Donald Trump Accusations: List of Women Claiming Sexual Assault & Harassment

Bill Clinton Sex Allegations: 17 Claims of Rape & Affairs

Bill Clinton's history with women has been made a campaign issue as Hillary Clinton runs for president. See the past rape and sexual misconduct allegations here.

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        • Well then, I guess if they do for Bill, then they do for Donald too. Guess they’re both unfit . . . except, may you forgot, Bill’s not on the ballot.

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        • Only an idiot couldn’t see this is a ploy from the Clinton campaign to discredit Trump! Just like the Hillary regime hired people to insight violence at his rallys.
          Get a clue you moron!

        • Bill Clinton is NOT in this Election for President. Get over the past of our former Beloved President. Even Donald Trump adores the Clintons, but he has to hide that fact right now of course.

        • Then Donald is the perfect opponent, as with his serial bankruptcies, self-admitted sexual assaults, not paying taxes for years, he’s the only one that is their equal.

          • Filing bankruptcy for a failing company is a legal remedy, so until it isn’t legal, it is still legal. Where did you hear him admit to sexual assault, and where did you see years of his tax returns that haven’t been released? Just like an obedient member of the Borg (progressive) collective; make up or repeat any lies to discredit and destroy those you don’t agree with. Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct and assaults date back to the 70’s, and Hillary was there during most of them, smearing the accusers and covering up the crimes. The Clinton’s trail of deceit, corruption, and “mysterious deaths” go back decades. Hillary has also been in politics for decades and continues to promise different results from the same old tired liberal promises. She is responsible for the deaths in Benghazi, she did make it possible for Putin to buy 20% of the Uranium mining in the U.S., she did accept bribes from terrorist supporting countries to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, she is trying to destroy the 2nd amendment (one of the 10 in the Bill of Rights), she is trying to destroy the 1st amendment so the left can silence conservative talk radio and free speech on tv and the internet, as well as Christianity. She is complicit in violating the 5th amendment by incarcerating the guy that made the movie she blamed for the Benghazi attack, and then lied to the American public and the families of the dead about it. If you are against the Constitution, you are anti-American, because the Constitution is the supreme law of our land and the basis of our country. Without it, we are not America.

            • not a successful businessman as he claims to be; putin’s most useful idiot, got a copy of the hacked emails and released them hours ahead of wikileaks (same emails found to be doctored) coward and unpatriotic: refused to serve in the military, sent jobs abroad and didnt pay taxes and most of all a dirty old pedophile

    • I remember a story about a news reporter, who claimed, she was dragged to the ground violently ,by Donald Trump’s campaign manager, she falsified a police report, no charges were filed against her for filing a false police report ,and everybody found out it was a lie

      • Do you have a link to the falsified police report? As the way the tape played, Corey Landowski did assault the reporter. So, why would she need to file a falsified report?

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    • I’m using it now and it’s awesome! I’ve signed up for my account and have been bringing in fat paychecks. For real, my first week I made $308 and the second week I doubled it and then it kinda snowballed to $138 a day! juet follow the course…..

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    • I’m using it now and it’s awesome! I’ve signed up for my account and have been bringing in fat paychecks. For real ADq, my first week I made $308 and the second week I doubled it and then it kinda snowballed to $138 a day! juet follow the course…..

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    • this buffoon can’t protect himself from investigation. he deflects and lies, repeat, repeat…it numbs our sore ears.
      he’s plainly and simply an attention whore with poor judgement. trump lacks respect, humanity, dignity, political knowledge, military knowledge, and true business acumen. you’ll trumpsters are being fooled by the biggest con man or our time.

  1. This is absolutely a crappy story so the news reporter goes in to interview all the NFL football players as we are standing there some of us are half naked and she’s looking you know and we’re feeling pretty uncomfortable some of us didn’t have time to put towels on or our robes we were so embarrassed but I think Anthony had a boner I guess he wasn’t too embarrassed it was horrible it scared us for life I remember it well she came in and you know none of us were really ready for that because we knew there was not supposed to be any womenp

    • Funny, I don’t recall any female sportscaster ever slandering or making leering statements about NFL football players’ penises and gonads . . . if you have such documentation, please provide the link to the recording. Thanks!

  2. I’m not going to let these s***** whores ! Change my mind, in voting for that b**** Clinton! These scumbags are really scraping the bottom of the barrel !

  3. We are very aware of the media game and deception over trump on this critical time. I had enough of this mumbo jumbo. I will give my answer on Nov 8 by voting for trump!

    • You should feel good about this . . . Clinton is only following the Breitbart/Trump playbook . . . and as they always say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!”

