Do Fedex, Amazon & UPS Deliver on Thanksgiving Day 2019?


Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday every year; this year, it occurs on November 28, 2019. Although Thursday is normally a weekday during which packages can expect to be shipped and delivered on schedule, the national holiday means that many businesses, including those responsible for delivering your packages, will be closed.

If you are anticipating a package delivery and want to know if it will be arriving on Thanksgiving, or if you’ll have to wait an additional day or two, here’s what you should know about FedEx, Amazon, and UPS’s Thanksgiving holiday service schedules:

Fedex & UPS Thanksgiving Day Service Schedules

With the exception of FedEx’s “Custom Critical” service, FedEx is closed and will not be delivering packages on Thanksgiving. On the day before Thanksgiving, November 27, as well as the Friday and Saturday after (November 29 and 30), FedEx will be open with modified service and hours for FedEx Express and FedEx Office. Click here for FedEx’s complete 2019 holiday service schedule.

UPS will also not be delivering or picking up packages on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is one of the 7 federal holidays that the company observes in its holiday schedule (it is joined by New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Christmas Day). On Thanksgiving, only UPS Express Critical will be available. On the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), business resumes as normal, with the exception of UPS Freight which will remain closed on that day. You can find UPS’s in-depth holiday service schedule here.

Amazon Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule & One-Day Delivery

Amazon delivery operates on USPS’s holiday schedule, and Thanksgiving Day is a US Post Office holiday, so customers anticipating Amazon package deliveries should not expect to receive their goods until after Thanksgiving has passed.

Since Thanksgiving is relatively late this year, cutting down the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas by 6 days, Amazon has stepped in to ensure that everyone’s holiday gift purchases are delivered in plenty of time. For Prime members, they are offering free one-day delivery on over 10 million items throughout the holiday season. In a press release, vice president of Amazon’s global delivery experience Maria Renz said “We know the holidays can be a busy time, especially with 2019 being one of the shortest shopping seasons. Our goal is to make the season as easy as possible for customers and deliver smiles at every turn, whether it’s shopping the largest selection available for free shipping, or getting holiday essentials delivered the very same day, and more.”

In addition, to expand delivery options and make online shopping even more convenient for their customers, Amazon has introduced Key by Amazon delivery, which gives customers the option to have their packages securely delivered to inside their cars, houses, or garages to protect them from weather, theft, or even curious family members who may try to peek early and ruin the holiday gift surprise.

Alternatively, you could have your packages delivered to a nearby Hub Locker, to keep your items stored safely until you are able to pick them up at your own convenience.

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