Donald Trump Is President: End of the World Memes

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  1. Hope Trump gives more money for mental health the yanks have lost it, be like we having Pauline Hanson as PM God save us the world has lost it

  2. America chose the last president ever over the first woman ever. Maybe Trump can solve the debt though. By being mad enough to attack every nation,wherever they may be located on those “maps” from those uppity cartographers to plunder it. We spend a trillion on military a year, maybe now it can give an actual yield with the blood of billions. Proud to be an American (not), but consider myself fortunate to be white at these times.

    Dark days ahead. Last stitch hope is his 13yr old rape victim getting some serious legal power and him getting impeached before taking office. Or the judicials refusing to swear him in and general so and so taking over. We are locked in a tyranny by default it seems (this time without any illusions about it) . Can we please have Hitler and not the remains of this twin brother; the malformed orange fetus he dined on while in the womb? Let our Tyrant be capable at least. C’mon, the new axis power deserves that. We invented the internet and dared to both sell and accept that 5gb was unlimited. We are awesome and deserving of an awesome leader in our march to ruin.

    Great job Putin. Took a stronger enemy out w/o a shot. Have fun steam rolling over East Europe as we are the greatest,biggest handed,and overall best at bringing freedom to the rest whether they want it or not. Sure as hell will pay for it regardless. The next time Americans go shopping for Russian brides it won’t be because of fat eagle boners it will be in hopes of having a child that has the capacity to amount to more than a tub of Trump supporting shit lard.

  3. Yeah Trump is the new Prez. He got the honkey and KKK vote out. Its funny hearing a guy who uses foreign workers and manufactures suits and ties abroad talk about bringing jobs back to America. Democrats had 8 years and made a real difference it will be fun to watch another republican controlled administration flame out. Hopefully we are all still around to enjoy the irony. If any good comes of it I think trump will piss so many off that the country goes to the left, especially after all the nutjobs that get installed on the supreme court.