PHOTO: 7-Year-Old Girl Suicide Bombs Police Station in Syria

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A photograph shared on Twitter shows the corpse of a little girl who, according to Syrian Arab News Agency, carried out a suicide bombing on al-Midan Police Station in Damascus.

There are conflicting reports about the girl’s age, with some reports stating that she was as young as 7 and others that she was as old as 9.

According to Lizzie Phelan, a Middle East correspondent, the little girl entered the police department and claimed that she was lost before detonating her explosive device. However, Redditors in the Syrian Civil War subreddit speculate that the girl was coerced into committing the deed and that the explosive was detonated remotely.

The attack killed her and no one else.

SANA reports:

The chief of the Police Station, Brig. Gen. Basman Zeidan, said that the attack caused minor injuries to one policeman and material damage to the 2nd floor’s offices and bathroom, adding that the exploitation of innocent children by terrorists to carry out their terrorist agendas shows how barbaric they and their Takfiri mentality are.

A takfiri is a Muslim who accuses another Muslim of apostasy.

It is unclear if ISIS or another one of a number of Sunni extremist groups is behind the attack. The last Islamic State attack in Damascus occurred in June when suicide bombers attacked the Sayyida Zeinab mosque, the holiest Shiite shrine in Syria. According to the Daily Mail, 20 people were killed in that attack.

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  1. Now she gets to spend Eternity being humped by Mohammed. And, if she’s lucky, Allah might come around periodically, toss Mo’ aside, and reward her with a reaming via His light-years-long schlong. // What a bright, highly evolved humans Muslims are…….(that’s sarcasm).

  2. Be very careful !

    The number of lies emanating out of Syria over the last 6 years is unbelievable. The Syria movie is so complex that unless you have been watching it for a long time you don’t know what’s going on.

    Q: Would the Assad شعبة المخابرات العسكرية use a 7 yo girl in a false flag to shift the narrative re. Bana al Abed?

    Q: How did the investigators know immediately she was 7 yo? (Same as Bana! How neat.) Maybe she was 6, 8 or 9?

    Q: Were there any injured from the attack? If not, why not? What actually happened? Who is the girl? DNA tests?

    Lo & behold, right on cue, just a few hours after the attack, and right on script, a Regime agent/propagandist “Partisan Girl” comes up with the comparison to Bana! Amazing nu.

    Q: Was she already dead? Taken from a hospital after an illness? Used as a prop in an elaborate propaganda exercise? “A sacrifice for Bashar”

    Also notice the photos of the police station that show the books arranged in a very non-blast like way.

    If you can’t believe Assad شعبة المخابرات العسكرية could do such an evil thing, you haven’t been watching Syria closely enough.In either case, if she was used by the Regime, the Opposition or IS, it shows another nadir of evil in Syria.

    Prayers for this girl and all the other children killed, maimed and injured in Syria over the last 6 years.

  3. Pretty common to use children because the victims won’t be as likely to turn them away. Watch 13 hrs about Benghazi and you’ll similar scenes. It’s about chess without any regard for life.