Photos: Gatlinburg Fire Missing & Displaced Pets

Gatlinburg Fire Photos: Wildfire Threatens Dollywood

As fires roll through Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Dollywood Resort is threatened. Can it be saved? Scroll through the latest photos.

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WATCH: Dolly Parton to Donate $1,000 a Month to Fire Victims

Dolly Parton has graciously offered $1,000 a month to families who lost their homes to the Gatlinburg wildfires. Watch the Tennessee native's statement here.

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  1. Omg, now we’re worried about stupid animals when people’s homes are burning down!!?? LOL geez are some people really THAT STEWPID??!! LMAO. I guess I shouldn’t complain too hard. It’s idiots like that who make me look so much smarter.

    • You are a dirty nasty low life scumbag! Pets ARE family! Not only ate you pure scum but STUPID as well – yes that is the correct spelling. Low life.

    • No, afraid you are showing your stupidity in the face of crisis. Anything that is important to people who love them, even your family, is of the greatest importance. Love reaching out to the people of Tennessee and Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. God’s blessing on your troubles.

    • You are an arrogant ass. Those animals were created by God for mankind. Some pets provide therapy for people. For some, people with hearts and compassion, their pets are family. Yes, it is devastating about the landmarks and houses because Gatlinburg is where I spent a week’s honeymoon with my husband of 31 years.There is nothing funny about the scenario, and you can take your comments and shove them where the sun does not shine. Your comments only make you look like a fool. You are as guilty as the arsonist.

      • That’s why I always look on the bright side of these stories. I mean it’s not my house out there! That’s why you shoudn’t play on your mom’s computer, Keith, you get schooled this way.

    • You’re all over news stories with heartless comments. What a sad and pathetic life you lead to get people in a rage against you. Google this person’s name and see the response to tragedies. These trolls get a high off of upsetting people.

    • God created them and God took them away. I pray for all of you too. Sigh I hope God can cure stupid for your sake. Not sure even he can do that.


      • You’re right God can’t sure stupid because well there you are. But then again God is loving and caring so he looks over your stupidity BUT he will judge you “Frostee Frosted”… It won’t be frosty where you get to go after this life! ;)

    • Only a cold-hearted idiot would make this comment. And if you think you’re making yourself look “so much smarter” by simultaneously trying to chastise and degrade the very people who ARE suffering through what is the WORST TN fire in a century – the very people who are desperately looking for family members (whether they be on four legs or two) and praying to be reunited again in order to have some small reminder of happiness and wholeness – then you, my dear, are nothing but sad, sad fool.

    • You don’t look smarter sorry to inform you of that. So yes Frostee, some people are just that “STEWPID” and now that you have your 5 minutes of fame, its “STUPID” ass, but something tells me you knew that didn’t you?

    • whatthe hell peoples are like my children since i cant have children. i prayed for those people in gatlinburg they lost a hell of a lot and most probably there pets. you are a nasty person

    • You are a complete heartless moron. Where do people like you even come from. I guess you just didn’t get enough hugs when you were a kid and I feel sorry for you.

    • Maybe you should learn how to spell STUPID … yes, you “so smart!” In some cases, animals are all people have left! Grow a heart, a**hole!!!

    • The homes were already burnt. The owners want to know whether or not the pets they couldn’t get to are alive or dead. Several of these pets were reunited with their owners, and others were confirmed dead. If you knew your pet was dying or dead in a fire, and it didn’t bother you, I fear for everyone that has the unfortunate fate of landing in your life.

      • If your pet is that important to you then you obviously need to get a life there Rusty. Sheesh that’s pitiful.


