A survivalist who threatened mass murder is on the run after a deadly ambush at a state police barracks in Pennsylvania.

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ty hoffman

The main suspect in the murder of his former gay lover and business partner has been arrested in Minnesota.

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Chris Heben Lies

Chris Heben, a former US Navy SEAL, has been charged with lying to police about being shot in Ohio in March.

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Denison University Shooting

Denison University in Granville, Ohio, is on lockdown after five armed men in a jeep were reportedly heading to the school.

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Eastland Mall Shooting

A rapper has been shot while signing autographs at the Eastland Center mall in Detroit.

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Kennedy University Hospital Shooting

A man is believed to have shot his wife and then himself inside the hospital.

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fort lee shooting, fort lee active shooter

Fort Lee Army base in Virginia is on lockdown amid reports of an active shooter.

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Hedy Epstein Gaza

90-year-old Hedy Epstein is in the news due to her heroic arrest in St. Louis, where she was protesting the Michael Brown shooting, but she’s had a pretty interesting life before too.

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darren wilson photo, cop who shot michael brown

Darren Wilson, the cop who shot and killed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, says he was being attacked by the 300-pound teen. His friend went on the radio to air his side of the story.

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ferguson photos, tear gas

The latest disturbing images of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, where irate crowds are protesting the shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown.

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