‘Vice’ End Credits: Is There an After Credits Scene?

Vice end credits scene

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If you’re going to watch the new Vice movie about Dick Cheney, then you’re likely wondering if there’s an after credits scene. The answer to your question is yes, and it’s quite controversial. In fact, some people think the post-credits scene soils the rest of the movie. The end credits are just there for humor, so you’d be safe skipping that if you want and you won’t miss anything important. Read on for spoilers about the credits scene.

Whether or not it’s worth sticking around for the end credits (more accurately mid-credits) scene in Vice is up to you. You might actually enjoy the movie more if you don’t stay to watch it, and it’s definitely not important to understanding the movie. The end credits have no historical context and are just there for humor.

During the movie, a focus group is shown testing their campaign. They make an appearance again after the credits.

During the mid-credits scene, this same focus group talks about the Vice movie in a very meta scene. One person says the movie has a far-too liberal bias. Others say the movie didn’t go far enough and it was fact-based. Then they start arguing about President Donald Trump. One person doesn’t really say much while they’re arguing, and finally says that she’s excited to see the next Fast and Furious movie.

Here’s are reactions to the scene:

Some people think this scene was funny, but others found it more annoying. If you decide not to stick around, you won’t miss anything.

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