‘Love Is Blind’ on Netflix: Cast, Contestants, & Rules


Netflix’s new series Love Is Blind has just premiered. But you may need a little catching up to understand the rules of this new reality series and to meet the contestants. Here are all the details about the cast of contestants and the rules for the new Netflix show.

Meet the Cast of Contestants

Here are the official descriptions of Netflix’s 30 starting contestants on Love Is Blind, as shared by Netflix’s media representative.

Giannina Gibelli, 25, Retail Business Owner

“Being the confident and outgoing woman that she is, Giannina is not afraid to put herself out there and open up to the possibility of finding love. Whether she’s busy running her own business, maintaining an active lifestyle, or taking spontaneous trips to exotic destinations, Giannina is dedicated to living her life to the fullest. She wants a partner who shares adventurous spirit and zest for life. Admitting she has a tendency to test men in order to see if they are genuinely interested in getting to know her, Giannina is excited at the idea of taking the physical element out of this experiment. She is more than ready for the opportunity to get to know the men for who they truly are on the inside, as she believes that outside factors do not dictate who you fall in love with.”

Diamond Jack, 28, NBA Dancer

“Diamond is full of charisma and open to new experiences. When she is not dancing on a basketball court, she is working on her doctorate degree to become a successful doctor. She’s currently establishing her online business and working a full time job in the medical field. Besides being extremely busy, Diamond finds it hard to take time out from her busy schedule to even go on a date with someone. With the incredible amount of options of men in Atlanta, she is disappointed that most men can’t be open and honest to finding true love. Diamond hopes that this approach will finally allow her to meet a guy who will love her for her inner beauty and the qualities she obtain. Diamond thinks getting engaged before actually seeing the person you are about to marry is truly radical, but she is open to the process and is stepping out on faith.”

Briana Holmes, 26, CEO of a non-profit and a web designer

“Briana is excited for this experience because she believes that if life gives you an opportunity at love, you take it. She strongly believes in this because she’ll be getting to know someone for who they truly are deep down. She has struggled to find a man she can truly connect with mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It seems every guy she dates isn’t in the same place in life as her and aren’t anywhere near settling down. Typically optimistic, always willing to help others, and often downplaying her own success; Briana feels that if given an opportunity to finally be herself, without feeling paralyzed by how she looks, she could succeed and truly fall in love.”

India Bridgeforth, 29, Project Manager

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“This process gives India hope because she will know that if someone is interested in her, they are actually attracted to her inner beauty, versus her outer beauty. She feels like sometimes a person’s exterior can be distracting from finding out what is in their interior, and she doesn’t want to waste any more time using dating apps. India has never gone on a blind date and rarely gets a chance to meet guys in person since as a working mother finding time to connect with guys is a challenge. She doesn’t go out often as she is committed to being the best mom she can be to her seven-year-old son. India hopes this process will weed out the infatuation and lust factor that she sometimes mistakes for love.”

Amber Pike, 26, Cocktail Waitress/Ex-Military Tank Mechanic

“Amber is open to this process because traditional dating has left her feeling objectified and underestimated. As a cocktail waitress, she meets a lot of men that make assumptions about her based on her looks. Amber’s longest relationship lasted for three years, and she was deeply hurt after realizing that their goals did not align and he did not want to have children. Now, she realizes how important it is to establish a solid connection and make sure the next man she meets is serious about marriage and starting a family. Amber is genuine, open and ready to share the good and not so good parts of herself.”

Ebony Alexis, 30, Media Journalist

“At thirty years old, Ebony can say that she is ready for the next phase of her life to begin. She has spent a lot of time working on herself the past few years and feels she has so much to share with someone else that would add value to a relationship. Ebony finds it difficult for her to differentiate if someone is really trustworthy these days, because everything seems to be so disposable, including people. She has been missing a genuine connection and wants to find someone that can be a true companion and friend that she can trust wholeheartedly. She has always imagined getting married to the man of her dreams and having a beautiful family. Ebony believes in fairy tales no matter how unrealistic they may be and hopes this process will help make her fairytale become a reality.”

