Big Sean Twitter Hacked: Trolls Tease Ariana Grande Nudes

Getty Big Sean performing.

Big Sean’s Twitter was hacked by trolls who threatened to release nude photos of Sean’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande, and threatened to hack  President Donald Trump if users followed random accounts.

The hack occurred on Saturday morning, and began when Sean’s account told users to follow an account if they’d like the hacker to release nude photos of Ariana Grande. The hacker went on to mock Grande and her relationship with her current boyfriend, Pete Davidson, tweeting out that “Ariana been cheating on Pete with me this whole time.”

Big Sean Twitter hacked

Big Sean Twitter hacked

The hacker also claimed that they have “footage” of Grande having intimate relations with rapper 6ix9ine. “Yo 6ix9ine I got the tape of you hitting Ariana from the back lil n**ga,” they tweeted. Sean’s hacker told users that he would leak a sex tape of the rapper online if he reached 500 likes, but the tweet that hinted at this, along with the rest of them, were deleted shortly after.

Big Sean tweet DeVito

ScreenshotBig Sean tweet DeVito

The hacker also claimed that Grande had an affair with rapper and 2015 XXL Freshman DeVito while they were dating. “Get the strap,” the tweet read.

Sean’s hacker then attempted to start a feud with 6ix9ine and fellow rapper Lil Pump, tweeting messages like “F**k you rainbow a*s n**ga I run New York” and “Yo @lilpump is real s**t dawg… YOU F**KING TRASHHHHHH.”

Big Sean Twitter hacked 2

Big Sean Twitter hacked 2

There were also shots taken at President Donald Trump, with the hacker claiming that he will hack Trump’s twitter account next if users follow the account @itzatoshi and calling the President a “dirty white bastard.”

Check out the some of the additional tweets below.

Big Sean tweet about Donald Trump.

Big Sean tweet about Donald Trump.

Fans quickly took Twitter to question whether Sean’s account had indeed been hacked. “Big Sean got hacked, friendly reminder to always set up 2-factor authentication on all your online accounts,” wrote one user. “Getting hacked isn’t worth it.”

Another joked about Sean’s tendency to include his family his rhymes, and tweeted: “big sean about to drop a song explaining that his twitter account got hacked and he still gon sneak in a line about his grandmama.” Check out some of the best reactions to the hack below.

This is the second time in as many weeks that a prominent rapper has had their Twitter account hacked. Lil Yachty was hacked in late June, and the hacker threatened to post DM screenshots between Yachty and a 16 year old girl.

The rapper was able to regain control of his account, and it was revealed that the girl in question, Imanni Jackson, was actually 19. “Come on bro what I look like. That was fake,” Yachty tweeted afterwards. “Ask her how old she is.”

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