David Watson is the subject of a manhunt in Maryland. The inmate, who escaped, was serving time after being accused of trying to shoot at police officers’ homes.

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During a speech before the NRA on Friday, Donald Trump insulted Senator Elizabeth Warren, who he said might be the Democratic nominee for president in 2020.

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A 20-something tech entrepreneur is the man who helped rapper Ja Rule organize the Fyre Festival in the Bahamas.

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The Pentagon is investigating whether friendly fire killed U.S. Army Rangers Cameron Thomas and Joshua Rodgers in an ISIS firefight in Afghanistan.

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Cameron Thomas and Josh Rodgers were identified as the two U.S. service members killed fighting ISIS in Afghanistan.

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Ja Rule planned Fyre Festival, what was supposed to be one of the most exclusive music festivals in the world. But it’s since been canceled. See reactions.

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President Donald Trump will deliver a speech at the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting today. Watch it live here.

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At least 11 Long Island murders have shocked the community. Police say they were the work of MS-13, a gang made partly up of unaccompanied El Salvadoran immigrants.

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A music festival run by Ja Rule in the Bahamas has turned into a Lord of the Flies situation with thousands stranded.

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Serena McKay, a teenager from Canada, was murdered, and police are investigating allegations the death was streamed on Facebook Live.

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“My name is Meg Gill, and I love beer.”

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Reports indicate a female terror suspect has been shot and a 16-year-old boy has been taken into custody.

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United Airlines and passenger Dr. David Dao have come to a settlement after the disturbing video was released of him being pulled off of a flight.

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Tex McIver, a prominent Atlanta, Georgia attorney, was indicted in the murder of his wife, Diane.

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A member of Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives sneak attacked a protester in a shocking video taken outside the island’s Capitol building.

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Michael Mantenuto, hockey player and star of the Disney film Miracle, has died at the age of 35.

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