WATCH: ‘Turkish Soldiers’ Execute 2 Female ‘Kurdish Fighters’

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A video shared on Twitter alleges to show Turkish soldiers with 2 female PKK prisoners of war. They throw one woman off a cliff and execute the other point blank.

The video is amateur and could not be independently verified.

Kurds are the largest ethnic minority in Turkey and compromise 25% of the population. Turkey often discriminates against the multireligious Kurds. The PKK, the armed branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, have been in a fight with the Turkish state since 1984 for cultural and political rights. According to the Al-Masdar News, “The PKK operates primarily in the mountainous terrain of southeastern Turkey and often uploads footage of its Kurdish fighters ambushing Turkish government troops.”

Making matters more difficult is that the PKK is one of the main groups battling the Islamic State. However, while the US has conceded to Turkish demands to deem the PKK a terrorist organization, there are other Kurdish militias that the US does support that Ankara does not such as the “People’s Protection Units (YPG), the armed wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), which has emerged as the umbrella organization of the Syrian Kurds,” reports Al-Monitor.

In the video, camoflauged men are shown throwing one woman off a cliff. They then point an assault rifle in the direction she fell and fire indiscreetly. Another woman is then forced to her knees and repeatedly shot point blank, also with an assault rifle.

Heavy is an independent news organization. We report acts of terror and violence so that the public may be fully informed. This may include content considered graphic, which is identified. We do not support, in any way, the individuals or organizations involved.

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Trust me Turkey has secret link and relationship with ISS . the difference is govt and its soldiers are internationally recognized legal ISS.


LMAO what makes you say that we are linked with ISIS when we already fought them at northern Syria and cleared them in two days.

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