Henry Cabrera was one of the Capitol Police heroes who, with Crystal Griner and David Bailey, shot at James Hodgkinson at the congressional baseball practice.

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An air force base in California is on lockdown following a “real world security incident.”

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A UPS driver shot-and-killed three of his co-workers in San Francisco before turning the gun on himself.

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Crystal Griner was named as one of the heroic Capitol police officers who stopped gunman James Hodgkinson at a Congressional baseball game.

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Before Rep. Steve Scalise and four others were shot during baseball practice, a man stopped to ask the group if they were Republicans or Democrats?

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A GOP congressman and Capitol Police officers were shot while practicing for a charity baseball game June 14. See photos and videos from the scene.

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New reports are coming in of a shooting occurring at a YMCA baseball field where GOP Congresspeople were playing in Del Ray, Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

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A shocking video shows a man exchanging gunfire with cops in Maryland before being fatally wounded.

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Two bounty hunters from Greenville, Texas got into a shootout in a car dealership that left them and the fugitive dead. Watch the video of the incident.

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The Orlando, Edgewood and Belle Isle Police Departments have released new body camera footage from the Pulse nightclub shooting. Watch the new body camera footage here.

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A Brooklyn rapper was arrested in Miami after allegedly killing a man over a parking dispute.

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Peter Selis shot and killed a woman identified as Monique Clark at a San Diego pool along with six others. Clark was a mother of three children.

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At least one Dallas paramedic was shot and injured on Monday by a suspect. Police are undergoing a manhunt for the suspect. Watch a live stream of the coverage.

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A student with a gun at a middle school in the town of Belfair led to a lockdown and panic.

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A Cleveland man claims to have killed 15 people as part of an Easter massacre.

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Three people have been shot at a rearview mirror factory in Tennessee.

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