Lauren Chamblin, 26, Recruiter/Account Executive

“Lauren finds the dating scene in Atlanta very awkward and shallow. With social media and dating apps right at everyone’s fingertips, she feels it’s way too easy to find one thing wrong and just bail. At 26, she finally has a stable job that she loves and is ready to find someone who wants to do more than just to go out to bars all the time. When Lauren meets someone in person from a dating app, she has already had so much time to build them up in her head, and create this perfect image of who she is expecting them to be, that when she meets them her expectations fall short. Lauren definitely says that getting engaged without ever seeing someone makes her nervous, but she is so ready to find her person and believes she will be able to find someone this way.”

Jessica Batten, 34, Tech Sales

“An ambitious and independent transplant from Illinois, Jessica is open to taking this chance after many years of being hyper career-focused and a self-proclaimed burned out serial monogamist. Jessica has learned that she “stays far too long” in relationships that will not lead to happily ever after and has been so career-focused that her love life has simply taken the back burner. In her last relationship, the connection was made through social media and was based solely off of physical attraction. This led to a much delayed realization that there was little compatibility and potential for a long-term relationship. Jessica has learned that many of her previous relationships similarly progressed and ended and she figures this experiment may short-circuit that challenge. She is most proud of the fact that she moved far from home and has settled into a comfortable life, without the help of a guy, but it’s hard for her to open up about her struggles with being in her 30’s and not fitting into society’s prototype. Willing to try something new and with willingness to dedicate some time towards the process, Jessica feels that this could be the right opportunity to find the right one.”

Alyson Costa, 36, Pediatric Nurse Client Relations Director

“At 36, Alyson is ready for marriage. She is tired of going on date after date with no spark. Alyson believes this is exactly what she needs to find her future spouse. As a Pediatric Nurse Client Relations Director, Alyson spends most of her time working. She assists children and their families in their transition from hospital to home. She wants to share the victories she has at work with someone who wants to listen and truly will care how her day was. She is more than ready to meet the man of her dreams and will feel the connection before ever laying eyes on him.”

Danielle Drouin, 29, Yoga Instructor/Model

“For Danielle, Atlanta has been a hard place to connect deeply with other people. She is excited about this process and getting to know what’s in a guy’s heart before getting to see his face. •• Danielle believes that things are so fast paced that it’s challenging to really get to know men well, especially when the men she meets are afraid to be truly themselves, making it difficult to connect emotionally to them. With so much of dating focused on apps and maintaining a social media presence, many of the men Danielle dates turn out to be short term relationships that simply aren’t interested in truly getting to know her or settling down. As a yogi, connection is everything to her and she hasn’t been able to connect with anyone she’s been dating. After much soul searching, she’s ready to take chances again and open herself up to all that a long term commitment entails.”

Lillie Mae Williams, 36, CEO of a PR Agency

“Born and raised in North Carolina, Lillie Mae considers herself the ultimate southern belle. She is looking for a true southern gentleman who will bring her flowers, open doors and pick up the check at dinner – all things that are foreign to the Atlanta dating scene. Frustrated that she is 36, single, and has no kids, Lillie Mae is more than ready to meet “the one”. Although she desperately wants to get married and start a family of her own, she refuses to settle for a man who doesn’t meet her standards! She is dedicated to waiting for her knight in shining armor. A natural risk taker, Lillie Mae is intrigued and excited about the possibility of meeting the love of her life and getting engaged without seeing them first. If she develops a strong soulful connection while in the house, she is all on board to expedite the process of her happily ever after.”

