PHOTOS: ISIS Stacks Pile of Beheaded Heads of ‘Sahwat Apostates’ in Syria

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    • Give up your leaders and surrender !

      Our government is stopping us from coming after you.
      You have no idea of the lunatics thirsting for blood that we will unleash upon you ! You are lucky now ! But as every Gambler knows luck is not always on your side !
      You have gambled and lost !

      Give up your leaders and surrender.

  1. I thought liberal/progressives told us the only reason why muslims want to rape and kill us is because of “Bush”? He’s been long gone and our muslim prezzie has been apologizing since.
    Have the muslims not heard our affirmative action prezzie read what someone wrote for him to perform?

  2. Keep killing all them mf casualties of war and all..They say dying is paradise so what’s the problem die all you mf middle East Muslims they all hate America anyway……