Finally, A Car For The 8-Bit Generation

1263284551_8bittoyota.jpgAt the American International Auto Show in Detroit yesterday, Toyota unveiled the FT-CH Hybrid compact concept, which they claim was inspired by video games. Here’s their official word on the matter: “Today, 8-bit is considered a specific retro-style that is embraced by such things as 8-bit genre music and 8-bit inspired art.

The direct reference to the 8-bit generation is meant to be fun and innovative, colorful and stylish, with strong appeal to young buyers. Lighter in weight and even more fuel efficient than Prius, the concept specifically targets a lower price point than Prius, thus appealing to a younger, less-affluent buyer demographic.”

And according to Autoblog Green: “The four-seat concept was designed by Toyota’s European Design and Development center in Nice, France with an 8-bit mentality. That’s not a put-down. It’s actually the style that designers were going for with the FT-CH, and the press conference included references to Contra, Megaman and Super Mario Brothers.”

Which all sounds well and good, but there’s a problem: it doesn’t remind anyone of any video game, period. When I think of a gamer’s ride, I think off… ummm….

The Blue Falcon for instance. It doesn’t need to be blocky, but have sharp edges for sure:


What about any of the vehicles in WipEout? Which to be honest, are not too different from F-Zero’s most recognizable craft, but have a light that follows you wherever you go positively SCREAMS video games:


Samus Aran’s ship also proves that nothing drives home the notion of video games clear than having the front end resemble the face.


Another illustration of the aforementioned point is obviously Mega Man’s main mode of transportation:


I think the main point that Toyota can learn from every example here is that they need to get rid of those wheels. Not game like at all!

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