Kelly Chase, 32, Health Coach

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Just sitting here, patiently waiting for #LoveIsBlind to air in less than 12 hours!?!!! . Fun fact: I practiced the ketogenic ‘diet’ during some of the filming for the show because I knew the healthy fats would keep me satiated for longer and give my body the energy I needed for long days of filming. I legit cooked food on set to ensure I was fueling my metabolism as best as possible.?‍? . I hear way too many women complain about their weight with the comment “ugh, I’m just not gonna eat for a few days.” This comment makes me cringe. When you aren’t eating enough, your metabolism slows down. Well if you’re already not eating enough and then you starve yourself, for sure you may lose weight, but you’re also doing damage to your metabolism…which then can cause so many other issues: hormonal, thyroid, deficiencies, even a plateau in your weight.?? . So ladies, if this is you, if you’ve cut back on your food consumption lately bc you don’t like the way you look/feel right now, let’s take a look at what you’ve been eating and make appropriate adjustments from there. Don’t just cut calories or cut foods out without speaking with someone who can support you on your journey. . Honestly, I’d love to call it a “metabolism kickstart” program versus a “weightloss program” bc that’s essentially what we do- kickstart that metabolism! ?? . . Food is fuel my friends. Eat your veggies. Eat fruit. Eat good quality proteins, healthy fats (plant based), and perhaps some grains here and there. In addition, audit your self care practices, stress levels surrounding your career and relationships, and daily movement. . Need some help? Shoot me a DM! I’m always happy to help you become a better you!? . . ?: @marlayvonnecreative . . #chaselifewithkelly #chaselifetogether #health #healthcoach #healthylifestyle #eatclean #metabolism #foodisfuel #weightloss #transformation #nutrition #wellness #fitness #fitfam #exercise #movement #selflove #selfcare #confidence #keto #plantbased #veggies #greens #bodyimage #BecomeABetterYou

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“Kelly was working on her own as a health coach, but has since stepped back into the corporate world to use her sales experience to rise as a confident professional. She admittedly did not put her full attention into finding love, and now that things are settled, she is ready to give her love life the same amount of attention as her professional life. Kelly tends to meet men on dating apps, socially when she’s out, and through friends. Now that she is focused on finding the right person, connecting with their personality is her top priority. She wants to use this opportunity to grow and learn something more about herself. She wants to show someone all that she has to offer as a partner and truly see them for who they are.”

Kay Mitchell, 30, Administrative Director

“Kay Mitchell is a warm, bubbly, wholesome Atlantan looking for love. She served as a member of the US Navy for eight years, with a specialty in weapons, and is very active in volunteering in her community. Dating in Atlanta has been difficult for Kay. While she seems to have no problem getting guys to take her out, after most first dates she finds herself uninterested in pursuing a second date. She is looking for a spiritual man, who knows how to treat the women in his life with respect and can make her laugh until her stomach hurts. Kay is in a perfect place in her life to settle down. She’s got the perfect job and a great social life, now she just needs someone special to share it with.”

Lauren Speed, 32, Content Creator

“Lauren thinks this experience is a great opportunity to find love based on the things that truly matters, which is pure connection with someone outside of physical attraction. She is at a point in her life where she is ready for love and wants to find her partner in crime. Since Lauren has been single for a while she has emotionally shut down, because she hasn’t been finding what she’s looking for. Lauren is tired of dating guys and being constantly let down. She feels that she hasn’t been as open to the right guy because she’s built up a wall. Lauren believes that you can absolutely fall in love with someone without seeing them. Her past relationship was long distance and she had to rely heavily on conversation to keep the spark alive. Lauren thinks it’s beautiful to really love the pure essence of a person and wants to find that bond while doing this experiment.”

Lexie Skipper, 26, Sales Manager

“More than anything, Lexie is looking for a relationship like the one her parents have. Going on 30 plus years of marriage, her parents have been through it all but come out stronger every time. She is looking for someone to help her emulate what her parents have and build a family with. Outgoing, personable and down to Earth, Lexie is fiercely independent and has always known exactly what she is looking for in a partner. She is ready for this experience to take her out of her comfort zone and expand her idea of the perfect man. It will take away the physical element of dating and Lexie is excited to fall in love with someone for who they are on the inside. Lexie truly believes that love can happen unexpectedly. She is ready now, more than ever to be vulnerable to find love.”

Matt Barnett, 27, Engineer

“While Matt thinks this opportunity is a huge risk for him personally and professionally, he feels that it would be worth it if he found the love of his life. Thinking back on previous relationships, Matt realized that he was putting other people’s happiness in front of his own – he wanted to be loved so much that he was blind to the fact that his significant others weren’t good matches for him. Now that he is older, Matt is looking forward to being part of a mature relationship. He wants someone who is in it for the long haul and won’t just pick up and leave when things start to become mundane or life gets messy.”