        Da Frosted One

      • So? It’s a free country ain’t it? What are you some “anonymous spineless internet name caller”? Uh huh, that’s what I thought. That’s also very childish of you. I understand though, I used to call people names as an 8 year old too sigh. LOL. Look on the bright side. That wasn’t my pet (not that I’d ever have one esp as a “family member”) that turned into a burnt biscuit. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • Feelings mutual catatumbo12. I don’t hang with hillbillies. LOL
        BTW are you just butt ugly or stupid as well
        I be Frowstee

      • As if I’d actually want to share space with yer fukking mutt. Fukk you and yer furball piece of shit lol
        Dats right Frowstee is watching y’all
        Umph umph

  2. Godspeed to everyone suffering this fire tragedy, hoping and praying with all my heart that your fur babies have survived and will be found!!! God Bless You

    • I can’t believe you would say stupid b.s. you r probably the one who started this fire I could easily put you in your place because you are obviously ignorant and heartless but karma will bite you in the you know where…you r pathetic…I will pray for u you r sick..

      • Shit no I don’t want to burn alive…..but those STEWPID animals did…………..howlllllllllllllllll. I mean my Korean neighbor bbq’s dogs and cats all the time. What’s the difference? LOL there’s no outrage over that ha ha hahaha ha

  3. It’s them dad gum stills up there. Moonshine is like a freakin grenade. Darn hillbillies go no sense of right vs wrong and no respect for human life nor the law. You know what these idjuts need. They need Judge Dredd. I AM DA LAWWWWWWWWWWWW! Bwa ha ha ha. Now git back to playin yer dad dum banjos! hee haw lol lol

    Da Frow-sted One

  4. If your family members have four legs that proves you’re hillbillies lol! My family evolved much further than that

    Aww Frawstee

  5. I see someone really “LOVES” his pet. 50 bucks?? LOL Better sell more moonshine there pal. Yeah, I see how they’re “just like family” awright. I’m pretty sure they’d pay the same for their kids!! Uh huh yup yup yup yup lmao
    Frowstee lives but some of these pets sure didn’t bwa ha ha ha

  6. Hey how ’bout that chick who threw her cat off her balcony and videod it in New Jersey? Stuff like that happens in real life folks. Git a grip on reality. No one cared about that did they? Sheesh I know I sure don’t. It wasn’t me or my kid she threw off the balcony. It was a WORTHLESS animal! LOL LOL I doesn’t bother me because I have something called a LIFE. I suggest you git one regardless of what backwoods forest you live in. Well at least there’s no toilets for you to clean there. Kind of grungy though but meh, those are the living conditions you CHOOSE to live in. Ya’ll have probably never heard of this place called “College” have ya? No, didn’t think so. ha ha ha ha
    Frawstee Still at It

  7. Whatsamatta? Ya’ll run out of stupidly oversympathetic pet stories? Oh I get it, they all died! Oh goody goody gum drop! Now that makes me very happy. I think we’ll go celebrate for dinner. Maybe some German Sheppard ala carte hey? Hee Haw!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    You’ve all been Frowwwwwwwwwwwwwww-steed ha ha ha ha

  8. Whatcha all doing this weekend? Ize thinkin about bbqing some German Sheppard. Yum yum. If I don’t hear from ya’all I be wishing you happy holidays and happy new year in 2017. Hopefully you animal loving freaks will evolve past that during the upcoming year. Maybe some of yuz can get a girly friend so you don’t have to sleep w/ your pets anymore. I think that’s rather disgusting but God lets us live as free moral agents. Hee Haw

    Just had to “FROST” ya’all before the weekend one more time


  10. That pathetic miscreant, seated at his computer with no friends, no life, who finds a meager thread of joy in saying things that cause others pain; we label him as a troll, and certainly, he is one, but there is greater extent to the stain he leaves on the social carpet Indeed, he sits surrounded by the empty wrappers and containers of his failure at life in general, a cringeworthy, blatant testimony to his emotional bankruptcy, so near the bottom of the human barrel as to be laughable. How does a troll, the most reviled of net-crawlers, (bereft of all empathy for beloved pets and those devoted to them who are suffering) , become so stripped of human decency that all that remains is a vile blob of living matter that exists on little else than being a regrettable presence no matter where he appears? A social outcast; a pariah, a weak-personality, a true degenerate from the seamy side of the Internet, that he has nothing left to contribute to the greater good. Trolls are in it for the attention, so they hate being ignored. When I find one, I often choose to say the following: “You waste your time here. I will ignore your words.” No one wants to waste time on a troll so why do so? Leave them on the curb where they belong.