The WWE Hall of Famer underwent surgery last month after he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Learn more about his condition & recovery here.

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Michelle Wankoff, a 19-year-old New Jersey woman, faces animal cruelty charges after beating her dog, Chuck, to death with a shovel and hammer, police say.

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The famed Lizard Man was spotted in South Carolina. Two different people claim to have photo and video proof. What do you think? Real or hoax?

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After the shooting at a screening of her movie Trainwreck in Louisiana, Amy Schumer is saying enough is enough.

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James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooter, is eligible for the death penalty, a jury determined during the second phase of his sentencing trial.

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On June 29, Natasha Bellott turned 20. Just over a month later she was killed while driving home from competing in the American Idol auditions in Philadelphia.

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An American Idol contestant who had just turned 20 was killed on a New Jersey highway just hours after she auditioned for the show.

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Chris Pratt asked his fans to submit Photoshopped pictures that might serve as his new Facebook header. The entries were amazing.

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A series of emails reveal plans between the Mississippi Attorney General and the MPAA to discredit Google through a complex smear campaign. Here’s what you need to know.

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Daddy Dave of Street Outlaws survived a horrific car crash on Saturday night. This video shows the car flipping multiple times before stopping.

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Team 23 and Overseas Elite met on Sunday afternoon with $1 million on the line. So, who walked off the court the victor?

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Dr. Jan Seski is the latest American doctor to face accusations that he paid to illegally hunt and kill a lion near Hwange national park in Zimbabwe.

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Jan Seski, a doctor and bow hunter from Pennsylvania, is suspected in the killing of another lion near the Hwange national park in Zimbabwe.

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Memphis police officer Sean Bolton was shot multiple times and killed during a routine traffic stop on Saturday night. The shooter is still at large.

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These are the photos of hitchBOT’s last journey. The hitchhiking robot’s travel ended when it was vandalized in Philadelphia.

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HitchBOT, the world-traveling hitchhiking robot, was vandalized and stripped for parts just two weeks after entering the United States.

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