Cardi B Says it Turns Her on When Offset Does This

Cardi B's favorite food


Love & Hip-Hop: New York icon Cardi B said on Twitter that her husband Offset turns her on when he does this one thing. The one thing was bring her food, in particular Starbucks.

Cardi said in a tweet on December 10, “It really turns me on when babe brings me food. Not like literally get me horny type shit but makes me smile real hard🥰🥰Specially when he get me my Starbucks❤️.”

Cardi went on to say that she felt it was incredibly romantic for Offset to bring her Starbucks as he hates coffee, according to The Bronx rapper. Cardi went as far as to say that Offset would not even step foot in a Starbucks if he wasn’t doing a favor for his wife. In addition to Starbucks, Cardi said that her favorite food for Offset to bring her was crab legs.

I Hope Offset Never Brings Cardi Any Breakfast Food

Cardi B Reveals Her Post-Breakfast HabitsCardi B Reveals Her Post-Breakfast Habits2019-04-05T19:43:00Z

This comes hot after Billboard’s Woman of the Year told the world that she was not a fan of breakfast food and that she was ready to eat oxtails and crab legs at 10:00 a.m. In 2019, Cardi demonstrated her lack of regard for breakfast by posting a video showing her eating two slices of pizza and a Starbucks frappuccino as her first meal of the day.

Cardi said in a 2018 Instagram post that she did not eat lunch on a typical day and that her two meals were breakfast and dinner. She was quoted as saying, “I eat a big breakfast and then I eat a big dinner.” In order to counter food cravings that occur midday, Cardi said that she drinks Teami tea.

Cardi Has Been Questioning Presidential Candidates About Their Plans to Feed Americans

VideoVideo related to cardi b says it turns her on when offset does this2020-12-11T12:03:40-05:00

When it comes to food, Cardi B asked U.S. President-elect Joe Biden during an interview for Elle Magazine about his plans to aid financially struggling college students. During the interview, Cardi said that during her time in college, she often skipped meals because she couldn’t afford school and eating. Cardi described how when she was in high school she was given free lunch and a free subway MetroCard. In 2019, Cardi grilled Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders about similar issues, via NBC News.

Cardi Says that Her Biggest Pet Peeve About Offset Was When He Bought Food But Didn’t Eat it

cardi b offset favorite food


Cardi told People Magazine in November 2019 that she was spending Thanksgiving with Offset’s family and that she was willing to pitch in in the kitchen. Cardi said that she would likely be helping with peeling vegetables and mashing potatoes. While Cardi said that she was passionate about her ability to make the turkey day staple macaroni and cheese, she did not feel like her husband’s family would trust her enough to make such a key part of the dinner.

During her pregnancy, Cardi said that she set herself junk food limits despite her cravings. Prior to her 2018 wedding to Offset, Cardi told The Fader that her biggest pet peeve about her husband was when he buys food and does not eat it. She said, “I’m a person that see the spending.”

When asked about her favorite foods early in her career in 2016, Cardi told Vibe, “Spanish food, Jamaican food. If I’m in New York, or Houston, I want to eat Spanish food or Jamaican food. Never fails me.”

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