The actor who infamously shot Bruce Lee’s son dead on the set of The Crow in 1993 has passed away at 61. He is survived by his wife, Ellen.

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Chelsea Cain, the author of the Marvel Mockingbird comic series, has deleted her Twitter account citing cyber harassment after she posted about having a feminist agenda.

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Julian Assange has been missing since the DDoS attack in late October. Who is he? Where is he? Why is he missing?

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Veteran star Mel Gibson has been hitting the red carpet hard in support of his new movie Hacksaw Ridge. He certainly isn’t doing it alone either, on his arm is his much younger girlfriend Rosalind Ross.

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Does this video provide proof of life that Julian Assange is OK? It is presented as a live stream of Assange speaking at a conference.

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Clinton had a rally in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday. See photos & stories here.

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Russel Duszak, a 38-year-old Skywest Airlines pilot, is accused of trying to fly a Delta Airlines flight from Rapid City to Salt Lake City while drunk, police say.

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WikiLeaks supporters are wondering where Julian Assange is and if he’s missing. Will WikiLeaks provide proof of life? Find out more here.

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A middle school teacher in Texas is accused in the double murder of his neighbors, Phillip Garcia and Daniel Haros.

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Clinton led a rally in Lake Worth, Florida today, with thousands attending. See photos & stories here.

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Alec Cook is a University of Wisconsin frat brother accused of multiple sexual assaults on campus. Police are looking for more victims.

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John Spincken died after jumping off a bridge with his two young sons, who miraculously survived. Read more about what happened and the seemingly happy father here.

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Clowns have been reported in nearly every Canadian province. Find out all the details and see videos here.

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Rumors are spreading like wildfire that Eric Braverman, former Clinton Foundation CEO, sought asylum with Russia. But is there any basis to this or is it a hoax?

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Donald Trump held a rally in Sanford, Florida today. These are photos and stories from the event.

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Hillary Clinton led a rally in Coconut Creek, Florida today in Broward County. See photos and stories about the rally here.

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