Debrief from Episodes 1 and 2 of Twin Peaks by looking at some of the best memes about the show’s triumphant return.

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See the top theories and clues from episodes 1 and 2 of the Twin Peaks premiere. Who was the tree? What is the protagonist’s plan? Learn more here.

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Twin Peaks is releasing Episodes 3 and 4 online early, before they air on TV next week. Find out how to watch them here.

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Fans may notice that the beloved character Sheriff Truman isn’t on Twin Peaks. Find out more about what is going on with Michael Ontkean here.

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After more than 25 years, Twin Peaks is back. Here’s how to watch the premiere online, live as it airs, or after it’s over, even without cable. Find out here.

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After 25 years, Twin Peaks is finally back. Find out what time the premiere airs where you are, the channel, and how to watch it.

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Learn all about Bob and his relationship with The Man from Another Place and MIKE aka Philip Gerard.

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See photos of some of the major characters on Twin Peaks as they appeared in the original series and as they look today.

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Learn all about the cast and who’s returning for Showtime’s Season 3 of Twin Peaks. And catch up on the biographies of some of the biggest characters.

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Tonight, Showtime’s new documentary, Jackson, will explore women’s rights at Mississippi’s last abortion clinic. Get all the details on how to watch the doc.

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Tonight is the premiere of Guerrilla, a Showtime miniseries. Find out how and when to watch the show here.

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Meet the cast of the miniseries, Guerrilla on Showtime.

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Dark Net returns tonight for its season 2 premiere. Find out what time and channel you can watch the show here.

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Tonight is the Season 3 finale of The Affair. Check out the top spoilers for this evening’s episode.

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Tonight is the Season 6 premiere of Homeland. Meet the cast of the Showtime series here.

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Tonight is the Season 3 premiere of The Affair. Meet the cast and new characters who have been added to the show.

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