Presidential Election Results: Why Aren’t All the Votes Counted Yet?

votes counted

When will the votes all be counted? (Getty)

It seems to be taking a really long time to get the final results of the Presidential election. The election was over a week ago, and we’re still waiting to get all the ballots counted in many states, even though those states have already been called. Clinton’s leading the popular vote, but there are still million of uncounted ballots. Why is it taking so long?

Here’s what you need to know.

There’s no national standard for counting votes; the rules differ from state-to-state. Some states are putting together official results now and others are still counting ballots. States set up their own deadlines for when all ballots must be counted and processed. In fact, The Nation reported that some vote-by-mail ballots may not even arrive until a few days after November 8, holding up the process even more.

Provisional ballots also take some time to process. These are ballots given to voters who couldn’t show that they were eligible to vote, either because they didn’t have the right ID, were at the wrong polling location, or another reason. These ballots must all be verified and, in some cases, voters are given a certain amount of time to turn in additional information that verifies their right to vote. Damaged ballots that can’t be read by machines are also being counted during this time.

In California, for example, there are still 3.5 million unprocessed ballots as of November 16. These include vote-by-mail ballots, provisional ballots, and other ballots such as damaged ballots.

As results continue to come in, there’s a very slight chance that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump could still win or lose states where the numbers were very close. Clinton is currently leading Trump by more than a million votes, a greater lead than any other presidential candidate has had while also losing the electoral college. She’s even surpassed some other candidates in her total popular votes. She’s gotten more votes than Bill Clinton got in 1996 and 1992, according to 270toWin.

It’s unclear when all the uncounted ballots will finally be either counted or deemed ineligible. But with the electoral college election coming on December 20, hopefully we’ll wrap this up soon.

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  1. The votes haven’t been counted yet because there is no possible way Hillary Clinton can win.

    Why haven’t I won the lotto yet !

  2. Why does this story say CA has 3.5 million “unprocessed” ballots when in fact CA has stated its vote is 100% counted? In fact, your 3.5 million would equal more than one-third of the votes cast in CA. Your story is not accurate.

  3. I was unhappy when Bush, as stupid as he was, got into office, even more disappointed in America when they reelected him for a second term, then came Obama, who was a hope of change, only again to be disappointed in what he was able to get accomplished, then this election who had two of the worst candidates America had to offer running, but the reality is any decent smart person that would represent the country and the world stage would simply NOT want to be part of this system. To put it bluntly, I hope Trump does stop the corruptness in DC, does away with the lobbyist (except his own kids of course), and actually does bring jobs back without of course starting a nuclear war and sending so many red neck kids off to a place like Korea where they can die for somebody else’s country, like Iraq and Afghanistan, only much, much worse folks. I am white, so I stand a far less chance then others of being discriminated against. I can only wonder all those protesters out there, how many actually voted? All those Johnson voters, how do you feel now? Especially in states that were so, so close. The fact that Trump, who cried like a baby about a rigged system, won by the very same system he cried about. Well he now represents all you racists and bigots out there, and all those so called sheep that heeded the call of a not very good person just because they hated the other candidate more, because of emails, yes emails. Ever write one you wish you didn’t? I’m sure I’ll regret this one. See you all in 4 years, if we still have an election process that is. After all, I am sure Putin is coaching our president elect how to change the system so he can stay in power for a lot longer.

    • Your analysis isn’t accurate but it is yours. Obama brought good change, agree he did not. Another Bush was elected twice, agree we could have done better. Worst 2 candidates for us to pick from. Agree and disagree. Hillary didn’t win over stupid emails, and by stupid I mean confidential clearance or higher. She didn’t win over having top secret documents stolen from the front seat of Huma Abedin’s car. She didn’t win because she ran a pay-to-play operation while she was secretary of state. She didn’t win for the derogatory about females and anti-semitic remarks she has said over the years. She didn’t because of all the divisive remarks the her and President Obama have made of the years. She didn’t win even though George Soros threw millions and millions of dollars at her campaign. She didn’t win because spent campaign contributions to put on “concerts” for her select group of people. She didn’t win because she conveniently forgot every about Benghazi where 4 American lives were lost because of HER. She didn’t win because her daughter’s wedding was paid by funds in the Clinton foundation. I tire listing all the things that contributed to her lost. Just like President Obama has done she uses blacks for an agenda that she has no intention of actually doing. Instead they drive the racism card into the ground sending young people out to do their bidding. Many of laws that these young protesters are breaking are felonies and if they are convicted of those crimes they could lose their right to vote in most states. The disappointing fact that about 60%-70% haven’t even voted once, allows us to see them as being little sheep sent off to be slaughtered. The endorsement of Black Lives Matter (who only didn’t protest at any HRC fund-raisers due to secret service) is an endorsement of hate, as their objective is kill police. They also attack white people because President Obama has filled them with divisive rhetoric and with the current events to fuel the fire they march on. Instead battling the problem with intelligence, they just add fuel to the fire and act in a violent nature that does not help their cause. Unfortunately neither HRC or Trump have provided research on this group or they would see they do not want more police in their neighborhoods, they want less. They don’t want a stricter sentence for breaking the law, they want to let them all free to run the streets, yet neither candidate understands them, and what they want. Yet, the actions of this group could have many participants arrested, convicted and put in jail! So, instead of a break in the cycle they find themselves running like hamsters on a wheel only it is moving backward. Racist is not just for black people. If there is one group of Americans that should be given a boost up in life it is the American Indians. Many of them live in deplorable conditions and are living in a cycle or alcohol and drug addiction, not all but some, enough that it is a problem that needs to be fixed yet no one ever talks about them do they? Statistically black children are behind white children as early as the age of 3. And so in the 50+ years since desegregation of schools the system has still failed black children even with all the liberal curriculum that is out there they still have not been able to level the playing field. And during these 50+ years the majority of blacks still vote for democrats who promise them a brighter day. But still they drop out of school and chose a life of crime, which is predominately black-on-black. Do I know how to fix it, NO. Does either political party know how to fix it, NO. Do the black groups rioting and killing police know how to fix it, NO. Do the young people ditching class and committing felonies know how to fix it, NO. So, I would rather a man in office who doesn’t owe ANYONE or ANY GROUP a political favor represent me than a proven old school candidate whose husband we don’t ever want to see again in the White House. I say things to my friends, even to my husband, when I see a good looking man, heck, I even point good looking women out to my husband who has a blonde twitch :) I would rather him than a women who is not a feminist and stays with her philandering husband for political gain. Whose best friend is married to dick-sexting pedohile who only left her husband in August of this year but who has been at it since 2010. I would rather a man who has raised a successful family who are educated and act like proper human beings even while they are being bullied and threatened in the streets and on the internet. Do, I agree with everything Trump has said, no I am not a 1 topic voter. She didn’t win BECAUSE SHE IS HILLARY CLINTON and if you think she was the lesser of two evils then you are entitled to have that view but don’t ever think it was over some stupid emails because that is a cop out. Oh, and Bernie Sanders the socialist couldn’t have beat him either. Don’t underestimate Trump’s ego, he has no intention on going down as the worst president so he won’t….