Mikey Cobb, 31, Business Analyst

“Mikey is a very busy guy and feels this opportunity couldn’t come at a better time for him. With work, maintaining the house he owns, and taking care of his pets, he doesn’t have much time to meet potential dates. Mikey thinks falling in love with someone without ever seeing them is like reading a book before seeing the cover. He has always valued personality over looks and thinks this experience will help him find someone who values the same in their relationships. Marriage is important to Mikey because he is a big family guy. He wants to spend the rest of his life with someone who will love him every day and pick him up when he is down and vice versa.”

Ryan Martin, 29, Automotive Sales

Ryan told Heavy: “As you can imagine it was a life-changing experience with a steep learning curve about production operations. If you ever have the opportunity to do anything similar I would highly suggest jumping in head first. Even if you don’t find love on a reality tv show you will surely make a ton of friends and have a story everyone wants to here all about.”

Ryan’s Netflix bio reads: “Now is the perfect time for Ryan to be looking for his soul mate. He has been single for the past year and has been focusing on what he truly wants and what makes him the happiest. Ryan’s last relationship lacked trust and honest, open communication. His fiancee had cheated on him and he never fully recovered – Ryan is now looking for someone who can be supportive and transparent Ryan feels that the emotional presence that he brings to the table would shine through even in the absence of a visual interaction. He believes that his confidence, sense of humor, and cool demeanor, are what someone would fall in love with about him, sight unseen.”

Cameron Hamilton, 29, CEO of Alliance AI

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“Cameron is really excited about this because, as a student of artificial intelligence and psychology, he says figuring out the “structure of the mind” is what drives him in life. He has had several serious relationships – the most serious being the most recent, which lasted five years. Cameron admits he is a very sensitive guy, and is okay with admitting he cries. He credits his mom for this trait. He hopes to find a partner who has great communication skills, so he feels comfortable expressing his sensitivity to her. While Cameron perceives himself as a nerd, most women often assume he’s a jock due to his physical appearance. He thinks that once someone gets to know him, they will find out he is a genuine, honest guy, who is also a great listener and communicator. While his career brings him immense happiness, he has a lot to offer outside of work, and is ready for someone to bring balance to his life.”

Mark Cuevas, 25, Personal Trainer

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This was harder than it looks?

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“While he is only 25, Mark’s friends and family are already married and he is 100 percent ready for it as well. He is excited because this process doesn’t have the confusing, irritating factors of the dating scene today.He currently meets women mostly through friends, bars, and even the gym. He knows he is single because everyone, including himself at times, tends to keep things casual, but deep down he is craving a serious committed relationship. The biggest thing missing in his past relationships is maturity from the women he dates. He has found his passion of helping others achieve their fitness goals, which in turn motivates him to always improve himself. Mark thinks that once they hear the passion he has to help others, they will realize he will make a great life partner.”

Jon Smith, 38, CEO, Storm Restoration Service

“Born and raised in Alaska, Jon struggled with social anxiety growing up and has worked hard to overcome it. In high school anxiety made dating and team sports nearly impossible. With a thirst for adventure, Jon moved out of Alaska, served 4 years in the military and now he is running his first company in Atlanta. Jon is excited for this experiment because he hopes he can meet a wholesome, slender women that shares his ambition and depth. Unsure if love is possible without physical attraction, he is hopeful that Love is truly blind.”

Carlton Morton, 34, Social Media & Marketing Manager

“Once it hit Carlton that he was in his 30’s and single with no kids, he decided that he was finally ready to settle down. He wants to take the superficial aspect out of dating. He feels nothing is working and this will force him to really listen and focus without distraction. Carlton feels that today’s dating world has made things a lot more complicated to get to know people. He feels it is very shallow and has a hard time getting deep with anyone. Carlton is so ready to let his guard down and meet his future wife, sight unseen. He feels this may be exactly what he has needed all along.”

