A 17-year-old lesbian was shot dead by police in Denver, sparking protests from her friends and family.

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An armed man caused a lockdown at Delnor Hospital in Geneva, Illinois.

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A former Fox producer shot himself dead on the steps of Fox News’ headquarters in New York City after claiming the network had ruined his life.

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After allegedly “brandishing a weapon,” 17-year-old Kristiana Coignard was shot three times and killed by police inside the Longview Police Department in Texas.

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Witnesses allegedly heard somebody say “F*ck you” before Calvin Esdaile shot Home Depot supervisor Moctar Sy dead inside a crowded store.

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A dad in New York City went room-to-room in his family home and systematically shot his wife, mother-in-law and daughter dead. Jonathon Walker was later found dead by cops.

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A faculty member confirmed the presence of an active shooter on campus at Ohio University’s Southern Campus.

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Ricardo Dos Santos was shot dead by off-duty cop Luis Paulo Mota Brentano in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis. Here are the photos that celebrate his amazing life.

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Surfer Ricardo Dos Santos was shot dead by an off-duty cop in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis.

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Stephen Pasceri shot and killed a doctor at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and then committed suicide. His mother recently died after treatment at the hospital.

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A friend of Mark Wahlberg’s who had a kid with the Boston mayor’s girlfriend has been shot dead by cops in Massachusetts.

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A tech CEO has been arrested and charged with the murder of a former professional basketball player in Illinois.

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Jon Bieker, the owner of the Kansas She’s a Pistol, died defending his store from would-be robbers.

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Four people have been shot inside the gun store She’s a Pistol in Shawnee, near Kansas City. Three of those people are in critical condition.

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One person is dead at the airport.

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Terrorist gunmen have killed 10 journalists and two police officers at the offices of a Paris satire magazine known for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

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