Candace Cameron Bure Struggled With Bulimia

Candace Cameron Bure

Getty Candace Cameron Bure has been open about her struggles with bulimia.

Hallmark actress Candace Cameron Bure became a household name during her time playing DJ Tanner on “Full House.” Bure has spoken about her struggles with disordered eating, namely bulimia, but says it wasn’t the pressure of being a child star that sparked her issues.

In an interview with SELF, the actress and mother of three talked about what factors contributed to her eating disorder and how she found her way to a place of recovery. Bure says that her problems began after “Full House” when she moved to Canada with her husband Valeri Bure. She suddenly found herself separated from family and friends and no longer acting.

“I really had kind of lost that sense of who I was because I placed so much value in myself as not only a friend and daughter but as an actress having worked for so many years,” said Bure. Amidst her loneliness and loss of purpose, she turned to binge eating which then led to purging.

Bure was able to refrain from disordered eating for a while after her family found out what she was doing. “I was so saddened to see the tears streaming down from my dad’s face that he was so sad for me, and I didn’t want to disappoint him or my mom,” Bure told SELF. But ultimately, her desire not to worry her family wasn’t enough to heal her. “I didn’t have the proper tools and didn’t address the underlying issues,” the actress said.

Bure Recovered With the Help of Her Pastor

The “Full House” actress decided to confide in her pastor about her bulimia. “She showed me the path,” Bure told SELF. Bure says that her Christian faith made all the difference in her recovery. “As I was seeking God in that recovery process, it also really grounded my foundation and roots within my faith, which ultimately grew my character. It’s why I am the person I am today,” she said.

Bure has done ambassador work for the Eating Recovery Center, helping to increase eating disorder awareness and provide resources to those struggling. At an event for Eating Recovery Day, Bure spoke about how she found recovery through faith. “For me, it was really a spiritual awakening and came down to my relationship and my faith in God and putting my faith into the forefront of my relationship with food,” said Bure.

Bure’s New Clothing Line Is for Women of All Body Types

Bure has said that emotional pain was at the root of her disordered eating rather than body image issues. But the actress still recognizes that many women need a little help when it comes to feeling confident about the way they look. Her new fashion line, Candace Cameron Bure Clothing, has inclusive sizing.

In an appearance on PA Live, Bure spoke about the inclusivity of her clothing line. “We range from XXS to 5X. So this is for every woman to feel beautiful and comfortable and confident in,” the actress said.

PA Live host Haley Bianco asked Bure if there was anything from her clothing line that she’d pick out for her Hallmark TV character Aurora Teagarden to wear. “There’s actually some that are coming in the fall. There’s some amazing coats that I’m definitely gonna have Aurora wear,” Bure said.

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