WATCH: ‘ISIS Child Suicide Bomber’ Attacks Wedding in Gaziantep, Turkey

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A video showing a Kurdish wedding celebration in Gaziantep, Turkey seconds before a boy suicide bomber, believed to be connected to the Islamic State, has surfaced.

The Turkish-Syrian border town was hit by a terrorist attack as people danced and celebrated in the streets. The BBC reports that the bombing killed 51 and injured 69.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blamed the Islamic State, reports The Guardian. However, ISIS has not yet claimed the attack.

Erdogan told Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency:

The initial findings of the governor and our police forces indicate the attack has been perpetrated by [ISIS]. As you know, [ISIS] is trying to position and organize itself in Gaziantep. Security operations have been conducted and are still being conducted against the terrorist organization…

Last night [Saturday], they [terrorists] used children aged 12-14 years as a human bomb to carry out an attack at a wedding in Gaziantep.

Kurds have been targeted by ISIS since the terrorist organization’s rise. Kurds have been on the frontline fighting ISIS as the PKK. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party is often anglicized as “PKK” because its Latinized name is “Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê.” The Kurdistan Workers’ Party oversees the armed wing of its organization known as the Kurdish People’s Defence Force (YPG).

Last month, terrorists attacked Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.

No one has claimed ownership of the attacks, but Ritza Katz, owner of SITE Intelligence Group, reports that Turkish media has drawn similarities between the attack and Brussels, suggesting it was done by or in the name of the Islamic State. The Turkish government has also blamed ISIS.

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Wrong video, This was a pkk car bomb attack against police, this was a day before the Martydom operation by Al- turk

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