  4. Bill`s victims of rape and Hillary verbal abuse have told the same story for years. Now a month before the election these women show up, after the Clinton campaign asked for dirt on Trump. The MSM looked away from Bill Clinton but are all over this BS.

    • y’all might want to check with ken starr about y’all’s allegations against bill. If there was anything he would have found it. Now it’s PedoDon’s turn for the same scrutiny, Don’t blame democrats because y’all fell for a tv huckster who did even bother to vet his own past before jumping into the big boys/girls club.Y’all voted him in as gop candidate, now suffer suckas

      • You might want to know something about Ken Starr’s investigation, before talking about Ken Starrs investigation… but ignorance is always to be expected from our defective, gormless hillary supporters.

        Hey, do you think hillary want to import more rapugees so that Bill will have company? lol.

        • Bill’s assault charges only surfaced when he ran for President as well . . . even tho, many assaults were claimed to have been committed by Bill years before. Obviously, you must not know a lot of self-respecting women, otherwise; you couldn’t possibly condone rape by anyone!! Where is your integrity, dignity???!!

      • You are an idiot! First of all why don’t you give your name? Because your nothing but an uninformed ignorant person who has not done their research. I believe you are leaving out the fact that Monica had Bills semen on that blue dress. That’s what sealed the deal for Slick Willy! BTW none of us irredeamable deplorables could care less about what Trump did or said 20yrs ago! I would never vote for that habitual lier B#!/h! I am also pro-life and do not condone partial birth abortions up to 36 weeks gestation! That is a fully formed human being! I daughter was born at 34 weeks and was perfect not one problem at all! So forgive me for not agree with the devils spawn. I am sticking my morals! If you can’t reveal your name then don’t post anything at all!

    • Bill’s assault charges only surfaced when he ran for President as well . . . even tho, many assaults were claimed to have been committed by Bill years before. Obviously, you must not know a lot of self-respecting women, otherwise; you couldn’t possibly condone rape by anyone!! Where is your integrity, dignity???!!

  5. As Creople(dot)com (a.k.a., People(dot)com!) and UnRefineryx29(dot)com (a.k.a., Refinery29(dot)com!) have decided to remove their respective Comment Log windows!… AND THEREBY, O-U-R D-I-G-I-T-A-L H-U-M-A-N R-I-G-H-T T-O F-R-E-E E-X-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N!… I thought to offer up my thoughts here, at heavy, re the latest allegations of sexual assault against the “G_roping O_range P_erv (a.k.a., the GOP!)”!
    Simply put, given the veracity of the allegations concerning this most recent “Trumpscapade”!… the call by members of the Republican Party for Trump to step down– as he is viewed as an embarrassment!!… the declaration by Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, that he can’t, and won’t defend Trump’s lewd comments that were heard on tape!… the call by Mike Pence for prayers for Trump’s family, and for a “changed Trump” to be made manifest at the Sunday, October 9th’s, 2016 2nd Presidential debate!… public commentary from both Democrats and members of the Republican Party that Mike Pence represents a “better alternative” than Trump for President!… warrants the question: Why should Hillary Clinton even appear at the 3rd Presidential debate, on October 19?
    Re the “gals” who showed up to the 2nd Presidential debate with Trump in an attempt to “upstage” Hillary (and… indirectly!… Bill!)!… how seriously can we– should we!– receive the “discomfort” and “disdain” of this “offended delegation”, when these would (nevertheless!) not only appeal to Donald Trump (a.k.a., the “Groping Orange Perv”!) re their displeasure… but!… who would also (by commission and/ or omission!… directly and/ or indirectly evidenced!) SUPPORT A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE THAT IS AS TAINTED BY THE SAME PERSONAL FLAWS, AS IS A-L-L-E-G-E-D OF BILL CLINTON! I-T B-O-G-G-L-E-S T-H-E M-I-N-D!! And!… and regardless of the said flaws of Bill Clinton!… how do the BEHAVIORAL LACKS of both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, reflect some BEHAVIORAL and POLITICAL LACK in Hillary? Just because “the guys” have not been able to get their stuff together, doesn’t mean that Hillary… and the future of America!… must– in some abstruse and obtuse fashion!– B-E F-U-R-T-H-E-R V-I-C-T-I-M-I-Z-E-D!!
    To conclude… I– for one!– have no intention of watching an additional shameful display of “sociopsychopathic misogynist hubris”! And, my suggestion to Hillary, would be to stay home! Trump, is finished!! And!… no one– IN THEIR RIGHT MIND!– would contend otherwise!!
    Please!… no emails!

