O’Malley said the DNC was rigging its debates 11 months ago. Talking with the press later, he said it was being done for Clinton. Watch his speech here.

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Four people have been killed in a small Texas town after an apparent murder/suicide.

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Watch a live stream of the DNC rules committee hearing right here, along with videos of protesters and other important events. #DNC

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A University of Toledo coed was out biking with her boyfriend on the night of July 19. Her family says she never returned home.

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Although the motive is unclear, citizen video shows a purported gunman shouting “I am German” as he’s insulted on a rooftop.

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We’ve compiled an extensive look at the most damaging or insightful emails about Clinton and Sanders, from the WikiLeaks emails. See the best of the leaks here.

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The cop who shot unarmed Charles Kinsey in Miami has been named.

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Reports from Dallas suggest that the new Cowboys star was planning to break-up with his girlfriend and that’s when she called police to report domestic abuse.

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The ex-girlfriend of a Dallas Cowboys star posted a string of photos to Instagram appearing to accuse Ezekiel Elliot of domestic abuse.

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Donald Trump’s family joined him on the stage after his rousing speech at the RNC. See photos of Trump’s family and see the best pictures from the #RNC stage.

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A 21-year-old junior at Oklahoma State University died suddenly on July 21 just after he transferred to the school from community college.

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The case of Sarah Root is a focal point of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the 2016 GOP convention.

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WikiLeaks is preparing to release information about Hillary Clinton this week, before the Democratic National Convention. What are they going to release?

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A beautiful 21-year-old coed was killed in street racing crash in January 2016. The prime suspect is an undocumented immigrant who is thought to have fled the country.

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Donald Trump has four brothers and sisters. Learn all about Fred, Robert, Elizabeth, and Maryanne and see photos here.

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Jeff Beier, the boyfriend of a missing Colorado woman, is being held on charges of suspected rape. Heavy spoke with sources close to the story. Read more here.

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