Chris Brown Dumps Karrueche Tran For Punching Bag Rihanna

Chris Brown has officially broken up with girlfriend Karrueche Tran to be “friends” with Rihanna.

Brown and Tran were spotted all over NYC as recently as Monday, according to the Daily News. Chris claims he still loves Tran:

I’d rather be single allowing us to be unhappy.”

chris brown dumps girl friend to be with rihanna

During the the past few months the public eye has gotten more than its fair share of Chris Brown and Rihanna. The irony of it is that they both admit to being just friends. How can we really buy into what they’re selling, when the look more than friends to their audience of fans and viewers. The irony of this all is that Chris Brown beat Rihanna’s face to a pulp and the two broke up. In the end they have both faced media scrutiny from critics and fans alike. After this Chris Brown ended up in a relationship with Karrueche Tran and the new couple went as far as to getting tattoo’s to symbolize their love for one another. But, that’s over thanks to Rihanna. When Rihanna comes around all the dominoes are off the table and even if they are friends, the world knows they aren’t over one another.

Chris Brown leaves his girlfriend so he can be friends with rihanna and stay single.

We knew when they collaborated on Rihanna’s cake remix that love was in the air and you can forget about all of racial slurs thrown at Karrueche from rihanna on Twitter. Not to mention reports from Scally Wag and Vagabond showcasing Rihanna targeting Karruechue. Photos of a rice cake that were taken by Rihanna, which symbolizes Karrueche’s half Vietnamese descent, which were making fun of Karrueche’s culture.

Chris Dumps girlfrined for Rihanna

rihanna bullys Chris' ex girlfriend

According to the audio recording of her single “Cake,” Rihanna never fails to mention that’s she’s sweeter than a rice cake.

I must admit that I could have told you there was more to their story than what meets the public eye. At least we all know that Chris broke it off in time to be with the one he truly wants. The irony of it is why you leave your girlfriend to be friends with your ex-girlfriend, if you are not together? There’s something they aren’t telling us but the pictures sure do explain. You know what I think this is the very reason why they kissed and made during the 2012 Video Music Awards. The Kiss was a slap in the face according to Karrueche.

It’s a known fact that Karrueche and Rihanna hate one another. It doesn’t stop at the racial slurs Rihanna delivers on Twitter. Reports from US Weekly suggest that “seeing him with Rihanna at such a public event makes her very angry.” Karrueche was highly upset about that public kiss.

Chris Brown decided to leave his girlfriend for Rihanna and he wanted her to be happy

Chris Brown has left his girlfriend for Rihanna

The fact that Chris Brown has been leaving his girlfriend every night to party with his friend Rihanna explains it all. According to Radar Online “Chris has been acting like a real dog,” while sources close to the couple have said “Karrueche has had enough and she is the one who dumped him. He said it was all lies and that he hadn’t hooked up with Rihanna.”
In their world it appears that another one bites the dust.

According to Star Pulse Chris Brown left Karrueche just to be with Rihanna.

Chris Brown leaves his girlfriend because of Rihanna

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