Richard Nicoll Cause of Death: How Did the Fashion Designer Die?

Richard Nicoll Dead Dies Heart Attack

Nicoll pictured in 2014. (Getty)

One of the legends of modern fashion was found dead in Australia at the age of 39. Richard Nicoll was pronounced dead inside of a home in Sydney on the morning of October 21, reports Sky News. The network adds that the suspected cause his a heart attack. Police in the area are not treating the death as suspicious at this point.

He was equally known for dressing stars such as Kylie Minogue and Julianne Moore on the red carpet as well as working legendary brands such as Fred Perry. Nicoll was born in London and was based there but grew up in Australia. He was a mainstay of the world fashion scene since bursting on to the scene during London’s Fashion Week in 2006.


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I don’t consider Australia or even London to be part of the world of fashion. Never heard of him.


Quite an inconsiderate, heartless comment when it’s someone’s life we’re talking about. It’s not about who you know, this person had family and friends who are now devastated at their loss. He was a very talented person who didn’t deserve to die so young.

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