Audit the vote trended on Twitter as thousands sign a petition to demand a 2016 presidential election audit to rule out Russian hacking benefiting Trump.

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Joe Simpson, father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Learn about the photographer here.

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Donald Trump appeared on 60 Minutes for his first sit-down interview as president-elect and told people committing hate crimes to “stop it.” Watch.

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A lot of the 2016 presidential polls in Clinton vs. Trump were wrong. Why? Who got it right?

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Using 2016 latest presidential polls as a guide, here are 9 plausible election outcomes in Clinton vs. Trump with electoral college maps.

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Donald Trump is now in striking distance in Colorado battleground state 2016 presidential polls as the Clinton vs. Trump race tightens across the country.

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Two Iowa police officers, one from Des Moines and another from Urbandale, were killed in ambush attacks early Wednesday morning. No suspect has been caught.

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Protests are growing in Charlotte, North Carolina over the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

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A new report says Tyre King, who was 13-years-old, was running away when he was shot by Columbus Police Officer Bryan Mason.

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There were reports of a masked intruder at Eagle Mountain Elementary School in Utah, as well as a bomb threat and evacuation.

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At least eight people were stabbed at Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota by a suspect who is dead, according to police.

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There were reports of a possible active shooter at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. Learn more.

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A former Trump adviser, Roger Stone, has sparked controversy by claiming Khizr Khan is part of the “Muslim Brotherhood.”

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The New York Post has run naked photos of Melania Trump from a 1995 photo shoot.

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Ghazala Khan is a Gold Star mother whose son, Capt. Humayan Khan, was killed in Iraq. She joined her husband, Khizr Khan, at the Democratic National Convention.

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Seth Rich was a DNC data analyst who was murdered in Washington D.C. Conspiracy theories are raging. What really happened to him?

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