Sharna Burgess Reveals Who She Hopes Wins DWTS Season 31

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“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Sharna Burgess is sitting out season 31 because she gave birth to her son, Zane, in late June 2022. But she has still been there watching and rooting on the teams every week since season 31 premiered.

In her latest Instagram stories on the way to week three on Monday, October 3, Burgess named her picks to win and also managed to throw some shade at one of the judges.

Here’s what Burgess had to say:

Burgess’ Picks to Win Are…

Burgess said that the two pairs she is rooting for the hardest are actress Selma Blair and pro Sasha Farber and reality TV and TikTok Star Charli D’Amelio and pro Mark Ballas. She is really hoping that Farber can get his first Mirrorball trophy.

“I’m super excited about everyone. I am super pumped about Selma, I’m always excited about Selma. I’m such a fan, and I would love to see Sash have a win — his first win and what a deserved win it would be,” said Burgess.

She also said that Blair’s journey on the show reminds her of her own former partner Noah Galloway. Galloway was an Army sergeant who lost his left arm above the elbow and his left leg above the knee while serving in Iraq. After he recovered, he became a motivational speaker and founded a charitable organization called No Excuses Charitable Fund. He and Burgess finished in third place on season 20 of “Dancing With the Stars.”

“You know who [Selma] reminds me of even though the circumstances are very different? I feel like her journey reminds me of Noah Galloway,” said Burgess. “Watching someone get out there and have absolutely no idea, it’s not been done before and how is this going to work? And us getting to watch them week to week on making it work and that being such an inspiring journey for those of the invisible illness community, as Carrie Ann said. I just think it’s an amazing season for Sash and for Selma. She is so sweet, by the way.”

Burgess went on to say that she is also rooting hard for Ballas and D’Amelio because she’s so pumped to see Ballas back in the ballroom.

“I’m so excited about Mark, every week I’m going to be excited about Mark because I love having him back. I’d also love to see him win,” said Burgess.

Ballas last danced five years ago in season 25. Season 31 is his 20th season of the show. He won the Mirrorball twice — in season six with figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi and in season eight with gymnast Shawn Johnson. If he wins with D’Amelio, it would be his first win since 2009.

Burgess finished by saying, “Gosh, I’m excited about all of them, they’re so good. Anyway, I’m just excited to cheer on the family, really that’s what this is about.”

Burgess Said It Was Startling to See Herself on TV in the Background

Also in her Instagram stories, Burgess said that she was very surprised when she watched week two back on TV and could see herself and her partner Brian Austin Green so clearly in the background behind judge Len Goodman.

“As you know from last time when I headed there, I will not be able to pick up my phone and do social media in between because I’m terrified of being caught on camera and then getting in big, big trouble because I would get in trouble for that,” said Burgess.

She also managed to throw a little shade at Goodman, saying, “Who knows if it’s going to be like off Len’s shoulder again? From the bits of the show that I watched back I was like, ‘Oh, we’re lit! We are lit! You can SEE US! We’re just like RIGHT THERE.’ Bri biting his nails. Me mostly disagreeing with everything Len said. Not everything. I should take that back. He’s been much nicer [this season].”

Burgess also revealed that she was a little nervous about being late for the week three show because she is still learning how to get out the door as a new mom.

“Gonna make it! I might make it, I might be a little bit late. I’m on my way. I got a little bit caught up. Honestly, I’m still learning to manage having a baby and getting ready in time and doing the things, it’s just learning to manage my time differently. I’ve not been great at time management before him!” she said with a laugh.

She also said her mom, “Woo,” as she affectionately calls her, was watching Zane.

“Woo came to watch Zane, she is in grandma bliss right now and I am on my way to the show,” said Burgess.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific time on Disney Plus.

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