Amber Rose Naked Twitter Photo Memes, GIFs, & Jokes

Amber Rose VMAs 2016

Amber Rose. (Getty)

Amber Rose posted a Twitter and Instagram photo that shows her almost entirely naked – from the waist down – during the NBA finals.

In the words of some, she broke the Internet. In the words of others, what the (expletive removed) was that?! Her grooming drew the most comments (you’ll have to check out the pic on her page to appreciate why; let’s just say it echoes the ’70s). Her timing – during basketball! (specifically game 4 of the finals) – caused exasperation among basketball fans who found their attention distracted by… well, check out the pic.

This one placed a yellow thumb’s up over… well, check out the actual pic (link below).

Either way, Amber Rose was trending on Twitter, which was probably her goal. Actually, that was definitely her goal. (As well as driving people to check out her website on the 3rd Annual Amber Rose Sl*t Walk.)

The actual tweet is too risque to post here, but you can find it on Amber Rose’s Twitter page at @DaRealAmberRose. She didn’t write much with the post, only choosing to add a few hashtags, which are also hard to reprint here. OK, actually, here’s a link to the actual picture, not just her page. Be warned: It’s graphic, even by sort-of celebrities-trying-to-get-attention in a social media age standards.

Some people photo shopped clothes on Amber Rose’s naked tweet. That became almost a parlor game on the Internet. Here’s one take:

Here’s another’s:

This one’s particularly inspired:

The tweet made its own statement. Wrote one Twitter fan, “Everyone worried about the NBA Finals, and I’m over here like Damn, Amber Rose just BROKE THE INTERNET!!!!!” Others thought it was attention-seeking that went too far. “amber rose is doing too much now. like girl,” wrote one observer on social media.

Some thought her timing was marketing genius. Or just shrewd anyway.

Amber Rose already had more than 4 million Twitter followers. Her Twitter profile reads, “Sebastian’s Mom ?? Owner of The Amber Rose Slutwalk, Talk Show Host, Feminist & Author F*ck yo opinion I do what I want ??”

To say the least. The photo shows Amber Rose, body oiled, wearing a black bikini top, diamond choker, black robe, and little else. The picture echoed the famous Kim Kardashian breaking the Internet photo, but one step farther. Of course, Amber Rose famously once dated Kim’s husband, Kanye West, and there has been no love lost there since.

Here are some of the tweets opposed to the Amber Rose naked picture (beware they don’t use the best language):

And in support (albeit leering support):

Some people were just completely befuddled.

Either way, Amber Rose gave them a lot to talk about.

And then there was this:

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