Westley Baer, 29, Sales Manager/Life Coach

“Westley has finally reached the level of maturity to build a connection with someone that can last forever by focusing on what he can bring to a relationship. This process will be an opportunity for him to really get to know someone on a deeper level, which has been missing from his previous relationships. Connecting on a spiritual level has been missing from Westley’s previous relationships, and he admits that dating apps and social media have made it easier for him to discard potential mates without giving them an honest chance. Marriage has become an important priority in his life because he would like to have a family one day and he wants to give his children the family life he never had.”

Kenneth Smith, 36, Master Barber/Shop Owner

“Kenneth is ready to settle down but isn’t ready to settle. He primarily meets women in person, as he has given up on online dating since he’s tired of the facade people put up. He feels he is still single because he hasn’t met a woman that’s his “equal”. He feels personal connection is most important in a relationship, and that it is possible to fall in love with someone without seeing them. He fears being rejected, but appreciates that it will be for lack of a spark, and not his looks. Kenneth has never been in love but really wants to be. Growing up with a mother who never married, he wants to break the cycle and settle down with an incredible woman with high moral standards who is strong like his mother.”

Taylor Lupton, 31, Creative Director

“Taylor is a busy guy running his own production company in Atlanta. He devotes so much time to work, he finds it hard to meet Mrs. Right. He likes the idea of this process because he knows everyone will have the same end goal. Taylor does think the concept of this experiment is a bit crazy, but he also sees the value and believes it can work. He knows he will propose if he gets the true love gut feeling he’s never felt before. Family is the most important thing to Taylor, and he listens and takes their advice to heart. Every time he gets together with them for family events, he is reminded of how happy his parents and his brother are, and really wants this for himself.”

Damian Powers, 28, General Manager, Industrial Supply Company

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Timing is everything

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“Damian is the life of the party – he loves meeting new people, and bringing different social circles together. Damian has a reputation amongst his friends as the ultimate wingman. Having setup so many of his friends, he feels it’s about time he gets his turn to find love. With stability in his work and social life, Damian still feels something is missing. He wants more out of life and someone to introduce to his family. Damian is a true believer in the idea that we find the most beautiful things in the most unlikely places. With this guiding principal in mind, he is fully willing to embrace this experiment. He sees this experiment as the next big adventure in his life, and he can’t wait to get started.”

Matt Thomas, 28, Director of Brawl for a Cause

“Matt views this opportunity as an extension of his dating habits. This experience embodies his values and he loves that every girl on the other side is looking for a deep connection as well. Matt rarely uses dating apps, as he is too busy focusing on work, but enjoys meeting girls the old fashioned way; at his charity events, coffee shops, or shared work spaces. The biggest thing that has been missing emotionally from Matt’s previous relationships, is a shared vision for the future. He wants a mate who knows what she wants out of life. Matt loves unconventional opportunities and is fully open to connecting with someone without seeing them. Matt knows just by talking to the girls they will be able to see that he is endlessly curious, inherently kind, and a great listener. Matt loves to empower others, and finds the best way to do that is by opening up about himself because they tend to open up more about themselves then they normally would. He thinks this will make everyone more vulnerable, which results in them being more comfortable with their authentic self.”

Rory “Drybear” Newbrough, 28, Live Streamer

“Rory is a homebody who bought a home in the suburbs. These days, night clubs, bars and big parties, aren’t no longer for him, so he finds he doesn’t get out often. Rory feels like what has been missing in past relationships is love and support. He is a natural leader so he is constantly teaching, guiding, and encouraging others to be their best. Rory wishes that he could find a woman who is strong enough to be his guide and would know him better than he knows himself. Rory believes that marriage is the crystallization of a commitment. When you’re truly, madly, and hopelessly in love,marriage is the formality that helps the rest of the world to understand what is actually a small fraction of what you mean to each other. Rory is ready to feel that and share that bond with someone.”

