‘Alaskan Bush People’s’ Ami Brown: 2020 Health Update

Ami Brown is fan-favorite on Alaskan Bush People, and viewers are well aware of the difficulties she has faced when it comes to her health.

Not only does Brown suffer from an aggressive form of arthritis known as cervical radiculitis, but in 2017, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer and was given a 3% chance of survival.

Because of Brown’s cancer, the family moved from the remote Alaskan wilderness to a ranch in Washington in order to make her medical care more accessible.

She Is Currently in Remission

In the fall of 2019, news surfaced that Brown is cancer-free after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

But Brown’s road to recovery was not an easy one. Along the way, mean-spirited fans accused of her faking her cancer diagnosis for the sake of reality TV.

In March 2019, Browns’s doctors at UCLA Medical Center released a statement to People that confirmed Brown was diagnosed with cancer and in no way was “faking” the illness. The statement read:

“Amora Brown was diagnosed with Stage III non-small cell lung cancer in April 2017. Treatment for her cancer included a four-month course of chemotherapy with radiation. Her disease responded well to the treatment, and, according to her UCLA oncologist Dr. Deborah Wong, she is now in remission. Although her most recent scans show no evidence of cancer, Amora will continue to be monitored closely by her medical team over the next several months.”

Brown Remained Positive in Her Fight Against Cancer

Despite the odds stacked against her, Brown was always positive in her fight against cancer.

In February 2019, sources told Radar Online that her checkups were going well and the doctors were “dumbfounded at how miraculously she has been recovering.”

In an interview with People, Billy Brown opened up about hearing the news from doctors that his wife is cancer-free. He reflected on the low points, musing that the situation was especially tough when Ami got down to 77 pounds. Billy went as far as saying, “Her heart just couldn’t take it anymore. She was just a few pounds [away] from dying.”

But when the Brown family learned that Ami was in remission, they were overjoyed. Billy explained to People, “It was hard for it to sink in for all of us. They had to pick us up off the floor. It was like when we were told we were having a girl after five boys. It was like, are you sure? It was fantastic.”

Asked what it was like telling the rest of the family and the crew on Alaskan Bush People that Ami was healthy, Billy explained, “It was funny because we couldn’t fit everyone in the room. We had a bunch of crew there, and they’ve become like family to us now, and you could tell the news was just in front of us and everyone we walked by – they could have been the most macho guy – had tears in their eyes and the biggest smile on their faces. That felt really good.”

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