Joseph Zangaro, one of the bailiffs shot in a Michigan courthouse shooting rampage, was in charge of security at the courthouse.

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Ron Kienzle, a bailiff shot and killed in the Michigan courthouse shooting, was a retired police officer who was “one of the good guys,” said a friend.

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Slain Dallas Police Officer Brent Thompson posted the meme to his Facebook page a year before he was gunned down by a sniper.

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Allison Griz captured the Dallas gunfire with a cell phone from her living room in a nearby building. WATCH.

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Army veteran Micah Xavier Johnson shot 12 Dallas police officers – killing 5 – at a Black Lives Matter protest Thursday night. Johnson wanted to kill white people, the chief said.

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Alton Sterling, the Baton Rouge man shot to death by police, was shot multiple times in the chest and back, a coroner’s report says.

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Kyle Calloway, who helped lead Iowa to Orange Bowl victory and played for the Buffalo Bills, was killed by a train while jogging. His family is donating his brain to the study of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy,

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Joni Ernst was meeting with Donald Trump in New Jersey on July 4, fueling speculation the U.S. Senator and tea party favorite could be his pick. See his Tweet.

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Beau Solomon, a 19-year-old Wisconsin college student and cancer survivor, was found dead in Italy in the Tiber River while studying abroad. News reports say it’s a murder investigation.

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Vashti Cunningham is the youngest track-and-field Olympian in 36 years. She’s on her way to Rio, and she’s the daughter of the NFL’s Randall Cunningham.

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Connor Golden, 18, had his foot blown off in Central Park on Sunday. Police tell the news media they suspect fireworks.

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Shanynthia Gardner was charged with slitting the throats of her four children in her Memphis apartment, including a baby in a carrier, Memphis news outlets reported.

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Many children are dead as suicide bombings have killed at least 215 people in Baghdad. ISIS claimed responsibility for the worst attack in a market during Ramadan.

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Tarishi Jain was one of three students from American universities killed in the terrorist attack on a Bangladesh cafe.

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Abinta Kabir, Faraaz Hossain and Tarushi Jain are students from American universities killed by terrorists in Bangladesh. Victims were hacked to death when they couldn’t recite the Koran.

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Above all, Elie Wiesel reminded the world to never stay indifferent to human suffering. See photos from his life and work, which spanned decades.

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