PHOTOS: ISIS Shares Images of Dead Children Allegedly Killed by US Airstrike on Tal-Afar


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May Allaah destroy everyone who are supporting these criminals. The world are the biggest criminals and deserve what ever they get. Their mouths are shut and turn a blind eye, and only show their ugly faces when Muslims retaliate.


Well, in that case why is ISIS not allowing the people of Mosul to escape from Mosul? What about the executions of children that ISIS is carrying in the name of Islam? ISIS is a monster and the making of Satan. Wahabi Islam is the idea of Satan. That’s why Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is living under the ground in holes like a rat. Its the wrath of Allah that he will continue to live the life of a rat for a long time. May Allah cut his hands and legs off and give him a very long life.

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