WATCH: Losing ISIS Tells Its Militants to ‘Endure & Remain Stationed’

A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Endure and Remain Stationed on Ribat” features audio from ISIS “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, telling his supporters to continue their cause despite recent territorial losses.

The video comes from “Wilayat al-Jazira,” Iraq. According to the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, “Wilayat al-Jazira does not appear in the older [mas], when it’s territory was considered part of the northern wilayat of Ninawa.” Vulnerable cities that are currently considered part of the wilayat by ISIS include “Tal ‘Afar, Al-Ba’aj, Al-‘Ayadiyyah, Al-Mahlabiyyah, Sinjar, Wardiyyah, Sanuni, Khana Sor, Ibrat al-Saghira, Al-Badi, [and] Al-Qanat.”

The video’s main focus is the Islamic State theme of “ribat.”

According to the Foreign Military Studies Office, “The Islamic State (IS) has recently begun emphasizing defense. Specifically, the group’s propaganda of late has highlighted the concept of “Ribat,” meaning keeping watch over and safeguarding the border between the Islamic polity and hostile outside forces. Roughly speaking, the concept may be considered as the mirror image of the offensive jihad most commonly associated with the IS. In the contemporary jihadi understanding, Ribat takes place at what are called “thughur” or strategic chokepoints. While the IS is neither the first nor the only contemporary jihadi group to employ the concept, the prominence of Ribat in recent IS propaganda is noteworthy.”

However, despite its emphasis on defense, it may soon be all over for ISIS in Iraq.

Yesterday, Rudaw reported that the Islamic State no longer controls any Iraqi oil, making them have to search elsewhere for funds.

ISIS may also soon lose Mosul. According to The Guardian:

In Iraq, an assault on Mosul, which has previously been deemed too difficult, is now being seen as a reality for early next year. Iraqi forces that fled as the jihadists advanced have been reconfigured and galvanised. “Confidence has emerged from battlefield gains,” says a Baghdad-based US diplomat. “And while the Iraqis are feeling better about themselves, Isis is feeling worse. Everywhere they have tried to make a stand in recent times, they have been hosed out. They know it’s near the end.”

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  1. Isis Fighters are running !! Because they are afraid !! If their leaders do not drug them they have no courage !! If their leaders do not lie to them claiming this is God’s will !! They will not fight, the Isis Fighters that run are wise for they know the killing of God’s children is wrong !! But their leaders have another agenda ? and that is power for themselves !! money for themselves ! women for themselves ! good food and drink ! Isis Fighters died leaving their families all alone to fend for themselves ! Isis leaders do not worry for they are not on the battlefield they know no harm will come to them !!! Isis leaders claim to fight like men but the Isis leaders cover their faces like women and send others out to die, so they could live and drinking cool water !! Knowing they will not be harmed !! They also know the army of God is coming but they will not be the first to die !! Isis Rebel leaders have fooled the Muslim people.

  2. from june 2014 i am listening that ISIS will be destroyed by end of year….Can anybody tell me when this end of year will come?????
    they retreat tactically from some towns and whole world cheers for militias but when they give tough fight as in Manbij and Falluja then western media says offensive been halted due to fear of civilian causualities,AMERICA claims killing more than 40000 terrorists but still thier proxies are beaten everyday by ISIS……
    if anyone knows that ISIS is on verge of collapse then please reply me…..,,,,
    i think America will burn more money of taxpayers…………………………
    i have got chronic+acute diseases of ear by listening to CNN,BBC and RT……their day began with trying to please AMERICA……….

  3. in dec 2015 CNN+BBC reported that ISIS lacks funds,In March they published same story day and night,I am sure they will publish again in Oct2016 or maybe in dec

  4. Strong and remaining. ISIS is facing the world and standing firm. 60+ armies using air, sea, ground and special forces and still ISIS remains, only losing 30% of it’s ground.