Andy Rickert, 30, Welder

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As many of you now know, I was on a reality show called Love is Blind, which came out this week. I had been single long enough that I was willing to go on a reality tv show, and potentially get engaged to someone I had never met. If that gives you any grasp of how single I was. As many of you also know, or will know if you watch the show, I did not get engaged on that tv show. I was dejected afterwards, not only because I thought it was an awesome process to be apart of, but also because I was very much still single, and still lonely. I was ready to fully give up on actively trying to date for the foreseeable future. About 2 weeks after the show, the cast met for a dinner at a restaurant here in Atlanta. It was mostly cast members, but a few people brought friends to join in. The lovely Danielle Drouin, also recently having been recently "eliminated", for lack of a better word, from the show was one of those people that brought a friend. Her friend ordered vegetarian ramen for dinner, as did Danielle. When the food came, Danielle, being a vegan, offered her friend the egg that had come in her ramen. Randomly, and luckily, I commented on how that was the best part. "I love eggs" That was the first thing @kelseymarie333 ever said to me. I might not have found love on a reality show, but a reality show did help me find love. Happy Valentines day babycakes @netflix @kineticcontent @loveisblindnetflix #loveisblind #valentines #netflix #andyloveisblind

A post shared by Andy Rickert (@andyrickert1) on Feb 14, 2020 at 5:13pm PST

Rickert told Heavy that he met his current girlfriend a week after the show ended, through another woman on the show, Danielle. A photo of Rickert with his girlfriend is above.

Here’s his official bio, shared by Netflix: “When looking for potential partners, Andy is attracted to women who are funny and intelligent. Andy isn’t attracted to women who are conservative or close minded. Since he is such an adventurous person, women with a fear of trying new things outside of their comfort zone is a deal breaker for him. Andy is the first to point out his lack of filter, although this lack of a filter means nothing is holding him back from saying how he feels. He is looking for a best friend in his significant other, and the best way to build a friendship is through getting to know someone on a deeper level. Andy not only believes love is blind, he also believes it is unconditional. Now that he’s a little older and a little wiser, he believes he’s ready to love someone unconditionally for the rest of his life.”

Kenny  Barnes, 27, Commercial and Architectural Lighting Consultant

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Hanging loose in Vancity ? #vancouver #travel #shredit

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“Kenny admits this show perfectly contradicts the perceived processes one should take to find love. It is entirely different than any other avenue of finding a partner he has ever experienced, but he believes it is the perfect time to take a leap of faith and do something that is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Communication is the most important part of any relationship, and to build one based solely on that standard is extremely appealing to him. He says it is too easy today to disappear into social media and “sell yourself” on the idea that someone else’s life is better compared to yours. This is detrimental to relationships because oftentimes it leads to both partners not being honest with each other and, instead of working towards resolving simple, natural disagreements, they slowly distance themselves emotionally and physically.”

‘Love Is Blind’ Rules

Love is Blind | Official Trailer | NetflixIs love really blind? Hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey bring together single people looking to meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with… without ever seeing them. They’ll go on dates with a catch: they don’t meet face-to-face. With no distractions from the outside world, the singles talk to potential…2020-01-30T17:00:00.000Z

Netflix describes Love Is Blind like this: “…Singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like, have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating where they hope to meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with…without ever having seen them. With no distractions from the outside world, the singles talk to a stream of potential love interests and when a meaningful connection is made, they propose and then lay their eyes on their fiancé for the first time. Engaged and back in the real world, as the couples plan their wedding day, they will quickly discover whether they can turn their emotional connection into a physical one before the fast-approaching ceremony. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, this addictive 10-part series will uncover whether looks or age do matter, or if love really is blind.”

The rules are fairly simple. At first, 30 Atlanta singles spend 10 days in a blind date “lab” of sorts, where live separately, never meet in person, and just communicate through “pods.” They have speed dates to get to know each other and they can talk to each other, but they can’t see each other. The couples must decide if they are going to get engaged or leave alone. If they get engaged, they go on a pre-wedding honeymoon in Mexico and then plan their wedding in Atlanta.

Love Is Blind is Netflix’s latest reality series following The Circle. There’s no big money prize like The Circle brought. Instead, the contestants’ prize is finding a love that lasts a lifetime.

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