At least 25 are missing and many feared dead in a devastating Oakland warehouse fire. See photos of the missing here. We’ll update this as names are released.

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Gatlinburg fire victims in Tennessee include a mother and daughters from the Reed family, couples, a reverend and others. The updated list of deaths is at 13.

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A devastating warehouse fire in Oakland, California took the lives of at least nine people. These are photos from the scene.

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How many people are still missing in the Oakland Warehouse fire? See a list of names with the current updates here.

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Jennifer Boyle, a human resources professional for Sinai in Chicago, is accused of being the woman who went on an alleged racist rant at Michael’s. She also went on a rant at a Peet’s.

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Retired Lieutenant Colonel Jason Amerine has accused James Mattis, Donald Trumps defense secretary pick, of leaving his men to die.

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How much will the Michigan recount cost? Here is a look at just how many millions of dollars this could cost and how much Jill Stein is paying.

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See aerial videos and photos of the Gatlinburg fire damage and burn area in Tennessee.

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Gatlinburg fire officials say the Chimney Tops 2 fire in Tennessee is still burning, although it’s hit a lull because of rain. See updated information and a map.

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The Michigan recount could begin as early as next week, depending on how Trump’s objections go this morning. How long would it take to get the results?

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James “Mad Dog” Mattis memes have taken off since Donald Trump chose Mattis as defense secretary. The general is known for colorful quotes, making him a meme natural.

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How long will it be until we have the final results of the Wisconsin election recount? Find out all the details here.

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Gen. James Mattis has a distinguished career and may be Secretary of Defense. But has he ever been married?

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General James “Mad Dog” Mattis is Donald Trump’s pick for defense secretary. That has some wondering: Why is Mattis called “Mad Dog”?

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Donald Trump held a victory rally in Cincinnati, Ohio tonight at the U.S. Bank Arena. See photos and stories about what happened here.

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During a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday, Donald Trump again said that those who burn the American flag should be punished, and his supporters agreed.

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