ISIS Responds to Donald Trump ‘Muslim Ban’ Executive Order [PHOTOS]

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  1. Nobody cares about you or islam. Just be happy you havent been bombed to shit oit of mercy for civillians. The superpowers own your ass. USA, Russia, China and others could turn all muslims on earth into radioactive dust in 20 minutes. Now keep on quietly worshipping your false pedophile murderous prophet and your evil, cheap attempted copy of YHWH and stay there in the barbarian ages you never left and likely never will. You dont belong in the civilized world.

    • Agreed. How muslims can believe the idiotic, hate-filled words of a pedophile (54 year man who married a 6 year old girl) in this day and age is beyond any rational man. The Kuran is nothing more than the ranting of an egotistic cult-leader against those who refused to fall for his lies.

    • YHWH worshiper is not much better than pig and monkeys. Their stupidity has been there since time of Moses.Look how stupid they are, asked Moses to created God for them.


      ﻭَﺟَٰﻮَﺯْﻧَﺎ ﺑِﺒَﻨِﻰٓ ﺇِﺳْﺮَٰٓءِﻳﻞَ ٱﻟْﺒَﺤْﺮَ ﻓَﺄَﺗَﻮْا۟ ﻋَﻠَﻰٰ ﻗَﻮْﻡٍ ﻳَﻌْﻜُﻔُﻮﻥَ ﻋَﻠَﻰٰٓ ﺃَﺻْﻨَﺎﻡٍ ﻟَّﻬُﻢْ ۚ ﻗَﺎﻟُﻮا۟ ﻳَٰﻤُﻮﺳَﻰ ٱﺟْﻌَﻞ ﻟَّﻨَﺎٓ ﺇِﻟَٰﻬًﺎ ﻛَﻤَﺎ ﻟَﻬُﻢْ ءَاﻟِﻬَﺔٌ ۚ ﻗَﺎﻝَ ﺇِﻧَّﻜُﻢْ ﻗَﻮْﻡٌ ﺗَﺠْﻬَﻠُﻮﻥَ
      And We took the Children of Israel across the sea; then they came upon a people intent in devotion to [some] idols of theirs. They said, “O Moses, make for us a god just as they have gods.” He said, “Indeed, you are a people behaving ignorantly. (Al-A’raf 7 : 138)

      • Muhammad wasn’t much better, he told his followers to marinate their food in his urine, that eating flies cured diseases, that a man’s semen comes from his kidneys, that the son set in a muddy pool of water, that head aches are caused by a magic genie pissing in your ear, and countless other stupid things. He also admitted to having revealed revelations from the devil and then claimed he came to confirm the torah and gospel, both of which said that if a prophet delivers a word not from God then he is a false prophet and God will kill him, and sure enough shortly after that a Jewess poisoned him and, just like Mohammed himself said that his aorta would be severed if he wasn’t a true prophet, before he died he said he felt as it his aorta had been severed. Islam is a hoax, and it is easy to prove by simply quoting your own Qur’an and how it constantly contradicts itself and spews non-sense as scientific facts.

    • Mahmud and Timothy, Totally funny and pathetic at the same time. What if I told you that your beliefs are as idiotic? There is no God, simply try this: if you believe that God exists, and is so powerfull…how come we’ve never seen a real miracle. I dare any so called GOD to maka a severed hand come out again by pure praying and faith. I dare you and your “gods” to show they exist. Damn, you both sound like stupid children arguing over the existance of Santa Clause.
      Maybe, maybe there was a god once. But he’s not around anymore, he left, he died, he bailed, who knows. But think about this…where is he when a child is raped? Where is he when a child is born with a deformity, o when a child has an incurable desease??? Quit fighting and grow up you pair of idiots

    • Well thats just stupid, China would let you fall Russia would join them and the two would destroy ISIS.. Have fun with the last days of begin the only superpower in the world…

    • Crusader, you will be burn to ash in the world. And, will be burn again in Hell eternally..

      So, it’s better to die now, killing yourself, rather than watching news and waiting our come

      • Why should we kill ourselves? Are you too scared to fight us man to man? I would be scared if I were you as well, especially considering the last time you fought us we only lost 3,000 or so men in 10+ years of war while you died by the millions.

