Simon Cowell Nearly Gets Set on Fire

Simon Cowell

NBC AGT judge Simon Cowell is recovering after a bike accident, from which he broke his back and needed surgery.

Simon Cowell has witnessed a number of auditions, but one, in particular, likely stands out in his mind.

The Passing Zone, made up of Owen Morse and Jon Wee,  first auditioned for America’s Got Talent during its first season. They advanced to the semi-finals before being eliminated during the Top 10, where they finished in the bottom half.

The pair is arguably best described as a comedy danger act.

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More recently, they returned to audition for Season 11 of the show. During the semifinals, Cowell took to the stage during the duo’s “wild card” performance.

He was forced to wear a helmet with devil horns, and was lit on fire (at least, the hat on his head was).

Simon was ok but in the words of Talent Recap, he was “humiliated.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the pair were eventually eliminated. This isn’t to say that they haven’t had a number of wins over the course of their careers.

Read on to learn more about The Passing Zone’s accomplishments.

The Passing Zone Today

Virtual Events with The Passing ZoneJon and Owen take their live performance and go virtual!2020-08-05T20:40:40Z

On their website, The Passing Zone writes that they are one of the most successful and sought-after comedy acts working today.

They met in 1986 at a juggling convention and have been working together ever since.

“Rather than pursue careers in Economics and Psychology, they lit some torches and started throwing stuff into the air. And things clicked. Two weeks after their first performance together they won the Silver Medal at the International Jugglers’ Association Teams Competition.”

Their prestige then won them an invitation to the Comedy and Magic Club in Los Angeles, where they were approached by a rep for “The Tonight Show”.

They have since opened for acts like Jay Leno, George Carlin, Bob Newhart, Bob Hope, and Penn & Teller. On the small screen, they have appeared on “Comic Strip Live”, “CNN’s Road Warriors”, “Hells Kitchen”, “An Evening at The Improv,” “MADtv,” Penn & Teller’s “Sin City Spectacular,” “Steve Harvey’s Big Time,” and regular returns to NBC’s “Today.”

Along with being invited to the renowned Comedy and Magic Club in LA, the duo performed in London at the Dominion Theater.

But what have they been up to, lately?

In the midst of the pandemic, The Passing Zone has offered to perform during virtual meetings, showcase their talents in customized videos, and present a range of other virtual events.

Their website reads, “In today’s new environment, you need dynamic formats of virtual events and video entertainment that will blow your people away – while keeping them safe, delighted, and excited. That is what we do.”

They also offer fans the option to host a pre-recorded performance, and/or make short videos for openers, closers, and comic relief.

They add, “This is a perfect way to include fun, energy, and customized content to spice up any online communication you are having with your people, whether it be part of a virtual meeting or a way to give your people something fun and uplifting.”

As for America’s Got Talent, they highlight on their site that during both seasons 1 and 11, they lost to a “young, female singer!”

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