Mysterious Masked Gunmen Targeting ISIS Commanders in Iraq

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(David Silverman/Getty Images)

Alalam is reporting that 4 Islamic State commanders in Anbar, Iraq are the latest to be killed by a group of “very professional” masked men targeting terrorist warlords.

The attacks have been focused in northern Anbar, on Iraqi towns near the Syrian border with the masked men using light weaponry.

Al Mada Press reports:

The gunmen managed to seize the weapons and communications devices of the ISIS members, as well as bringing down the group’s flag and raising Iraqi flag instead of it.

ISIS has since responded by telling its members to avoid public places, where they are easy targets.

The threat of the masked men comes just a month after ISIS in the occupied Saladin Governorate, Iraq put out a warning to its militants to beware of a veiled woman carrying a pistol that has already killed 2 terrorists.

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