September 11 15th Anniversary: 30 Pictures We’ll Never Forget
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September 11 15th Anniversary: 30 Pictures We’ll Never Forget


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This pic of a man who had to jump to avoid being burned alive is disgraceful to display again for his family members, friends and work associates to have to see their loved one’s horrific death again, and it is in horrendous poor taste.
Please take it down and don’t display it again.


Sanitizing the details of the event, David? One in six choose that route instead of the inferno… I say leave it, it’s part of the story we all need to remember. Evil beyond our comprehension is all too possible. #Neverforget

tick tock

The 28 ( really 29) pages that have been hidden away from the public about 9/11 were released Friday and completely ignored by the Pravda media.

The feds always release important information on Fridays when no one pays attention. Not that many pay attention anyway which is why this country is burning to the ground.

The 29 pages reveal that George W. Bush knew of the attacks. Bush instructed Condoleezza Rice to stall the CIA who were concerned about attacks, as they were warned. That gave Bush plausible deniability. The papers name the main Saudi “Prince” responsible, a very close friend of the Bush crime family. So close that the “Prince” was called Bush.

This information will be ignored because the globalists controll the media and the Bush family are globalists. Very disturbing information, but confirms what has been said for fifteen years.

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