How ‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Ends: Fan Theories on the Ending

ABC Hannah Ann and Victoria Fuller

The Bachelor is nearing the most intense part of the season. With Hometown Dates just around the corner, Peter Weber needs to cut his six contestants down to four women. Break-ups are way more difficult at this point in the show, and the goodbyes are difficult for viewers to watch, as well.

Because Peter will soon have only two contestants and then give out his final rose to one lucky lady who will become his fiancée, fans can’t merely wait to see what happens and have FBI-level sleuthing skills to try and figure it out.

What’s wild about this cycle of The Bachelor, a clear winner is not decided on the finale episode. Viewers will have to wait until the After the Final Rose reunion to find out if Peter is engaged and to whom. The fan theories below are not ranked in any particular order, so readers can decide for themselves which one seems like a winner.


Jimmy Kimmel Predicted The Winner Would Be Hannah Ann

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As always, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel made his prediction as to who would win Peter Weber’s heart when the season first premiered. Kimmel chose his top three as Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, and Kelley Flanagan.

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The currents brought me here …??‍♀️

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Even though it turned out to be a disaster, Kimmel correctly predicted the winner of Hannah Brown’s season and is never far off in his choices. While his Top 3 has one mistake, Kelley is sent home before Hometown Dates according to Reality Steve, Peter’s Top 3 is instead rounded out with the controversial Victoria F.

Peter’s Mom Yelling ‘Bring Her Home To Us’ In The Finale Has Fans Believing The Winner Is Madison Prewett Or Hannah Brown

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Like when viewers saw Colton Underwood jumping the fence in his Bachelor finale preview, fans can’t stop talking about the moment when Peter’s mom, Barbara Weber, yells while sobbing, “Don’t let her go. Don’t let her go! Bring her home. Bring her home to us!” she says between tears.

At minute 2:03, it’s believed Barabara is talking about Madison since she’s the only contestant to have met Peter’s family. It’s hard to imagine Peter’s mom getting so emotional over a suitress she never met. The flaw in this theory is that Peter’s final two women will meet Peter’s family before the finale. As predicted by Reality Steve, those final two contestants are Hannah Ann and Madison. So, Barbara could very well be pining about Hannah Ann.

InstagramMadison Prewett

However, lest we forget that Hannah Brown met Peter’s mother during his Hometown Date on The Bachelorette. As the preview shows, Peter receives new information in mid-November, back when he was filming the finale episode in Australia, and while the subject of that news remains unknown, it causes him to nearly pass out with stress.

Fans believe Hannah Brown got word to Chris Harrison that she still has feelings for Peter, and after winning Dancing With the Stars, the finale of which aired on November 28, she’s coming back to win his heart.

ABCPeter Weber, Hannah Brown

However, Reality Steve seems pretty positive that Peter’s ending has nothing to do with Hannah Brown. While the two obviously still had chemistry, as Peter pointed out, Hannah B. didn’t call him after the show wrapped, and she was living right around the corner from him in LA. As much as we’d love to believe this fairy tale ending between Hannah B. and Peter, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

At the same rate, Peter, who now understands the stress first-hand of being the series’ lead, might have a new understanding of Hannah’s actions.

The Venmo Theory Allegedly Proves Hannah Ann Is the Winner

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No matter what the view, it’s better with you! ♥️??

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While most viewers scour contestants’ Instagram pictures, not many people have devoured their Venmo accounts. If you search “Peter Weber” on Venmo, lots of results pop up. But if you search the same handle as his Instagram, @pilot_pete, an account that appears to be The Bachelor star is the top account. Not surprisingly, his Venmo page is set to private.

Madison Prewett Venmo

Frontrunner and fan-favorite Madison Prewett‘s account s public and includes numerous recent transactions. Victoria Fuller’s account shows rent payment transactions and Kelsey Weier‘s shows money sent for coffee and “for the champagne,” natch.

Kelsey Weier Venmo

However, Hannah Ann’s Venmo account, her handle is @Hannah-Sluss, remains private with zero transactions published on her feed. The assumption that Hannah Ann receives Peter’s final rose is related to the fact that while the show is filming, producers take away contestants’ phones and everyone’s social media handles are set to private. Once they’ve wrapped, contestants immediately return their social media accounts back to a public setting.

Did Bachelor Nation producers forget that Venmo was an equally stalkable app?

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