Police have released audio from two 911 calls in the shootings of Taylor and Madison Sheats by their mother, Christy Sheats, in Texas. Listen to the full audio here.

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A former TV news reporter was arrested after cops say she gave cocaine to her baby through breastmilk.

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At least 28 people were killed and wounding several others in a terror attack at the international airport in Istanbul, Turkey. See photos from the scene here.

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A shooting has been reported at the Alliance Center in downtown Denver, police say. Multiple victims have been hospitalized.

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A former Miss Arizona contestant has been accused of child abuse after her baby tested positive for cocaine.

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Mallory Christ, a 29-year-old New Jersey high school teacher, is accused of sending inappropriate photos to a student. See pictures of her here.

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A 29-year-old South Plainfield, New Jersey, teacher and cheerleading coach is accused of sending inappropriate photos to a student, police say.

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Paul Kuzan is accused of fatally shooting Pamela Nightlinger, his wife of nine days, with a crossbow inside their Philadelphia home, police say.

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Stacy Sanchez is accused of hitting a homeless man with her car while drunk and then driving with his body lodged in her windshield. See photos of her here.

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Stacy Sanchez, 29, hit a homeless man with her car in Oceanside, California, while drunk, and then drove almost a mile with his body in her windshield, police say.

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Hall of Fame women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt has died at the age of 64 after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

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CatCon 2016 in Los Angeles was amazing fun! These are the best photos of cat celebrities and fans from #CatConLA. You’ll want to check them out right meow.

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Dan Skuta, a linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars, is facing a battery charge after police said he attacked a woman who wouldn’t give him her number.

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Four years after a pregnant teenager disappeared in Florida, the man she had maintained was the father has been indicted on a murder charge.

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In an interview on Face the Nation, Marco Rubio expressed confidence that Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban will never happen.

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Star Genleah Swain stunned the Lincoln Memorial crowd in Washington, D.C. by singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and video of her performance has gone viral.

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