PHOTOS: ISIS Executes ‘American-Vetted’ Resistance Fighter

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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Martin Leddy

Thats a real strawman comment, id wager that that poor man had more guts then a brainwashed keyboard warrior like you. ISIS like Al Qaeda before them are a bunch of cowards who have no scruples about blowing up innocent men women and children instead of military and political targets etc, that at least would be understandable, and btw I don’t agree with US etc going into Iraq and the inteference in Libya and Syria!


Thats what the hypocrites deserve for fighting americas war. the americans, russians, etc with all the advance military are too dumb, weak and scared to come on the grounds becuase of nghtmares back in (Afghanistan kicked the soviet asses). So they recruit spies. They sold their souls for this world in exchange for the next life.

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