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  7. funny how AC 360 was adamant about asking trump if he actually did this. hmm i guess he knew ahead of time this was coming out. the fix was in. he is working with the Clinton campaign.

    • AC only had to be “adamant’ when Donald kept on dodging the question. A simple “yes” or “no” could have put it all the rest. Instead, Donald danced around it, and pivoted as best he could, but fat men can’t dance that fast!

  8. attention!!! China just joined with Russia in sirya to flight the ISS terrorist groups. as USA and the west current position on what is going on sirya many fears something big disastrous situation is coming to our world. If Hilary get elected the 3rd world war is around the corner because of west east interest on the region ,it is very urgent matter to cast a vote to Mr.trump who understand the situation from the bottom and work together to eradicate our common enemy ISS from global threat. 3rd ww starts at the heart of sirya!!! We need smart leader who can work on common interests to save the world from an intended big bang.

    • That explains his followers! Personally, I wouldn’t tolerate being so insulted by someone who wanted my vote. But, to each his own!

  9. Been debunked there are no planes that have arm rests that go up in fist class.Fabricated and paid for by Clinton. It’s funny how her supporters call us dumb but they seem to believe anything that’s said no matter how stupid it is.

    • NOT!! Kimee, please do your homework. My family and I have flown first class for more than 40 years all over the globe . . . trust me, there are arm rests that go up in first class!

  10. You ladies talk so tough,but,when this Supposed Whatever happened,why did you not just slap him,knee him in the nuts,yell for help,…. You wait till three weeks before an election to all come out with your embellished or BS stories?? that is all

    • Yeah, wonder why the assault claims against Bill Clnton only surfaced when he ran for President. Also, wonder what made Donald change his mind about Paula Jones. in the 90’s he called her a liar; 25 years later she’s a victim. Donald, baby, which is it???

  11. Heck I bet Clinton paid them and transcripted for them. The one old lady works for fondation. Gee go figure. Besides that I would vote for scooby doo before I would vote for Killery.

  12. None of this is surprising at all. One of the most reliable propaganda arms of the DNC & HRC’s campaign, the New York Slimes, ran this hit piece as planned. Trump is a Trojan Horse candidate whose job is to make it lookl like a race. The only way to elect a deeply flawed candidate like Hillary is to run her against an even more unattractive option. When it’s over, the fiction writers who call themselves reporters will have most believing that there was actually an election.

  13. and the complaints were made when? no sexual harassment complaints in NY or Florida, both of which have pretty strong laws on the issue? Evidence? and if it was critical information, not provided during the primaries?

  14. Whats else is new, everyone in politics is a satanist, pedofile or pervert. Its hidden unless they do not follow the secret agenda, then they bring it our against them. But in general they are all freaks. The hard working pay taxes to the freaky.

  15. I’m a woman, but all of you pathetic women that think Donald Trump is terrible because he talked about
    women to a bunch of guys on a private bus 11 years ago, I guess women never think about men the same
    way. Yes, they do. Don’t you realize that Hillary Clinton and her Liberal Democrats are paying these women
    that are making charges against Mr. Trump so he would stop talking about the real issues. These women
    were throwing themselves on Donald Trump because he was handsome and rich. They were loose women
    that no man would want to marry. They are considered street walkers. Why are these loose women
    complaining now, 10 to 20 years ago. Why didn’t they complain then? They are liars who want publicity and
    money. It’s so obvious the Democrat Liberals and the Clintons are behind this and you ignorant women
    are buying into this hook and sinker. Go ahead and vote for Hillary but you will regret it after you find out
    what an evil creature Hillary Clinton really is and how she will damage this country with her incompetent
    and bad judgment. Donald Trump is a different person now and he will make a great strong leader for our
    country that is going down under the Democrat party. Wake up foolish women of America and act like
    grown ups not like school girls that are shocked for the slightest dirty word.

  16. Trumo is not the only president to engage in inappropriate sex behavior such as FDR ,Ike and Bill Clinton. If Trump would just say I am sorry for what I did to these women, I would respect this and others would too. But he will not apologize because he is the epitome of self centerness and this will cause him to lose the election big time.

  17. The difference between Bill Clinton and others is that he is a sexual predator and rapist, not someone who copped an inappropriate feel. Hillary’s behavior, who attempted to destroy the character of Bill’s victims, is very relevant to the person who portrays herself as “the candidate for women”.
    The same left that pays bimbos to tearfully claim weeks before the election that Trump grabbed their butt 20 years ago, has no problem with Hillary’s defense of Bill’s sexual assaults.
    Personally, I’m not voting for either of them, but let’s at least try to look at things realistically.