Michael Cwiklinski: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael Cwiklinski Canonsburg Police Officers Shooting November 10

(Screengrab via CBS Pittsburgh)

Officials are describing the shooting of two Pennsylvania cops as an “ambush.” The suspect in the death of one Canonsburg police officer and the wounding of another has been named as Michael Cwiklinski, 47. The attack happened in the early hours of November 10 at a home on the 100 block of Woodcrest Drive. The town of Canonsburg is a little over 20 miles south of Pittsburgh. The deceased officer has been named as Scott Bashioum, 52, of Washington, Pennsylvania.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cwiklinski Also Killed His Pregnant Wife After She Had Taken a Restraining Order Out Against Him

Dalia Sabae Michael Cwikslinski

Michael Cwikslinski pictured with his wife Dalia Sabae. (Facebook)

Officials have said that the officers were responding to a domestic incident at a home at around 3 a.m. on November 10. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the woman who lived in the home had a restraining order against Cwiklinski. KDKA later reported that she had been killed too. That woman was later named as Cwiklinski’s wife, Dalia Sabae.

A neighbor, Keith Jacobs, told the Post-Gazette, “She has had a [protection from abuse order] against him … there have been back and forth disputes going on.” He added that Sabae was two months pregnant.

Dalia Sabae Facebook page


According to her LinkedIn page, Sabae was a pharmacy intern and studied at Washington & Jefferson College. She was fluent in Arabic, Hebrew and Spanish. While on her Facebook page, Sabae says that she previously lived and went to school in Egypt but is originally from Russia. For her political views, Sabae wrote, “Secular liberal global citizen.”

2. Officials Aren’t Saying if the Officers Were Targeted but Have Described the Shooting as an ‘Ambush’

Canonsburg Police Officer


KDKA reports that when officers approached the home on Woodcrest Drive, Cwiklinski opened fire. Officials have not said if they believe the officers were targeted but have referred to the shooting as an “ambush.” Trooper Melinda Bonderanka told the media, “Upon their arrival, the two officers were ambushed. They were shot with an unknown type of firearm.”

3. He Was Arrested for Hitting a Woman Outside of a Walmart a Few Days Before the Shooting

The Observer-Reporter reports that on November 7, Cwiklinski was arrested for hitting a woman in the face outside of a Walmart in the South Strabane Township. Previously, in June 2016, Cwikslinski received a citation for harassing his wife.

4. A Friend of the Slain Officer Said the Victim Was a ‘Great Guy, Top to Bottom’

Scott Bashioum RIP Canonsburg

(Screengrab via CBS Pittsburgh)

District Judge David Mark told the Post-Gazette that Bashioum was “a great guy, top to bottom. One of the best people I know inside and out. I can’t imagine what the family is going through.” ABC Pittsburgh reports that Bashioum was the father to four children. He had been on the force for seven years.

The wounded officer was shot in the stomach. Both cops had first been taken to Canonsburg Hospital and then one was taken to Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. Bashioum passed away in Canonsburg. KDKA reports that the wounded officer is in intensive care but that his injuries are not considered life-threatening.

5. Cwiklinski Committed Suicide

Authorities have said that Cwiklinski committed suicide. A major SWAT operation had been going on in the area around the shooting. KDKA’s Rick Dayton reports that Cwiklinski’s body was found inside the home where the domestic incident occurred.

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      • My sentiments exactly. They have been conditioned to focus on Blacks and Latinos so much that they seem to forget their people commit serious crimes as well, to their own detriment. Last words–“But you’re wh—-.” This hateful, angry world we live in…no one should have to die like this at the hands of another.

  1. Just to be fair and practical I’ve been to Canonsburg. They’re better off dead. No offense, just keepin her real here.

  2. A piece of shit, who fatally shot his pregnant wife and a police officer had a history of domestic abuse and had threatened to kill the woman before… must will burn in hell.

  3. Doesn’t say much about Cwiklinski. Where did he come from? Is he a Russian Chechen Muslim. Wife came from Russia–studied in Egypt–but almost no info about either of them. Where is the info we need? Why isn’t there any investigative journalism to release info to the public any more?