Hillary Clinton & Al Gore’s Miami, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Are There More Damaging Tapes of Donald Trump?

The release of a 2005 video showing Donald Trump making lewd comments about women has caused rumors to swirl regarding the existence of more damaging videos.

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  1. another empty Hillary rally. when i see those black curtains in the background on pictures its a dead giveaway, also all the dead space on the picture of her and gore coming in its another sign.

    • I was actually at trump rally in Panama City, FL. he had a great turn out! A great crowd & you’re right the media has not spoke about how successful his rallys are in FL

  2. The official head count was 1,600, but it was definitely closer to 900. There are almost 4,000,000 people in the metro-Miami area, including Ft Lauderdale 16 miles away…so that is a tiny turnout. That Gore is sure fire to inspire millennials and Hispanics!

    • Good comment. To paraphrase a line from a Simon and Garfunkle song, “Nothing but the dead and the dying, in Trumps little world”.

  3. A basket full of Deplorables, whining because their insane candidate has buried himself and has been rejected by both parties. President Hillary is what you folks will be hearing for the next four years, and it’s your fault for voting for a freak during the primaries.