Donald Trump Accusations: List of Women Claiming Sexual Assault & Harassment


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The difference between Bill Clinton and others is that he is a sexual predator and rapist, not someone who copped an inappropriate feel. Hillary’s behavior, who attempted to destroy the character of Bill’s victims, is very relevant to the person who portrays herself as “the candidate for women”.
The same left that pays bimbos to tearfully claim weeks before the election that Trump grabbed their butt 20 years ago, has no problem with Hillary’s defense of Bill’s sexual assaults.
Personally, I’m not voting for either of them, but let’s at least try to look at things realistically.


Trumo is not the only president to engage in inappropriate sex behavior such as FDR ,Ike and Bill Clinton. If Trump would just say I am sorry for what I did to these women, I would respect this and others would too. But he will not apologize because he is the epitome of self centerness and this will cause him to lose the election big time.

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