Kiesha Jenkins, a transgender woman, was beaten by five or six men and then fatally shot in the back in Philadelphia, police say.

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According to her interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mallory Santic believes the most impressive thing she’s ever done was to cheat on her boyfriend without him knowing.

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A woman claimed on Jimmy Kimmel to have cheated on her boyfriend with a man matching the description of Tampa Bay hockey star Tyler Johnson. Meet Mallory Santic.

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A UConn student was arrested Sunday night after he drunkenly berated and shoved a student union manager who wouldn’t let him have mac and cheese. The video went viral.

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A woman from Three Rivers, Michigan, has been unveiled as the winner of the $310 million Powerball draw.

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A white marketing firm employee has been fired, two weeks after he posted a photo of a black co-worker’s son to Facebook.

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Fans and officials are livid about the blown call during the Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks game. Here are the tweets and reactions you have to see.

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A drunk UConn student ended up in handcuffs after he berated a Student Union manager who wouldn’t let him in to get bacon mac and cheese. See the video here.

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Laurel Harper, the 64-year-old mother of Oregon gunman Chris Harper-Mercer, is a nurse, a gun lover and a prolific poster on online message boards.

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As CC Sabathia prepares to take on the most fierce opponent he’s ever faced, he’s got the strength of a great woman behind him.

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Maykayla Dyer, an 8-year-old girl from Tennessee, was fatally shot with a shotgun by an 11-year-old boy who lived next door during an argument over a puppy.

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A teenage football player has died, just days after taking a hard hit during a high school name.

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A documentary movie producer is being questioned by the NYPD after he spent the night out with a deceased Long Island dermatologist.

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A left-wing documentary movie producer who has worked for HBO is being questioned by the NYPD over the death of Long Island dermatologist Kiersten Cerveny, 38.

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The Coast Guard says the American cargo ship El Faro sunk during Hurricane Joaquin. Here’s what we know so far about the ship’s crew.

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The Coast Guard believes the El Faro,a U.S.-flagged missing cargo ship that was lost in the Atlantic Ocean during Hurricane Joaquin, has sunk.

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