Craig Conover Reveals Austen Kroll’s Relationship With Kristin Cavallari in Exclusive Interview

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Over the last few months, Southern Charm stars Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy have sparked romance rumors with Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler, respectively. In an exclusive interview with Heavy, Craig Conover – a Southern Charm cast member since season one and Kroll’s close friend – is dishing on Kroll’s relationship with Cavallari.

Kroll and Cavallari first started sparking dating rumors in early December over some flirty Instagram comments. Cavallari posted a bikini photo of herself poolside and Kroll commented, “See you next week! Keep breaking the internet in the meantime.” One week later, Kroll and Conover visited Cavallari and celebrity hairstylist and Cavallari’s close friend Justin Anderson in Nashville.

Conover is now setting the record straight on the group’s relationship. “It’s funny, because there’s a whole bunch of guest opinions going on, but nobody really knows, it’s funny,” Conover told Heavy on Wednesday, January 20. “So anyway, Justin has been a friend or fan turned friend of Sewing Down South [Conover’s pillow and design company] for a long time now, and he’s worn our hats everyday for like two years, and so through that, he introduced Kristin to me. They were kinda bored in quarantine also, and I was like you guys should come visit Charleston, and so they came, and I grabbed Austen and I was like, hey come to dinner with us.'”

Conover Elaborated on Kroll’s Relationship With Cavallari

The 31-year-old Sewing Down South founder added that he and Kroll took the two of them on a golf cart tour around Charleston, and then the four of them then grabbed dinner, and his girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer joined them. “We just hit it off, and like became really really tight,” Conover told Heavy.

From there, Kroll and Conover decided to visit Cavallari and Kroll in Nashville in mid-December. “So we went and visited them in Nashville, and just had the best time ever and drank a lot,” Conover shared with Heavy. As for Kroll’s relationship with Cavallari, Conover says that the two are strictly friends.

“Yes, it’s just a friendship, and ya know it was good to help Austen, it really helped Austen with his confidence and feeling that he’s good enough, because Justin and Kristin were both like, you know they’re positive people,” Conover said. “Austen was going through a lot with the breakup [with Madison LeCroy] and to hear them tell him like, ‘no you’re cool dude, like you’re fine, look how much fun we’re having,’ he was like, ‘you know what, I am good enough,’ and so it was good to see him happy.”

Kroll has echoed this sentiment in the past, telling Us Weekly in November, “She [Cavallari] came to town with her friend Justin and the four of us [with Conover] had dinner. We’ve all been in contact ever since. We’re in this, like, big old group chat, and the group chat is active. We had a blast with them and I’m gonna take a trip to see them in Nashville sometime soon.”

Conover Opened Up About the Group’s Famous Live Instagram Video

When the group took on Nashville together, they gave fans a glimpse into their travel adventures. During a dinner, Anderson went Instagram Live and the crew danced to Taylor Swift’s song “Mean.” At one point, Cavallari was dancing on Kroll’s shoulders, as seen above.

Conover shared with Heavy that three of them were initially hesitant to show off their fun times. “I remember Justin being like, ‘hey we’re going live,’ and Austen and myself and Kristin all just, it’s embedded in our brains really, we’re like, ‘no like we’re not supposed to do that, that’s not good,’ but as soon as he did, he turned Taylor Swift on and all our worries went out the door.”

The Southern Charm star added that it was refreshing hanging out with Cavallari, who has been on reality television since she was a junior in high school. “It’s just really solid friends,” Conover told Heavy. “It sounds silly, because I love this life, and I wouldn’t change anything, but a lot of times there’s stuff that you deal with when you’re on reality tv, which you can’t complain about because the rest of it is great, but sometimes it’s nice sharing those experiences with other people that have done it.”

He joked that he was also a bit starstruck at first when meeting Cavallari. “So that was cool, but it was also bizarre to be like, ‘I’ve been a fan, I watched Laguna Beach back in the day and everything,’ and Kristin, she’s just as pretty in person and Justin is awesome, so it was cool.”

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