      • Mahmud..burn in hell?? Who are the one killing Innocent children and women??hmmm of course we will wait for Jesus Christ ;)

      • Hmm, I think it is far more likely that you will be dead LONG before that day ever comes. Right now, you’re galaxy’s away from being a true threat to America. We’re more likely to turn you to ash before that ever comes, and when we do, each and every one of you will go to hell because you were killed by the infidel. Have fun running from us, if you can. :)

  2. Well put. These radicals think they are beyond a super power even trying to compare them selves to the nazis. Their 200,000 low equiped militants dont come close to 4 million german military strength who invaded the whole european continent. These muslims cant leave their land never mind take over a different country. They are just lucky they sit on top of a gold mine of oil which keeps radio active bombs from landing on the sorry piece of land they call home.

    • Also, widespread cousin marriages among muslims have arguably made them a “stupid people.” That is evident in the low IQs and academic achievements of muslims where ever they go—be it UK, USA or whatever.

    • Yeah, they can’t even take over one country how the heck are they gonna take over the world. The nazis took over a whole continent, how can anyone compare isis with the nazis, the nazis were way stronger and they got beat

  3. You use your children as soldiers to fight your battles because the amount of heavy losses in the last year. Just remember missles and bullets dont see the difference between a 30 year old and a 10 year old. Your end is coming and the only reason why it has not ended earlier for you is because of obama picking between two enemies. Just remember everytime you pray to alah and wash your face in prayer toward the sky there is something heading for you which can pinpoint your retna from miles away. I dont like to discriminate against a religion but you made muslims look barbaric and weak around the globe.

  4. Guys, don’t be so serious.Let’s having fun fow a while:
    A Father & 15 years old Son in Dinner conversation.

    Son: “Dad, is it true that God knows everything?”
    Daddy: “Sure. It wrote on Bible! “Whenever our hearts condemn us. For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything” (1 John 3:20). ”

    Son: O..ok. So, is it true God understanding has no limit?

    Daddy: of course Son. It wrote on Bible: “Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit” (Psalm 147:5). ”

    Son: Oo.. So, He knows the thoughts of man?

    Daddy: Of course..written on Bible:”The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity.(Psalms 94:11)”.

    Son: and He is capable of doing anything?

    Daddy: Yes my Son.”Your right hand, O LORD, is majestic in power, Your right hand, O LORD, shatters the enemy.(Exodus 15:6)

    Son: Thanks Dad, but I’m still have many things to ask..

    Daddy: Sure.No problem..I will try my best.

    Son:” If God knows everything, and His understanding has no limit, & He knows tought of man, and He is majestic in power, then “Why He didn’t escape rather than Died in Crusade?”

    Daddy: ……WTF*k…!!!

    Son:I’m sorry dad, but I’m serious..How could My God majectic in Power couldn’t even escape from a group of man chasing and torture Him in crusade.

    Daddy: … You,…son of b*tc5…..!!!

    Son: Or, did God pretend to be powerless and let them torture in the Crusade. But, how could He pretending, what was the resons? Is God supposed to be that way?

    Daddy:…Son, you will go to h3LLL?…

    Son: God Majectic in Power pretending to be the most sufferring person on Earth, then people will be pity of Him? Is God really need s human pity? Is God supposed to be that way Dad, how coma?

    Daddy: Son, listen, God died as a sacrifice for the sins of humanity

    Son: God himsel sacrifice or being sacrificed?? No way Dad..!!! God sacrifice to whom? To himself? Dad, you are getting more stupid than ever.

    Daddy: …Son of b1#+,…stop it…!!!!!

    Son: & Because God has took my sins, so I will no responsible for anything I did, at all. Stealing, robbing, sell drugs, mocking, killing. It supposed to be no problem for me, HE has took my sins. You know Dad, I really want to rape…

    Daddy:….whtf***kk…! Evil spirit has come to you….

    Son: God knows everything, God knows future. God suppose to have an options on everything.if He God, There are so many option on how He supposed to died. How could HE choose to be torture in crusade. Does He know that people like you and me will feel pity of Him, and worship Him. So, How come God need our pity??

    Daddy:…son! Get out from my face…you are not my son anymore..

    Son: I don’t believe your God anymore dad. Your God concept is fabricated.

    Daddy: evil spirit has control your mind, go away..

    Son: ye ye.., it’s better to have evil spirit in my head rather than having stupid spirit in your head..

    Daddy: …WTF**K**!!!!

    • Your theological understanding is astonishingly primitive. But this isn’t a war of religions. It’s a war of civilizations. And yours will perish like so many others before you.

