Allen, Texas, Shooting Video Shows Suspect at Premium Outlets Mall

allen texas mass shooter

Twitter The Allen, Texas, mass shooter.

A car dashcam video captured the moment a gunman exited his car in the parking lot at the Allen Premium outlets in Allen, Texas, and began shooting at people outside an H&M store.

The suspect was named by NBC News as Mauricio Garcia.

The video posted to social media shows the gunman’s car in the parking lot, before he exits the vehicle. You can watch it later in this story.

It is just one of multiple videos that show the mass shooting scene. The suspect, who has not been publicly identified, shot and killed eight people at the mall on the afternoon of May 6, 2023, according to Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd, who spoke at a news conference.

The gunman opened fire around 3:30 p.m. and was quickly “neutralized” by an officer already at the scene on another call, Allen Police Chief Brian E. Harvey said at a news conference.

Here’s what you need to know:

Other Videos From the Scene Show the Crumpled Bodies of Victims & the Suspect Dead on the Ground

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The video above shows the gunman’s arrival at the mall and the beginning of the shooting spree.

Heavy is not publishing the other videos from the scene. One of the videos appears to show the bodies of deceased victims, including a small child, lying together in a pile outside the H&M store. The video, posted on Twitter, has not been confirmed publicly by police, but the location matches where the gunman appears to start shooting in the first video.

Another video from farther away appears to show the same scene with bodies covered in white sheets.

One of the videos shows the body of the suspect lying dead on the ground with a head wound. He is dressed all in black and appears to have on some kind of body armor.

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Yet another video captures the sound of gunshots and shows people running from the scene. You can watch that video above.

Another video shows officers clearing stores. You can see the suspect’s body lying on the ground in that video also, but at a distance.

Another 7 People Were Injured, Police Say

Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd said at a news conference that authorities found “seven deceased individuals on scene.” Nine additional people were transported to the hospital, where two of those people died, three are in critical surgery, and four are stable, the chief said.

Harvey said that the officer was at an unrelated call at the shopping center when he heard gunshots and “neutralized the shooter.”

He said police believe the shooter acted alone. Representative Keith Self, a Republican who represents the Allen area in Congress, said in the news conference: “We will never know how many lives were saved by the swift actions of our first responders.”

Medical City Healthcare told NBC 5 that the wounded victims receiving treatment range in age from 5 years old to 61 years old.

Before the suspect’s name was released to the public, Rebecca Lopez, a reporter with WFAA-TV, wrote on Twitter, “FBI agents took evidence from a home in Northeast Dallas where suspect in Allen Premium Outlets shooting recently lived with his parents. Neighbors say he was quiet and always acted unusual. The FBI questioned family for hours.”

The victims have not been named.

“Our deepest sympathies are with the families of the victims,” said Harvey. “This is a tragedy, people will be looking for answers, we’re sorry that those families are experiencing that loss.”

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