Ava Van Rose: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ava Van Rose has been thrust into the spotlight as of late, as she’s been revealed that she accompanied hip-hop superstar Drake on his Boy Meets World Tour earlier this year.

According to Rose, Drake reached out to her on social media, and the whirlwind of events that followed over the next six weeks included various cities, celebrities, and even the rapper’s own father, Dennis Graham. Here are five fast facts you need to know about Rose, her profession, her personal life, and her connection with Drizzy.

1. She’s An Instagram Model

Rose, born Bridget Byrne, has built up a following through her presence on social media– particularly Instagram. The Irish model has 14.2 thousand followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts photos of her scantily clad or in some cases, completely nude. According to The Irish Mirror, Rose had wanted to be a model since she was a teenager, but struggled due to the fact that she is only 4’11” in stature.

“I was told by agencies that I would never be a model,” she said, “I suppose because I didn’t grow up in the wealthiest of households, a lot of people turned their nose up at me. I was told by one agent that my boobs were too big, my hair was too black, and I was too short.” After changing her name from Byrne to Ava Van Rose (at the behest of her manager), and getting a boob job, however, Rose defied the odds and began finding success.

2. She Has Three Children

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Rose had her first child at 17 years old, and her second at eighteen. She subsequently put her dreams of modeling on hold, as her weight had ballooned and she felt that she was unable to model: “I had lost a lot of weight and had a lot of extra skin areas I didn’t like – so it made me want to get cosmetic surgery. I was suffering slightly from depression, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. The only reason why I got my boobs done was because I had such a loss of fat.”

Rose went on to mention that “Before I had my children, I had a great body and I wanted that back. I worked hard to get that back and after everything then I just needed my boobs done. I was a 34C and now I’m 30E, so quite big.” Clearly that tenacity has paid off.

3. She Considered Becoming An Adult Actress


Rose attempted to crossover into acting in 2015, as she starred in Infectious, a web spin-off of Tallafornia which also featured Marc O’Neill. The series was quickly cancelled. Around this same time, Rose was approached to do pornographic films after U.K. adult star Tanya Tate mentioned that she’d like to shoot a video with her. “I was asked by a few agencies to do it,” Rose told The Irish Mirror, “Tanya Tate contacted me and asked me to do one with her.”

But given Rose’s responsibilities as a mother, she felt it would not be an appropriate career move: “I am the mother of [three] young girls and my aim is to set an example for them. I didn’t want it to be something my children would be ashamed of.” Rose did go on to reveal that “I’m not gay, but I have had bisexual experiences. I’m very open-minded with sexuality.”

4. Drake Contacted Her On IG In February

Rose recounted how Drake got in touch with her to The Sun: “His bodyguard private messaged me on the day of the gig in Dublin asking if I would like to go to the gig, so obviously I said yes. He texted me saying I was one of the prettiest girls he’d ever seen and that he worked for Drake. I thought it was catfish straight away.” Rose went on to say: “But no, he was genuine and my friend and I went to the concert and then back to the Fitzwilliam Hotel for the after party.”

From there, Rose claims that her and the “One Dance” rapper got along famously: “It was so surreal and Drake was lovely, we had a great night and then they asked me to join them on tour, so I said yeah.”

5. She Spent Time With Drake’s Family

In that same interview Rose reveals that she even spent time with Drake’s celebrity friends and his immediate family. “We went to Birmingham, Manchester, Glasglow, and all over but the best concert was London,” says Rose, “That was amazing. We met everyone, he has so many famous people at his gigs! Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Chris Rock were all there and were introduced.” Minaj was an especially exciting introduction, as Rose frequently quotes lyrics from her songs on social media.

Rose also spent time with Drake’s cousin and his father, Dennis Graham, who was in a photo that she uploaded to Instagram (above). “Great night with great people,” she wrote in the caption, “Drake’s papi More Life party”– referring to the release of the rapper’s latest project.

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