      • Well, it looks like you have the stupid spirit in your head. This is a war of religions. Since the beginning of Islaam. And Islaam will always come on top. Read the history

    • You aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed are you Mahmud? You follow a religion who’s prophet thought eating flies was a great health supplement and that drinking camel urine would cure stomach aches.

    • Wow, what a moron! “God couldn’t save himself” – He could, but didn’t wanted to. He had to die according to His majestic plan, a plan prophesied numerous times in the OT, a plan your retarded mind can never understand.
      You’re a scum.. making fun of Christians’ God, while you know He’s the same as muslim God (they’re both Abrahamic religions) & making fun of Jesus like a satanist despite the fact that HE is an actual prophet in your religion & you’re supposed to respect Him. There’s no difference between you and the followers of Satan or maybe there’s one: you only pretend you’re following God, the God of Abraham & Ishmael, but you mock Him & you cowards don’t even have the guts to say you hate Him. Satanists at least are outspoken haters.
      You’re nothing but a meaningless descedent of a slave with rage in your heart instead of human feelings, forever mad cause you know you can never be like us. You are free to dream you’re gonna destroy us, enslave us or whatever, we expect anything from soulless creatures like you, that’s the only thing you know how to do anyway. But you’ll never change the facts – you will still be the same worthless toady while we’ll still love Jesus and God. There’s no way you could convince us to voluntarily accept your faith. You could try to threaten, to use force like you do in all aspects of your miserable life (like when you rape the ones you want, etc) – it won’t help. No sane person would trade the ‘son of God’ honoring label to that of a ‘stinking slave’. We follow Jesus – the humble, the suffering but the sinless whom God made Him The King, not the immoral pedophile ‘prophet’. Even your religion admits the fact that Jesus is immortal while Muhammad is… dead. Pathetic.

  5. Muslims and Christians are both brain washed to kill over some dead guys words that have lost all meaning. Your all just puppets to make the Russian and American Gun manufacturers rich. There is no profit in peace. It’s too bad both sides are too stupid to see how they are being used.

      • Haha, yep, Muslims will always remain smelly unwashed Neanderthals thinking that they actually matter in the post modern era! Keep lying to yourselves thinking you’ll take over the world!!!!

    • LOL You are the ones posting ignorant lies and freaking out when you get called out. You are the ones who follow a false prophet who convinced morons like yourself to marinate their food in his piss for a giggle and to eat flies and drink camel urine.

      • it sounds you live in one of west country and you will blow up yourself..But its too pity that when you otherside, you find nothing..

        • Maybe if you could write and speak English we could understand what the hell you are been too long in the desert heat.

    • Hajajajajaiooooooeeeeerriiiiiiiooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ride the camel u jockey

    • I smell armpits too..just like when I go to car wash…. These people can not afford deodorant at the 99 cent store?????????????

          • I know for a fact their so called men’s cologne smells very bad.I swear it must be made out of camel urine. The men act like they are so handsome. Hairy chest hanging out with an ugly gold necklace.

            • These Arabs take a shower in their own sweat. Their noses are bigger would think they can smell them selves..

              • I know why those Muslim men keep the rags over the women’s faces.I think it’s to cover the hairy face. And big nose.

    • What the are you talking about,, go take a cold shower asswipe and cool off.I think you have heat stroke and sand in your asshole

  6. we indian defeat you muslim pakistanii 4 times.The superpowers own your ass. USA, Russia, India, China and others could turn all muslims on earth into radioactive dust in 20 minutes.


  8. Such a shame what a long lasted life on earth and is that what humans learnt war against eachother and fight eachother on war blogs lol

  9. Ffs common isis more terror for the white men they are an ignorant race.




    • America has around 100000000000000 times more power than your shithole country. Your god does not exist and your false prophet was one of the worst men to ever live in this planet. Sad!

  10. All religions are for people too stupid to think for themselves. Learn anything practical and and stop murdering people in the name of your invisible friend.

  11. Isis is so off base. U think killing some soldiers matters? Yes, it makes us upset and their families will be upset .for a very long time. But America goes on….we also worship our movie starts or celebrities more than our President. I know it’s Crazy! It was bad ,real bad hitting NY but they would of gotten more out of hitting CA. Jokes on U we are more interested in Hollywood. U did gives us some great movies. LOL U can not kill a sprit