A Brooklyn man was killed at a T.I. show in New York City with reports saying the culprit was one of his close friends, rapper Troy Ave.

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The gunfire erupted during a T.I. concert.

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A “mentally ill” man who believed he had been implanted with a radio transmitter by the government is accused of shooting two cops in New Hampshire.

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A group of Real Madrid fans in Iraq who met regularly to drink coffee and watch games were massacred at their club house by ISIS thugs.

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At least one student has been shot at the school.

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A gunman may be on the loose in the tiny town of Peebles in Ohio after eight members of the same family were found dead on the morning of April 22. They are members of the Rhoden family.

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The local sheriff’s department has confirmed that there are victims in a shooting at the base.

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A 66-year-old pastor from Tennessee who has called for a higher minimum wage was shot by U.S. Capitol Police.

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The visitor’s center at the U.S. Capitol has been locked down after shots were fired inside the building.

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The man who was arrested for having sex in a ferris wheel in Las Vegas in February 2016 was shot dead as he went to pick up his stripper fiancee from work in Houston.

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Police in St. Louis say that 21-year-old Andre Montgomery was found dead inside of a home in the city on the night of March 14. He made regular appearances on his grandmother’s show, Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s on OWN.

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The grandson of one of the biggest stars on Oprah’s network was shot and killed in St. Louis while he was laying down a rap track.

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She’s just your regular gun toting, Ted Cruz voting, bullet wound from her 4-year-old son receiving all-American girl.

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The wife of former Eagles member Randy Meisner was found shot dead at the couple’s home in Studio City.

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Everybody from 2 Chainz to Fabolous is paying tribute to Bankroll Fresh, the rapper who was killed on March 4 in Atlanta.

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Police in Atlanta have no suspects regarding the murder of up-and-coming rapper Bankroll Fresh.

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