Torrance Coombs, ‘Reign’: The Pictures You Need to See

Torrance Coombs first saw his star skyrocket nearly three years ago when he joined the cast of The CW historical drama Reign, playing Sebastian, the illegitimate son of the King of France. His will-he-or-won't-he storyline with Mary Queen of Scotts (Adelaide Kane) was a highlight of the show's first season and, quite suddenly, Coombs was not only a leading man on network TV, he was a legitimate heartthrob. Of course, Coombs is much more than a pretty (very pretty) face. He's also a director, singer and soon-to-be husband. Click through the rest of the gallery to learn more about Coombs road to Reign success and check out some of his best social media moments along the way. (Instagram)

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