WATCH: New ISIS Video Threatens Russia While Child Executioners Execute 4 Men

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A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows 2 young ISIS boys executing two “spies.” The film, titled “Repent and you have safety from us,” is directed at Russians and Putin, threatening violence at the Syrian government ally. The nearly 14-minute video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on November 9 and comes from “Wilayat al-Jazirah,” northern Iraq.

Vulnerable cities in the ISIS-occupied region include “Tal ‘Afar, Al-Ba’aj, Al-‘Ayadiyyah, Al-Mahlabiyyah, Sinjar, Wardiyyah, Sanuni, Khana Sor, Ibrat al-Saghira, Al-Badi, [and] Al-Qanat.”

While the video comes from an Iraqi “province” of ISIS, the execution portion of the video is directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has involved himself in Syria by allying with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. The 4 children executing the “spies” in the video include two boys of Russian heritage.

According to The Daily Mail, the video came out on the same day that Jan Kubis, the UN envoy for Iraq, told the Security Council that the operation to liberate Mosul will be the end of ISIS.

Last month, the American coalition, consisting of the Iraqi Army, the Kurdish Peshmerga, Shia militias, Christian militias, and the Turkish Nineveh Guard, descended upon Mosul to free it from the Islamic State. The official operation began on October 17 when it was announced by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

According to the Military Times, “Kubis said the operation to liberate Mosul has so far displaced some 35,000 people, with about 20,000 of them being sheltered in camps organized by the U.N. and its humanitarian partners and the rest being housed in host communities.”

However, for the majority of Moslawis, the coalition is being treated as liberators.

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looks like the facial hair person may have sold out the others for some food, or longer time alive, they are incredibly clean shaven, if he has a particular taste perhaps they brought it at the markets, the clean uniform design looks staged like an impressive reflection of discovery, (smells like a trap to me),
child psychology indicates a repulsive force on a reward trigger, i.e. the opposite of the reward paired with the memory of the execution, would be contrasted with the typical reward from the militants. That is a pattern that may have a deeper level than what they presume is presented.


Can you Research in same way to see the dead bodies of small small Children was burned to alive by Human Rights and Fredom Champoion USA or Her Israeli and IRANI shitty alliance? What you call to children killing by Barrel chemical and Phosphorus bombs Collatral Damaged? Children needs to be defended by USA and Her Coward alliance before you dream to Ginish this Caliphate

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