Sharna Burgess, ‘Dancing With The Stars’: The Best Instagram Photos

Sharna Burgess

Sharna Burgess is currently on Dancing With The Stars as the choreographer for double amputee soldier Noah Galloway. Both Galloway and Burgess are taken, so there will be no romance there. While Galloway is happy with girlfriend Jamie Boyd, Burgess is in a relationship with longtime boyfriend Paul Kirkland. Kirkland is also a dancer and is a choreographer, actor, and Founder of the company DANCEFUZION, which is set to debut this coming summer. Burgess is an Australian dancer, who is known to be a bit of a tomboy, but that doesn't stop her from being incredibly sexy. She began ballroom dancing with she was 8 years old and her personal website bio reads: Sharna began training in ballet, jazz and gymnastics at five years old. By eight she had started Ballroom. Within these first few years, she won numerous local and national titles. At 15, she was chosen to represent Australia at the World Championships in both the Standard and Latin styles. Her accolades and national prominence went on to earn her the distinguished honour of performing in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games closing ceremony, a privilege and a memory she will always cherish ... Sharna’s childhood dreams, and her lifelong passions, continue to bloom and come to fruition. This multi-talented performer repeatedly demonstrates her talents, at an A-List level, in the multi-faceted entertainment industry where she works as an award-winning Dancer, expert Choreographer, blossoming Actress, and up-and-coming Host. She tells fans, friends, family, and press that she loves this life on camera just as much as she enjoys choreographing that magic while off camera. Now that you've got some background on Burgess, click through our gallery of her best Instagram photos.