WATCH: New ISIS Video Shows Battlefield Execution of Surrendering Iraqi Soldier

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A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State documents combat in “Wilayat al-Furat,” or “State of the Euphrates,” Iraq. In the video, a surrendering Iraqi soldier is shot in the head. The video was released on September 11 on ISIS terrorist channels. The video shows footage from an ISIS photo report released on September 7.

It shows ISIS militants attacking “rafidi” Iraqi Army soldiers barracks near al-Tanf. Al-Tanf is actually a Syrian border town on the Iraq-Syria border. According to the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, “Wilayat al-Furat, also known as Wilayat Euphrates, is located north of Wilayat al-Anbar and borders Syria.”

Anbar is the westernmost Iraqi government province. Anbar is the largest Iraqi province and links the Iraq-Syria border directly to Baghdad. It contains the important cities of Ramadi, Hit, Haditha, and Rutba and has been an area of intense fighting.

“Rafidi” is a derogatory term for Shia Muslims used by Sunnis. ISIS mainly uses it to refer to Iraqi government troops.

Rafidi means “rejectors” because Shia Muslims believe in a different line of successorship for Islam following the death of its founder Muhammad. It is often used by ISIS to refer to “Iran” as a whole as Iran is majority Shia or for the Shia-backed government of Iraq.

In the new video, ISIS uses its “first person shooter” camera angle for propaganda and recruitment purposes. The footage shows combat and the desecration of killed Iraqi soldiers.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.


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By the Zionist Media tells the Goyim they are winning against ISIS. What a joke. ISIS going to take over this world within 50 years.

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