PHOTOS: ISIS Executes 2 Men With Machine Gun in Syria

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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hhmm, in terms of a oppositional defiant disorder it may be possible to produce a spectrum of data in the audio, word, and visual sense. say for instance militant philosophy is like a lighthouse in a storm, from an ego-eccentric position it is a single lighthouse, as in their is a militant and his ideas. Now imagine in its fixed position of defiant stature, waves smash around its column, it is defiant to the sea. In the ’48 laws of power’ the final chapter speaks of formlessness, now imagine their are seven lighthouses and the seas represent seven prose’s or terms, or perhaps meanings, and the light house represents militant philosophy, each pattern should a militant IQ score, and as in the vacuum florescent light basking in the ambient glow of religion unaware of its broken fuse (as in the infrastructure of airport security), you can every previous profile INSIDE OUT (learned behavior) as a hidden questionnaire form through the ambient waves of surveillance information, (phones, internet, drones, etc).
This should give you structural integrity to all previous counter measures, and outliers, as well as a possible hit on a passive matriarch militant behind any super cell/s, if you come up with a normal citizen profile reversed to an effect that is out of sequence with the other data, a social norm, or some kind of logic, it is possibly an awareness occurring even/or habit to a conditioning counter profile for social camouflage.
seems like a long shot,
but it is about consistency and the rhythm of forward momentum…..

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