Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigned together in Durham, New Hampshire today. The rally was one of Clinton’s largest. See photos & stories here.

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Watch a live stream from the scene of a reported shooting at Townville Elementary School.

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Multiple people have been injured in a shooting that took place at a rural South Carolina elementary school.

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Watch a live stream of protests against the police shooting of Alfred Olango in El Cajon, California.

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Julio Salcedo was arrested in connection with the Bronx marijuana grow house explosion that killed fire chief Michael Fahy.

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Alfred Olango has been identified by his sister on Facebook Live as the unarmed black man shot by El Cajon, California police. Eyewitnesses say on video that he said, “don’t shoot.”

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Eyewitnesses say on video that an El Cajon, California man was unarmed and had his arms extended when police shot him. Watch video, including live reports.

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Nathan Carman and his mother went missing after setting sail for a boating trip. Nathan returned safe while his mother is presumed dead. He was previously a murder suspect in his grandfather’s death. Read more on this developing story here.

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A black man witnesses say was unarmed was shot by police in El Cajon, California as his sister watched, sparking outrage. Watch a Facebook Live video of the scene.

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Meet the 8-year-old transgender actor who is primed to capture the hearts of Modern Family audiences.

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Brian Trainer was identified as the Washington D.C. police officer who shot and killed Terrence Sterling, an unarmed man on a motorcycle.

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Body cam videos were released by Washington D.C. officials showing the aftermath of the police shooting death of Terrence Sterling.

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Protests erupted over the Washington D.C. shooting death of Terrence Sterling, an unarmed black man. People are upset the officer’s body cam was turned off.

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Fire Chief Michael Fahy, a 17-year veteran of the New York Fire Department, was killed while on duty Tuesday morning.

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The hashtag #TrumpWon is trending on Twitter, with some citing online polls to argue that Donald Trump won the presidential debate.

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A huge drug lab explosion in the Bronx has reportedly killed one firefighter and injured several police officers.

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