EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW 2015 – Sharna Burgess: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sharna Burgess is one of the hottest choreographers in the industry and she has the pleasure of being partnered with celebrity Nick Carter on Dancing With the Stars for season 21. The two of them are one of the teams to beat this season and Burgess took time out of their jam-packed schedule to give us the latest news on DWTS, her career, and what it’s like to dance with a Backstreet Boy.

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1. Burgess Hopes That Nick Carter Will Sing On Dancing With The Stars

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Like many girls across the world, Burgess had posters of The Backstreet Boys on her walls when she was a teenager. So, it’s a dream to get to perform with Nick Carter. When we asked if Carter might sing during one of his performances this season, Burgess said:

I would love that and it has definitely been a conversation. There’s a lot of weeks left in the season and I actually did that with Cody Simpson when I danced with him in the “switch-up week”. It’s a logistical nightmare, but it’s great. Nick also has these two singles and I think it would be great.

Cross your fingers for some live singing from Nick Carter. Something else that Burgess is looking forward to is dancing to some BSB songs with Carter and she’s hoping to dance to “Backstreet’s Back” with him for Halloween.

2. The Choreography Is Tailored to Burgess’ Partners’ Strengths

When Sharna Burgess puts together dance routines, she always keeps her partner in mind, which is easy when it comes to Nick Carter. Burgess can’t help but brag about Carter’s stage presence and professionalism. She knows that when Monday comes around, he will be at 100% and will command the audience. She says that he truly knows the meaning of “the show must go on.” When it comes to a typical rehearsal for Burgess and Carter, Burgess says:

We come in and in the beginning of the week, I take him through the choreography and I break it down with counts. We just learn the steps and as the week goes on, we clean and perfect and work more on the technique to get the dance as good as we can. On Sundays we have to do camera blocking, which is the first time we see it on camera. A lot of the time on Sunday, after that, we’ll go back to the studio and I’ll tweak a couple things based on the camera angles to make sure everything looks great for him.

Burgess says his performance quality is amazing, his energy is fantastic, he’s a hard-worker and he’s fully committed to the movements in each performance.

3. Showing Her Family On the Show Was An Amazing Moment For Burgess

For once, Dancing With the Stars dedicated an episode to focusing on the dance pros and Burgess was able to showcase her family, which was amazing for her. Burgess explained:

It was amazing to have a moment to thank my family and tell them how much I love them and dedicate a dance to them. That is not something we ever usually get to do.

Burgess said it was really cool to get to see all the pros share something about themselves with viewers.

4. The Backstreet Boys’ Army Has Shown Burgess Great Support

One might think that Backstreet Boys might be a little jealous of Burgess getting to dance with one of their favorite guys, but Burgess says the “Backstreet Army” has shown them so much support. Burgess told us:

The Backstreet Army have been phenomenal. I have to say they’ve totally welcomed me into the family and have given us so much love and support each week. My social media is full with a lot of people with the last name “Carter.” It’s been wonderful to become a part of that family.

Burgess has said the BSB support has come from all around the world, from Germany to Japan. She said that it’s amazing the reach that Nick Carter has and how much love the Backstreet Boys fans have.

5. Burgess Says Carter Can Be a Goofball But Can Also Be Too Serious

When asking Burgess about her dance partner, she gave us a little insight on what it’s like to hang out with Nick Carter. She said:

He can be a goofball and he has a lot of energy. He’s a great guy and very down to earth. He loves to have a lot of fun, but he can get a little too serious sometimes and a little too ‘in the zone’ or frustrated with himself. But, I feel like the Backstreet Boys fans all know that about him because he has been in the public eye since he was 17.

Burgess has nothing but nice things to say about Carter, calling him a wonderful human being and incredibly talented. She says he’s so much fun to dance with and that he has so much love for his wife Lauren Kitt.

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