WATCH: President Obama Scolds Media for Coverage of Hillary Clinton Emails

During a press conference from the White House today, President Barack Obama criticized reporters for their coverage of the leaked Democratic National Committee emails.

This came during the president’s final press conference of 2016, and possibly the final press conference of his presidency. Obama was asked about Russia’s role in the presidential election and the leaking of private emails related to the Hillary Clinton campaign, and he placed much of the blame on the media. 

“This was an obsession that dominated the news coverage,” Obama said. “So I do think it’s worth reflecting on how a presidential election, at such a moment, with such important issues at stake…came to be dominated by a bunch of these leaks.”

Obama went on to say that the coverage of Hillary Clinton during the election was “troubling.” When asked if Clinton lost because of the leaked DNC e-mails, Obama dodged the question and said he would let the pundits handle that.

At this conference, Obama also defended his administration’s response to the leaks and said that he told Vladimir Putin to “cut it out.”


President-Elect Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he doubts that Russia was actually behind any hacking that took place during the 2016 presidential election. He also questioned why this issue was not brought up prior to the election even though it was; the topic was raised repeatedly, including during a presidential debate.

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  1. Oooooooh…..obama doesn’t like when leaks are aired through HIS corrupt media. Hillary is a piece of shit and you can’t be out soon enough. You have purposely ruined this country.

    • Yes you said it !
      They’re little gun dealer in Benghazi gone bad and got people killed so the Obama Administration can help our enemies with weapons.
      It wasn’t Russia that hacked us !
      We hacked ourselves !
      You suppose the FBI and the CIA and the justice department we’re not working together of course they were; but !
      There are still some members of those groups that love this country and haven’t sold out !!
      So,if you’re looking for the hacker look to our own government.
      They’ll never come forward but for those in the FBI and the CIA and the justice department that stood fast to save our country.
      I would like to say thank you !
      For exposing the corruption !
      Exposing their plan to throw the United States in the toilet.

  2. Donna Brazille the witch of the DNC she gets caught handing over debate questions to Hillary a debate Hillary won by a landslide, a debate that clearly helped her. The last DNC head Debbie Wassermann Schultz gets caught cheating for Hillary deny the DNC voter data base to Bernie Sanders giving all the 520 Super delegates to Hillary before any votes were cast. The black caucus and black church groups were already committed to Hillary 100% and the DNC still had to cheat for her and Bernie Sanders was completely shut out.

    Hillary Clinton creates a private server and then spews out 30,000 secret emails. The DNC and Podesta have emails showing they are lying and deceiving the American people. The fact is The liberal media was 100% behind Hillary, that same media would never report that Hillary was cheating. That same media would cheat to help her win.

    Hillary Clinton received 1 billion in donations many from the Saudis and China the same China the Clinton’s helped with most favored nation status and destroyed millions of American jobs..

    Hillary out spent Trump 2 to 1 and still lost. The fact is Hillary is a horrible person hated by the people a horrible campaigner she never campaigned in Pennsylvania Wisconsin and Michigan. the media repeated constantly that he was wasting his time, they were wrong.

    After these waves of attacks against Trump he amazingly he still won. The fact that no one is arguing is the only voter fraud discovered was in Detroit where the Michigan Secretary of state said one third of the precincts cannot be counted because the ballot box’s had been tampered with. Which leads to the real story the voting problems in Detroit are the same as Philadelphia New York, LA, San Francisco Chicago, and now Las Vegas. These inner city DNC nests are vote cheating machines totally illegal and the real fraud has been ignored by the media!!

  3. Email leaks are ¨political gossip¨? Obama and Clinton are complicit in knowing about the email misuse by Secretary of State Clinton….putting national security at risk. Obama did nothing.