Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren Manchester Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton’s Philadelphia Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton held a massive rally in Philadelphia on Saturday night, attended by more than 7,000. See photos and stories from the rally here.

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    • Typical Trump supporter comment … all fifth grade schoolyard bully, but no brains to debate the issues … I’m sure Hillary and Elizabeth are SO scared of you!!! Not!! LMAO!

      • I’m afraid, to tell anyone who I’m voting for !

        Because if I say I’m voting for Trump my house will be a Target !!

        My car will be keyed !

        They will break my windows rub peanut butter all over my car !!

        This is how the Democrats operate with violence and intimidation

        I’m afraid of the Democrats and the violence they will cause !!!

        • Up yours, are you sure you aren’t confusing being “afraid,” with being embarrassed and ashamed of saying you’re voting for Trump? I mean, Trump supporters do represent the lower end of the educational spectrum.

          But if what you say is true, I’ll take a broken car window any day, to gun-loving, lock-her-up chanting Trump lovers, whose candidate suggests using the Second Amendment to do away with his opponent should she win!!

          • Well let me tell you something anonymous !!

            Hillary Clinton needs to be locked up !!

            Hillary Clinton will go after your guns.

            That’s why resolution 569 was passed protecting the Muslims and Muslims only !!

            The only reason why they haven’t taken over yet is because we have guns.

            I just said that to get a response, from a democratic, a Clinton operative!

            To see you write your trash !!

            You know the best way to get into a fight now a days ? is to say you’re voting for Trump !!

            I say, I’m voting for Trump Everywhere I Go !! So ! (up yours) anonymous)).

            • Sorry to break the news to you, up yours, but I’m a not a “Clinton operatve,” but rather a lifelong, registered Independent … as fat as HRC taking your guns away, show me the documentation … to debate issues requires more than feel-good rants … get some substance and documentation, will ya … and oh yeah, when the drones bomb your neighborhood, we’ll see how much protection your guns provide!

          • You complete moron. Keep drinking the koolade from mooselum Obama and vote hillary in to continue destroying the country. That witch should be in jail and has proven the left is above the law. You’re pathetic.

        • For six months, beginning just before last Thanksgiving, when a crowd at a rally in Birmingham beat and dragged a protester, Trump supporters kept roughing up protesters, especially black protesters, and Trump kept egging them on. By February, in Cedar Rapids, Trump was telling his audience to “knock the crap out of” a protester and offered to pay the legal fees. In March, a crowd shoved a University of Louisville student out of a Kentucky rally, cursing her. Eight days later, a seventy-eight-year-old Trump supporter punched an activist in Fayetteville, and said, “Next time, we might have to kill him.” Two days after the Fayetteville incident, there were so many clashes between Trump supporters and protesters in a University of Illinois arena that the candidate cancelled the event.

  1. The wall will be built, the illegals deported, jobs coming back and liberals being sent to the gulags. Have no fear libs, we’re give you 2-3 square meals a day.

  2. Oct… 24, 2016… A review of FBI Director James Comey’s professional history shows the Obama cabinet leader — under fire for handling of the investigation of Hillary Clinton — is deeply entrenched in the big-$$$, cronyism culture of Wa, D.C.

    His personal & professional relationships — ALL UNDISCLOSED as he announced the Bureau would not prosecute Clinton —
    Concerns focus on MILLIONS of $$$, that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board & his financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who Works at the Law Firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.
    A new investigation is underway… .
    This woman needs to be in strips…

    • “A new investigation is underway… .” Yawn, tens of millions of dollars of American taxpayer dollars over several years, already spent on multiple, multiple inquiries and no charges ever brought. At this point, I’m pissed my tax dollars went for wasted for to appease a bunch of Hillary haters . . . of course, this shouldn’t bother Trump, he pays no taxes!!

  3. We neede to help trump on ground game voluntarily by telling to our closest friends, family ,neighborhood to vote for him. America must be unchained from corrupted lobby’s and politicians .

  4. Now the problem is women wanted to see female president in America regardless her corrupted, carless and unplanned leadership. they are handover their country to unfit person. It is like traveling with a drunk driver. Good luck with that.

    • We know Donald has no respect for women, your comment just proved that you don’t either! PS Each of the previous Presidents have been so brilliant!! LMAO!

      • Anonymous – is that the best you can do in an attempt to discredit Trump? It ain’t working, I’m a female and there are real issues that are far more important than that.
        Since respect for women is your imperative, I’ve got news for you: Hillary’s biggest campaign donor is Saudi Arabia, where their women are treated badly – she’ll take money from a country that oppresses their women – and then claim to be for women’s rights as she does nothing to help them. How does that grab ya?

        • Since females make up 51% of the world’s population, it is an imperative, but not the only imperative. I’m sure prior to fracking, you never put a drop of Saudi oil in your car–right? Where do you propose Americans put their military bases in the Mideast . . . Saudi Arabia lets us . . . yes, it is a deal with the devil, but with all our gas-guzzling SUVs and out love affair with cares in this country, it’s one we’re all complicit in.

  5. 20,000+ respectful, and patriotic Trump Supporters in Tampa Amphitheater last night (10/24) ! Hillary couldn’t even fill a modest auditorium ( <1,000) in Tampa Bay last month! You tell me who is winning???? Wonderful cross-section of patriotic America was there! Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Blue Collar, white collar, straights, gays, Bikers, Bankers and candlestick makers! The TRUMP train is leaving the Station, TRUMP is a movement that says a big F U to the status quo washington elites and Corrupt media types!! Trump supporters dont drink the kool aid of the MSM anymore ! We dont need some p_ssy from CNN telling us that we cant read Wikileaks unless its coming from his network. We will read what we want from where we want. We love law and order, Jesus and the right to bear arms. We detest the failures of Obamacare, and the weakening of our military. We don't need our next president bowing to our enemies, and selling our precious natural nuclear resources to the Russians. We dont need a weak State Department that walks away from its duties to protect American prestige and power, and cant even protect 4 US citizens in Benghazi. HRC is a phony and her misdeeds over the last 30 yrs speak volumes. She doesnt give a $hit about anyone except herself and her blind lust for power! Anyone that cant see that is as dumb as a Rock.

    • Paid no income taxes for 20 years, 6 bankruptcies, $48+ million loan in today’s money from Daddy to get started in the biz, unpaid contractors, has a clothing line manufactured in China and Mexico, and a self-admitted sexual predator to boot! Go Donnie!!!–NOT!!!!

    • “We dont need some p_ssy from CNN telling us that we cant read Wikileaks unless its coming from his network.” Your source and documentation for your statement, please.

  6. The turnout pictured for Clinton doesn’t hold a candle to the turnouts in all the Florida cities Trump held rallys in. 27,000 (twenty-seven thousand) people attended his rally in Tampa,
    10,000 people attended his rally in Sanford, and I couldn’t locate an exact number of the turnout in St. Augustine, but from the looks of it, there had to be tens of thousands again.
    The few articles I read about turnout for Hillary’s rallys said less than 1000! One report said 200 turned out for her. Your common sense will tell you that Trump is unarguably
    the preferred candidate – people don’t go the the trouble of attending a rally for someone they don’t like. There is no doubt Trump will win Florida – if they say that he doesn’t,
    they’re lying and cheating; that’s a no brainer.