Hurricane Matthew Conspiracy Theories: Government Hypes Threat, Conspiracy Theorists Say


Internet journalist and Hurricane Matthew conspiracy theorist Matt Drudge (l). (Getty)

Conservative online journalist Matt Drudge and other conspiracy theorists online suggested on Thursday — even as the Category Four Hurricane Matthew barreled toward the coast of Florida and other states along the southeast coast of the United States — that the hurricane’s threat was being inflated in order to “make (an) exaggerated point on climate.”

And on his heavily trafficked web site, The Drudge Report, Drudge suggested that Hurricane Matthew has already “fizzled,” despite reports from actual meteorologists warning that the hurricane in fact had gained strength as it bore down on Florida, and authorities warned that the storm could be the worst to hit the United States in a decade. Florida Governor Rick Scott, himself a conservative Republican, implored residents to obey evacuation orders, declaring, “this storm will kill you!”

The article in the Miami Herald linked by the Drudge Report contains no information suggesting that Hurricane Matthew had “fizzled.” In fact, the Herald reported that the 140 miles per hour winds recorded in the hurricane over the Carribbean may intensify as the storm plows into the east coast.

Drudge was not the only conspiracy theorist failing to take Hurricane Matthew seriously. Others suggested that the hurricane was being exaggerated as a way to sell food items.

In addition to Drudge, another prominent conservative media personality, radio host Rush Limbaugh, also suggested that the impending hurricane was part of a conspiracy, the purpose of which is to convince the public that climate change is real.

“The National Hurricane Center is part of the National Weather Service, which is part of the Commerce Department, which is part of the Obama administration, which by definition has been tainted just like the DOJ has,” Limbaugh said in his Thursday radio broadcast. “With hurricane tracking and hurricane forecasting, I’ve been able to spot where I think they might be playing games because it’s in the interests of the left to have destructive hurricanes because then they can blame it on climate change, which they can continue desperately continue trying to sell.”

Unlike Drudge, however, Limbaugh said that he believes that Matthew is, indeed, a dangerous hurricane. But he added that the threat of hurricanes in general over the past decade has been overblown by the press and the government.

Meteorologists on The Weather Channel, however, pleaded with their viewers to heed the hurricane warnings, with one telling his audience, “I am not kidding!”

Despite his own history of denying the reality of climate change, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump issued a statement urging residents of the southeastern coastal states to listen to their government officials and seek safety from Hurricane Matthew.

Drudge’s online remarks produced an immediate backlash however, with dozens of social media users and online journalists condemning them as potentially disastrous.

“Drudge’s conspiracy-mongering is a dangerous game. More than 1.5 million people live in the evacuation zone for Matthew,” wrote reporter Libby Nelson. “It’s already difficult to get people to take evacuation warnings seriously — so difficult that emergency managers have a slew of haunting tricks to drive home the danger of hurricanes, including asking people to write their Social Security numbers on their arms if they’re staying behind so that their bodies can be identified.”

Florida Power and Light warned that as many as 2.5 million customers could lose power as a result of the hurricane, which killed at least 136 people as it slammed into Haiti earlier this week.

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  1. Global warming cause is PC CRAP!! Storms are NOT,they have been developing for 1000s of yrs! Commonsense dictates taking ALL precautions Possible!! Of course,as usual ,the DEMORATS will USE this CRISIS,like they always do,even if that means standing on bodies!!

    • Maybe you should learn about PC a bit more, because it has nothing to do with weather. I will say that it’s very PC for Trump supporters to be offended when the word “pussy” is used on television, while discussion Trump’s claims that he could grab one and it wouldn’t matter because he’s a celebrity. That is PC…

  2. I live in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale). Storm was overhyped. Light rain and breezy. I’ve seen stronger summer showers. Yet even now with the storm 70 miles north, media still says worst to come. Storm will be in Georgia by then. So wrong to keep stringing folks along down here

    • so what you’re saying is that not being able to predict the weather with 100% accuracy means that there’s a conspiracy? How many people lost their lives because of Matthew…over 800. Republicans still go on about 4 lost in Benghazi, but over 800 means nothing, because where you were didn’t get hit as hard as some thought.

  3. I feel bad for anyone who lost their life in this hurricane…..But I have played golf in worse conditions. Live close to West Palm. 25 mph winds gusts to 40 barely raining, in fact im writing this while walking dog. So over rated. Im glad. But all hype from what Im seeing. Do pray for anyone hurt or killed in this

  4. A storm brews and the Weather Channel jumps on it because that is where the ratings are. It is an election year so politicians are extra present to “guide us all.” Federal folks declare emergencies and money starts rolling in. The local news jumps on it because everyone else is. Pretty soon you have millions of people wasting billions of dollars evacuating, buying generators, tons of water, wooden planks and gasoline. You have huge amounts of federal and state tax dollars wasted. Then you have pundits elevating silly issues about television commercials and “who really care more.” This is hype for the sake of controlling your time and wallet. And where does it end? Business gets the money, politicians score meaningless points and you paid for the whole thing.

  5. The extent that the nutjob, right wing conservative, bible thumping, science denying kooks like Matt Drudge will go to in order to promote their twisted agenda never ceases to amaze me. You people think everything is part of a conspiracy. You all belong to a group of people who spend thousands of dollars on “prepping” for things like EMP bursts, FEMA soldiers rounding up citizens to drive them into camps, alien invasions and yet you think the federal government spending money to protect our property and lives is a conspiracy. Idiots.

  6. fo sho drizzle1 matthew was an inside job11 just look at haarp111 wakeup ppl1111

  7. Seems that everything has to do with the election. I guess the Governor of Florida won’t extend the voting deadline for those impacted by the storm. Just another conspiracy to add to the list 😀