A 5-year veteran of the Downey Police Department was shot and killed on the morning of November 19.

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A missing student who is believed to be armed has caused lockdowns at Washington College, his former high school, and a host of other schools in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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A retired U.S. Army colonel is accused of killing a Colorado state trooper in a hit-and-run on the night of November 15.

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A gunman was on the roof of a building beside St. Luke’s Hospital in San Francisco’s Mission District.

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The Fairlane Town Center mall in Michigan has been locked down after a shooting inside the building.

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A 28-year-old police captain killed two Americans as well as three others at a training facility in the Middle East.

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The main suspect in the shooting death of Officer Daniel Ellis is a God-fearing convicted meth dealer who was out on parole.

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A meth dealer who didn’t want to go back to prison has been accused of shooting a Kentucky cop and leaving him with life threatening injuries.

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Aspiring model Kaylyn Pryor was shot dead on Monday night in Chicago. Here are five facts you need to know about Pryor.

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An 18-year-old black man committed suicide in front of police in a neighboring town to Ferguson, Missouri.

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The footage of the shooting of Zachary Hammond was released by the Seneca Police Department of South Carolina today. Hammond was shot twice by Lieutenant Mark Tiller.

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Michael Brennan is the man who was killed by police in Parma Heights, Ohio. On his Facebook page, his friends make reference to Brennan’s drug addiction.

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A gunman was reportedly in the library at the City College of San Francisco. The suspect was quickly arrested and the scene was declared safe by local police.

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Colin Brough was shot and killed by fellow student and alleged gunman Steven Jones at Northern Arizona University after an on-campus party.

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Two people have been shot at Texas Southern University close to Houston. TSU is on lockdown as a result.

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Colin Brough was shot and killed by fellow Northern Arizona University student and alleged gunman Steven Jones after a campus party. 3 other students were wounded in the shooting.

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