Who Gets Fired or Hired on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Season Finale Tonight?

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club fired

Getty Lindsay Lohan at MTV's "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" Premiere Party.

Tonight is the season finale of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, and Lohan will be choosing only four VIP hosts to keep their jobs at her high-profile Mykonos business. According to TV Guide, the official synopsis for tonight’s episode, entitled “Lindsay’s Final Four,” reads “As Lindsay prepares to announce her final four, Brent’s attempt to make peace with the other VIP hosts pushes Kyle over the edge leading to a physical altercation between the two, while Sara swears off men.”

Throughout the season, the VIP hosts hired to work for Lohan were Alex Moffitt, Aristotle Polites, Billy Estevez, Brent Marks, Gabi Andrews, Jonitta Wallace, Jules Wilson, Kailah Casillas, Kyle Marve, May Yassine, Mike Mulderrig, and Sara Tariq. Since this is the season finale episode, it is unlikely that Lohan would hire anyone new for her Mykonos club. Potentially new VIPs would more likely be introduced in the show’s next season, if MTV chooses to renew it for a season 2.

Based on what we’ve seen this season and the spoilers for the finale episode, Brent Marks seems like the most likely pick for who could be getting fired by boss Lindsay Lohan. He has been in conflict with many of his fellow VIP hosts who clash with his arogant attitude, most notably engaging in a blow-out argument with his ex-girlfriend Sara Tariq.

Soap Dirt thinks that Kyle Marvé could be going home, too, for the way that he handled his conflict with Brent. Lohan has made it clear that she does not tolerate any violence from her employees because of the way it reflects negatively on her name. Nevertheless, in one of the preview clips released ahead of the episode, Kyle appears to hit his breaking point with his former friend and goes after him with physical violence that requires the other hosts to step in and hold him back from Brent. Later in the episode, another clip reveals that Lohan confronts Kyle for his actions, adding “a coward is the one who hits the person first.”

Earlier in the season (episode 6), Lohan fired an employee for the first time on the show. She fired May for being lazy and for not getting the hang of being a VIP ambassador the way many of the others were. As she fired her, Lohan told May “I don’t think it’s working for the brand and I’m sorry, I’m going to have to let you go. I want you to really focus on yourself when you go back home and take care of what you want out of life.” In the following episode, however, May was invited back for another shot and Jules was kicked out of the Mykonos club instead. Lohan later fired Kailah Casillas, saying “It seems like you don’t respect me and that’s really a f–king problem and that pisses me off.” Casillas told Too Fab after the fact that she believed the real reason she was fired was because of her outspoken nature.

Tune in to the season 1 finale of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, tonight on MTV at 10/9c.

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