everyone and give them peace in knowing that they will see their loved one again! Father please!!!

  10. He was named as a person of interest. He had an AR 15 and was wearing camo. Fitting reports of snipers who committed the crimes. If you don’t understand why there might me a logical link amid the chaos to want to question him, you are an idiot.

  11. Just wait until the day all police stop showing up and the UN is knocking at your door ready to kill the shit out of you and your family.

    • Yes, the New World Order plan is to cause race war And Muslim terrorist events, where cops throw their hands up, Right now traitor Obama won’t et our military take care if our borders, instead he already has UN soldiers at our Mexican border, he tried it at Canada, but they said f- no!
      Problem with this kind of incident, most people cNt see farther than their nose!


      • Why not spend that money fighting Chicago blCk on black crime instead of a dead guy, do u want to have children, imminent him? Do you want more innocent people dead? Are u ready to take the judgement of a single person who saw or wore that shirt? We all die, and we r all judged

  12. I’m saddened about the young man, Micah X. Johnson. I know his family are grieving right now. I feel for Mr. Johnson, he had witnessed too much atrocities committed by white cops against blacks and it’s a daily occurrence because the guilty, bigoted cops know they can get away with murder. Mr. Johnson’s death was precipitated by killings of a black man in Baton Rouge, LA and in St. Paul Minnesota. May Micah Xavier Johnson rest in peace. May the media give his family the space and privacy they need right now.

    • R u even more saddened by the cops who died, or the ones who are maimed, how about the two bystanders, they got shot. R u sorry that their are children without a father now? Who was killed BECAUSE of what happened in other states, r u s shallow of a human being that all your compassion is for blacks no matter what?
      I guess this is what is the maJor difference between white and blacks. Whites feel for the innocence first, blacks only care if it’s a black person no mater if he is a criminal.
      And kid yourself not, he is a low down murderer.

  13. micah johnson had a lot of balls to do what he did.He planned well in advance. What comes around goes around. As an african american, you get stopped driving while black,walking while black and on and on. When a white cop kill an unarmed african american, they receive a slap on the wrist; within a couple of years, they are promoted. It is a fact. Did you really think that an african american didn’t have the balls to retaliate? I know for a fact that alot of African Americans are grinning deep inside because the police treats us like shit. I am not shedding not one tear because there are so many lying,deceitful police that patrol Black neighborhoods and treat us like garbage. Why should I cry about it? I wish there were more brothers out there who would plan and plot- to execute their plan the way Micah X Johnson did.White America do not live in Black neighborhoods to see how white police officers treat us. As I mentioned before,when a white policeman kill an unarmed black person,they will be acquitted. Micah Johnson knew that Texas has the death penalty. At least he didn’t commit suicide like a sucker. To a lot of African Americans, he is a hero.

  14. Well he wasn’t arrested were you?, Besides it’s easy to tell if a gun has been fired under a few hours, and u would have powder on you. Besides all these bullets out of everybody’s body, r they from the same gun?

  15. 2016 nate turner i salute his bravery for the sacrifice of oppression of me an all other black lives that matter i love you my strong brother

  16. Les we call him Handsome Mich, his actions are totally justified because i am not feeling bad about those murderous cops a bit.

  17. As mentioned above, Micah Johnson’s mother Delphene (note correct spelling) Johnson, 49, is a native of Mississippi. Her maiden name was DELPHENE McDONALD and she is originally from MAGEE, MISSISSIPPI. Her parents are the Reverend HAVARD McDONALD, 72, and the former MINNIE WEATHERSBY, 73. Rev. McDonald is proprietor of a jewelry store in Magee called Douglas Diamonds, and he is also pastor of an Assemblies of God church in HATTIESBURG called the Victory Full Gospel Church.

  18. This guy is a Hero? He shot cops in the back from an elevated position. I guess the guy who called 911 to report his car was broken into and then shot the cop is a hero too. lol.

  19. Stop putting pictures of this dirt bag in a U.S. Army uniform, this guys is a disgrace to the men and women of our Arms Forces and the Military Service.

  20. Black Lives Matter is not a hate grp nor terrosrists grp. Its a group about peace and this man was not affiliated at all with the org. he was just angry at the injustice that just happen too 2 blacks who were murdered by the police. Black Lives Matter is forblack people who unite to end state sanctioned violence both in Ferguson, but also across the United States of America… to end the insidious and widespread assault on black life.” It states “Black people make up a mere 13 percent of the U.S. population [but] make up more than a third of those killed in officer-involved shootings across the country

  21. Watch someone claim it wasn’t his fault because of PTSD. Micah Johnson was in the Army and Afghanistan, but he was a clerk. This guy was a Marine, don’t know if he experienced combat or not. I’m guessing not. I just know my level of situational awareness just jumped up a few levels.