Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren Manchester Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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Sunshiine 48, your statement isn’t even a complete sentence or thought!


You’re being generous. It looks like less than 1000 at the Clinton event in Manchester.


Oh great. Here come the 2 dykes…finishing the job of ruining america.
Wake up america.


Typical Trump supporter comment … all fifth grade schoolyard bully, but no brains to debate the issues … I’m sure Hillary and Elizabeth are SO scared of you!!! Not!! LMAO!

up yours

I’m afraid, to tell anyone who I’m voting for !

Because if I say I’m voting for Trump my house will be a Target !!

My car will be keyed !

They will break my windows rub peanut butter all over my car !!

This is how the Democrats operate with violence and intimidation

I’m afraid of the Democrats and the violence they will cause !!!


Up yours, are you sure you aren’t confusing being “afraid,” with being embarrassed and ashamed of saying you’re voting for Trump? I mean, Trump supporters do represent the lower end of the educational spectrum.

But if what you say is true, I’ll take a broken car window any day, to gun-loving, lock-her-up chanting Trump lovers, whose candidate suggests using the Second Amendment to do away with his opponent should she win!!

up yours

Well let me tell you something anonymous !!

Hillary Clinton needs to be locked up !!

Hillary Clinton will go after your guns.

That’s why resolution 569 was passed protecting the Muslims and Muslims only !!

The only reason why they haven’t taken over yet is because we have guns.

I just said that to get a response, from a democratic, a Clinton operative!

To see you write your trash !!

You know the best way to get into a fight now a days ? is to say you’re voting for Trump !!

I say, I’m voting for Trump Everywhere I Go !! So ! (up yours) anonymous)).


Sorry to break the news to you, up yours, but I’m a not a “Clinton operatve,” but rather a lifelong, registered Independent … as fat as HRC taking your guns away, show me the documentation … to debate issues requires more than feel-good rants … get some substance and documentation, will ya … and oh yeah, when the drones bomb your neighborhood, we’ll see how much protection your guns provide!


You complete moron. Keep drinking the koolade from mooselum Obama and vote hillary in to continue destroying the country. That witch should be in jail and has proven the left is above the law. You’re pathetic.


As an earlier Anonymous blogger stated, “typical Trump supporter comment.” YAWN!!!


For six months, beginning just before last Thanksgiving, when a crowd at a rally in Birmingham beat and dragged a protester, Trump supporters kept roughing up protesters, especially black protesters, and Trump kept egging them on. By February, in Cedar Rapids, Trump was telling his audience to “knock the crap out of” a protester and offered to pay the legal fees. In March, a crowd shoved a University of Louisville student out of a Kentucky rally, cursing her. Eight days later, a seventy-eight-year-old Trump supporter punched an activist in Fayetteville, and said, “Next time, we might have to kill him.” Two days after the Fayetteville incident, there were so many clashes between Trump supporters and protesters in a University of Illinois arena that the candidate cancelled the event.


You complete moron. Keep drinking the koolade from mooselum Obama and vote hillary in to continue destroying the country. That witch should be in jail and has proven the left is above the law. You’re pathetic.yiu moron….


Pretty good with the rants, dude . . . guess that’s all ya’ can do when ya can’t repudiate the facts!


Bully? What campaign is sending out thugs to intimidate people and cause fights?

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