Spider on Queen Elizabeth’s Flowers & Casket at Funeral Goes Viral

queen elizabeth funeral spider

Getty A general view of the Imperial State Crown as the coffin carrying Queen Elizabeth II rests in Westminster Hall for the Lying-in State on September 14, 2022 in London, England. Queen Elizabeth II's coffin is taken in procession on a Gun Carriage of The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall where she will lay in state until the early morning of her funeral.

A spider on Queen Elizabeth II’s casket and flowers at her funeral was the latest insect to find internet fame. Photos of the spider went viral on social media as Britain’s longest reigning monarch was laid to rest today.

The Queen of England’s state funeral was held at Westminster Abbey in London on Monday, September 19, 2022, on a bank holiday for the kingdom, according to the Independent. The funeral marked the 10th and final day of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II, who died at age 96 Thursday, September 8, 2022, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Twitter Users Attributed Meaning & Good Omens to the Funeral Spider. Others Made Memes

Some Twitter users attributed deeper meaning to the uninvited guest at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

“On Queens coffin, a spider> Spider meaning and symbolism include artistry, manifestation, patience, feminine power, ancient wisdom, illusion, balance, and interconnection,” wrote Artist Michael Martineau.

Others made a meme of the spider, who was newly crowned with internet fame.

“The spider realising it’s accidentally become a part of the Queen’s funeral,” wrote Twitter user Grace, along with a meme of SpongeBob SquarePant’s Mr. Krabs in a panic.

“I dont know why so many people are creeped out by the little spider on the Queen’s flowers. It’s a good omen. I was delighted!” another person wrote on Twitter.

“Queen Elizabeth would have had a giggle about that,” another Twitter user replied.

The Spider Appeared on a Hand-Written Note King Charles III Wrote to His Mother

Twitter users were among the first to spot the spider, which appeared on a handwritten note King Charles III wrote to his mother. People reported the note was a white card on royal letterhead. He wrote, “In loving and devoted memory, Charles R.”

“The most famous spider in the world right now,” wrote Twitter user Laura, along with the hashtags #queensfuneral and #QueenElizabethIIMemorial.

Mike Signton, the retired NBC senior executive, compared the spider to the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head during the Vice Presidential Debate in 2020.

“Spider on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin now more famous than fly on Mike Pence’s head,” he wrote.

“BREAKING: It’s Rupert Murdoch, in his other life form,” wrote Sports and Political Commentator Keith Olbermann.

“Did anyone else spot the spider catching a ride on Queen Elizabeth II coffin?” wrote Emily Powell.

“A spider rides on the note on Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin,” wrote Twitter user MaryLouWho.

“From the people who brought you Mike Pence fly, it’s Queen Elizabeth spider!” wrote Evan Kling on Twitter.

Another Twitter user echoed those who criticized major media outlets for focusing on the monarch’s funeral while Hurricane Fiona devastated Puerto Rico.

The Twitter user wrote, “Thank you for calling out some of the media’s idiocy on this, but catastrophic flooding and long dead infrastructure in the US’s largest colony is just not as juicy as.. .checks notes..’Spider crashes Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, finds instant fame on web.'”

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